Did You Know ALMOST 100% of Employees in America are Victims of Workplace Bullying?




Workplace bullying is REAL. You could have been a victim and not realized it. 96% is a very high percentage! You are probably reading this because you or someone you know has experienced this situation.

 I know I was one of them..

A few years ago, I worked at an office and my boss yelled and criticized all her employees. She would bully an employee every day because it made her feel better. I put up with her bullying for 2.5 years and near the end of my employment, I had gained weight from being stressed and can feel my heart beating out of my chest. She is a person that won’t change, so there was no point in speaking with her.

Why didn’t I quite sooner than 2.5 years?

Because jobs were scarce and that job was my primary income to pay my mortgage.

What is YOU REASON for staying at a job where you are being bullied?

Just last week, I had experienced workplace bullying again!


I don’t ask to be bullied


My employer came in with a bad attitude. First, he asked if I cut my hair more which I told him I did. In response to that, he made a disgusted face in front of me and my patient, which was disrespectful.

Then, I was yelled at with an attitude in front of another patient because I didn’t do something fast enough. Under the circumstances, I was not able to do the procedure until after I was done with another procedure.

On my last patient, he yelled at me because I didn’t put a procedure down fast enough. It was like walking on eggshells with him. By the end of my last patient, I was so upset I started to tear up.

If someone was yelling at you all day, wouldn’t you most likely make mistakes?

I informed the office manager I was quitting today. She asked, “Why?” I replied, “Because he has been rude, mean and disrespectful to me and I won’t put up with that.”

Good for me! I gave the REAL reason why I’m quitting this time around.

The employer didn’t think he did anything wrong. He did not say one word to me when I left. He just walked by like a Jerk that he is. The office manager made up some excuse about so much has happened with the office this weekend and you don’t know what we’ve been dealing with.

It DOES NOT give people an excuse to take their anger out on other people that have nothing to do with your problems. EVERYONE has their own set of problems, but we don’t take it out on other people.

Come to find out, he has been a jerk for many, many years.

That is NOT RIGHT!

So what are signs of workplace bullying?

Here are several below:superior

  1. Verbal aggression such as yelling
  2. Non-verbal aggression such as banging on a desk
  3. Exhibiting anger
  4. Making excuses for acting a certain way
  5. Humiliating an employee publicly in front of others
  6. Threats of termination
  7. Offensive communication such as gossip and untrue rumors
  8. Lying to cover up the truth
  9. Seeking revenge when a mistake happens
  10. Mood swings
  11. Intimidating

Any of these signs relate to what you have now?

Do you know what kind of serious health effects workplace bullying can cause?

I can tell you I have had 90% of them that I am about to list below:


  • Weight gain/ fluctuations in weight
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Stress
  • Trouble Sleeping
  • Hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • Trouble in relationships
  • Digestive upsets
  • Low self esteem
  • Depression
  • Low productivity/increase in absence at work 

The red ones listed were my health effects from workplace bullying! What are/were your health effects from workplace bullying? Do you have health effects you want to add to this list from workplace bullying?

So what can be done to stop workplace bullying? SPEAK UP

Several Things:

1. Go to the boss if an employee is the culprit
• A Problem won’t be resolved if the boss knows nothing about it.
2. Go to human resources, if the boss is the culprit
• You never know how helpful they can be if you don’t at least try
3. Stand up for the employees who are being bullied
• Bullies think they can get away with it because nobody is speaking up
4. Ask the culprit to stop
• Most likely, they know what they are doing
• There might be the slightest chance they don’t know what they are doing is wrong
5. If all else fails, quit if you financially can or look for another job before you quit


A Tip from ME to YOU..

If the bullying has persisted a long time, chances are it won’t stop. The bully may be NICE one day and MEAN another. DON’T be fooled. I was fooled MANY, MANY, MANY times.

Remember the saying, “Fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice, shame on you.”


After what happened last week, I DONT wish to look for another job to work at. I WANT to be my OWN BOSS. Nobody can bully me if I am my OWN BOSS.

I don’t know what it is but something really BAD has to happen to us before we finally make a drastic change, but if the change is for the better, I think it will be better for us in our lives. Don’t you think? Register here to start the process of changing your career.

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HAVE YOU experienced or ARE YOU experiencing workplace bullying?

Workplace Bullying is NOT OK!



Please leave a any comments or questions below.



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  • Kathy

    Nice job, Sofia!

  • Hi Sofia
    As you said, the attitude of a bully is a reflection of that person’s own low self esteem and worth.

    It’s sad, that at times they are “unaware” of what they are doing and think its all alright.

    I think , if one can, working for yourself is truly the best option. Despite the fact, that you have to put in extra effort, the rewards are amazing at the end of the day.
    Thanks for this article.

    • Hi Roopesh,
      Yes, working for yourself is the best option. My hope is to help people to go in the same direction as me. I was them once. I always thought this what what it was. There’s no way I can ever work for myself until recently I searched and searched on the internet and stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate. Truly a sign and a calling.

  • Hey Sofia, Good for you, girl!

    I have one to add to your list. Closely related to #7 but different enough to have its own number.

    Lying. When an supervisor lies about you that is bullying. In my case it’s a good thing the manager knew the supervisor lied. But nothing happened to the supervisor for lying (that I know of). I ended up getting promoted out of that department. But I didn’t like someone telling lies about me.

    Here’s another one, sort of. I was selling cars 30 years ago. All the sales people and managers got to drive “demos” home. A demo is a car owned by the car lot that is up for sale.

    I was showing a customer the manager’s demo. While I was showing the car a found a hypodermic needle under the driver’s seat. I was able to make sure that the customer didn’t see it. Later that night I told the manager that there was a needle in his car. I got fired even though I never told anyone else about it…even after I got fired. That’s a bully if there ever was one.

    • Hi Jeff,
      That is a good one. And I must of left that out. But yes lying or making lies about you is bullying. I’ll get on that and add it in.

  • Jovo

    Hi Sofia, you are touching upon a very important issue in this text. I did not know these numbers you mentioned about bullying, but I am aware of this problem which is widespread. It is not only about bullying by bosses but also by co-workers.

    My feeling is this has something to do with specific societies, and it starts already in school classes. I was not aware of it until I came to Belgium with family. My daughter is in fact doing her thesis about bullying, so this is how I know a bit about it and partly from school days of my daughters.

    • admin

      Hi Jovo,

      It was 96% in 2014. I’m sure it has reached to 100% by 2016. People who are being bullied at work don’t speak up. They let it happen. Or they are to scared to say anything as this may jeopardize their jobs. Ever go somewhere and there is a high turnover of staff or the employees don’t look happy to be there? There’s a underlying reason for that. Harsh working conditions.

      You’re right, it does have to do with specific societies. In this case, its I’m rich and you’re not mentality. I pay you so you do what I say.

      I’m glad she is doing her thesis about it. I think they should pass a law on workplace bullying in all countries and states. Not just on school bullying. Just like sexual harassment is illegal. They should make workplace bullying illegal. Arrest the culprits!

      Thanks for commenting,


  • Hobby

    I know exactly how you feel. Bullying leads to unhealthy consequences. It is usually the perpetrator who is unhappy with their lives and they want to make your life miserable too. Don’t let them! Don’t let their actions and comments affect you. I know we can’t just quit now because we got bills to pay and building an online business may take some time. For the time being just be strong and hang in there, while you focus on your online business.

    • admin

      I agree 100%. Luckily the place I did quit was not my primary income. I only worked there once a week. Thank goodness! Even though money is tight right now because I am working one less day a week, it makes me a stronger person and made me think clearly on what life is really about. To be real, to take care of myself, to be happy and to stay away from people who bring you down.

      Thanks for commenting,


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