Why Are People Late All The Time?

lateDo you know someone who is late to something all the time? Pretty annoying, right? Do they not have any consideration for other people’s schedule? I think it’s rude for people to be late to work, to appointments or anywhere else. Here are my thoughts about why people are late.

1. People don’t care
People who are late all the time doesn’t care about anyone except for themselves. They will come when they feel like it without a sense of urgency.

not-ok2. It is a bad habit
People developed this bad habit, because there were never any consequences for being late. This allows them to think it is ok to be late.

3. Don’t think they did anything wrong
Isn’t is annoying when they walk in and don’t apologize for being late? Maybe they don’t have a set schedule, but we have a schedule and they are throwing off other people’s time.

4. Entitled
Your kids are patients, but you bring them in 30 min late for a 45 minute appointment. How can you expect to be seen because you have a problem with a tooth? That’s just inconsiderate and they have that sense of entitlement .

5. Poor management allows for this behavior
If management was good, protocols would be set and would not see a patient if they are extremely late or late for a certain amount of time.

greedy6. Greedy business
There is no room on the schedule to add extra patients. By adding patients in, it throws off the whole schedule. It doesn’t matter as long as the business earns a extra penny.

Final Thoughts
Personally, I feel people who are late are selfish and rude. I can understand if there is a legitimate reason of why a person is late. The ones I am talking about are the ones who are always late, with no reason why they are late, and ones who are not sincerely apologetic for being late. The ones who think everything revolves around them are the worst. I can’t blame it all on the person. The business has a part in this habit, because they allow it to happen. The business only cares about how much money they can make.

Work is not perfect, but when you work in a stressful situation where you have to rush through your job, it is not worth it. Luckily, this was a temporary job that I will NEVER go to again. I just feel I should do a good job and it effects my work when my time is cut short and nobody gives a fly about it.

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Have you ever had to deal with people who are late all the time? Please share your experience, comments or questions below.






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