You Control Your Present and Future


There are always things at work that is out of your control. You either overlook them or you will be angry all the time. If things don’t change for the better, you can control what happens. You can tolerate it or you can look for something better. You can control how you want to change your present and future.

Prior to my current career, I was a dental assistant for MANY years. I have seen many employees who were tardy or absent a lot from work with no consequences. Guess what, yay for them for being “sick.” Boo for us, because the dental assistants that went to work have to work harder because they were “sick.”


What’s with the quotation marks? Well, most of them weren’t sick. Then, you have the “slow pokes.” I don’t know if it is because I have morals or something, because I work hard and I don’t believe in milking the clock from my boss just to get a paycheck for “barely working.” Other assistants work slower, work on less patients and there’s no consequences. Like their behavior is allowable. That’s ridiculous. Does that seem fair to you?

So fed up, I had control of my life and pursued a career where everyone in my job title does their fair share of work. Nobody can “dodge” patients, because they don’t want to work on a difficult patient or procedure. Everyone is assigned their own patient’s. Everyone has to be on time to work, because if you are late, that is disrespectful to your patients and nobody else can take your patient for you.

freedomI  have the freedom to control where I work. If I don’t like it, I will leave. Don’t try to control things that are impossible to change. It is a waste of your time and energy. You can control where you want to work at. So what am I controlling presently and for my future? I am working on two websites right now, so I can eventually work from home full time. Do you have an interest in working at home online? Read my review and watch my video at Wealthy Affiliate to learn more.

What are you controlling presently and for the future? Do you plan on staying at a job that you don’t see yourself retiring at? Please share your experience, comments or questions below.






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  • Eddie Hoyos

    Hi Sofia.

    I totally agree with you we need people who are willing to work hard and stop crying about them being ”sick.”It’s hard working people like ourselves that have great values not only to work for the paycheck but to provide good service as well! thank you for the statement it means a lot good luck!

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