What is More Important than Money?




Many people think it is more important to have money than anything else in life. Is it really important? It is important to a certain point. Yes, we need money to pay bills, rent, mortgage, food, etc. At the end of the day, does it make you happy? Do you feel a sense of satisfaction? Do you feel accomplished?

I am here to tell you from experience, happiness is more important than money. Do you wake up in the morning feeling happy, because you have so much money you don’t know what to do about it? Or do you wake up  feeling like you are missing something?

When it comes to money, people get ugly and greedy. Growing up, money was what my mom focused on. My dad got tired of her harassing him for money everyday. Surely enough, their marriage didn’t last. Even after my dad gave her money, she still was not happy.

We need to look into ourselves and really evaluate what we want in life. Does our job give us satisfaction or are you clocking in and out for just a paycheck every two weeks? Do you like your job or it is just another job to you? Do you wake up in the morning and feel happy about going to your job?




8 years ago, I woke up from a repetitive life. I was tired of the repetitive life. I realized I wasn’t happy with my job. Tired of the unnecessary workplace drama. Unlike many people who don’t take action in their lives, I took action.

No excuses!

I know what I wanted and I worked hard to make it happen. Growing up, I was surrounded by negative people and negative parents. Words from their mouth’s hurt and it will always be ingrained in my head.

How did I deal with it?

I turned it all around. People may judge me and say I took the easy way out, but I know I didn’t. I moved out of my parent’s house at 17 when I was able to make it on my own. I wanted to be better for myself and my wellbeing. When I changed careers 6 years ago, I knew it was possible to reach a goal if I put my mind to it. There are things I had to sacrifice, but it all worked out at the end.

Most people see when a married couple have a huge age difference, we automatically assume “gold digger.” In a few cases, they aren’t “gold diggers.” Are they really happy? From what I observed, it is all about money to the “gold digger.” Maybe it makes the “gold digger” happy, but what about the person that is making all the money? And what happens when there is no more money? I’m sure the “gold digger” won’t be happy and will find the next victim to dig gold from them.


What is my point in all of this ramble?

Most people I observe are unhappy with their jobs or lives. We need to do something about it. I don’t believe in taking medications to mask a problem. Medications do not fix an existing problem. Medications only masks the existing problem. We need to find the root of the problem.

When I decided to move thousands of miles away from my hometown, I was unhappy with my job. More so, I was unhappy with my employer. She was verbally and emotionally abusive and a bully. Who would want to stay in that kind of environment? Some people may, but I didn’t because I am a “take action” kind of person.

So why didn’t I look for another job?

I have tried, but being in the field that I was for 15 years, I saw how employers were. Only a very small percentage were not crazy. I didn’t want a repeat of the same thing. I am trying to move away from my past and move forward in my life. I needed a big change. A change where I could start living and really enjoy life.




Before I moved thousands of miles away from my hometown, I worked 6 days a week. I was exhausted by the end of the week. I thought to myself, “What is the point of working if I’m just working to pay bills and a mortgage?” Maybe this is the American Dream for most, but that wasn’t happiness to me.

When I moved away from my hometown, an enormous weight have lifted off my shoulders. I was able to work less, enjoy things outside of work that I normally didn’t during my day off. I took my time to do the little things, such as going to the grocery store or going to the gym.

You are probably thinking,”Eww, you enjoy grocery shopping and going to the gym?”

When you are not rushed or on a time schedule, you really open your eyes and have a new perspective in life. Let go of everything in your mind and try it out yourself. I find it refreshing, especially when I hated doing those things before. Once you don’t see it as a chore, it really is enjoyable.




So I am here and in my journey to change careers again. I am happy with my career now, but something did trigger me to pursue working at home. So what was my trigger? A bunch of FAKE employers. It must be hard to put on a front to people until the true colors slip out. About two months ago, I had called in sick to an employer. I had a migraine the night before, slept it off, then the migraine went away. The next morning, it had come back, so it didn’t make sense to go to work with a migraine. My employer’s response was, “I wish you would had told me last night.” Right there, I realized it was all about money to them and they don’t give a fly about their employees.

I am not a psychic and I had all intentions of going in, but when I got that reply, something had hit me. It was like a “Ahh haa” moment. I got up from my bed, took some pain reliever, went back to bed to get rid of the migraine and started working hard in the process of working from home. I was tired of FAKE employers. I have seen them all. I followed my gut on this particular employer, because I had a bad feeling about him. He gets a sense of satisfaction in making jokes about his employees in front of his clients, but he does it to make himself feel better about himself. In reality, he is a miserable person that puts on a front to everyone.

wake-up-lateWaking up late in the morning when I don’t have to go to a 8-5 job makes me happy. Not having to set a schedule to do things allows me to enjoy doing them more. Focusing on the little things we take for granted and rush through on a daily basis makes me happy. The goal of working at home makes me happy. It is a work in progress, but it is completely achievable.

If you want to work from home, you can get training, 2 free websites and active support just like me. You are on my website now. Look how much I have gotten accomplished in two months time while still working at a 8-5 job. I am NOT bragging. I am SHOWING you it can be done even if you don’t have computer experience. I want to help you! You can join for free. Read my review and watch my video at Wealthy Affiliate.

Ask yourself how much you want this? How much effort will you put into it? If you don’t start, it will never happen. You are reading this because you believe something is more important than money. What is it? I want to hear what is more important to you than money. Please share below.

I believe HAPPINESS is more important than money!


*** True Story

I had an encounter with someone recently. Like most families, if the married couple is not happy, they try to stay together for their kid’s sake. I don’t have kids myself, but most married people with children say, “My kid’s come first.”

How horrible is that?!

marriedTo be happy in front of their children, but really unhappy inside for the next how many years or until death do you part?!

This person I encountered wanted to stay in the marriage until her kid’s graduated high school. Now that her kid’s are in college, she is truly doing what makes her happy. She got a divorce, is no longer depressed and really doing well for herself. Sometimes, when we are depressed, we let ourselves go in our health.

For her, she had periodontal disease because she didn’t care about doing the proper oral home care regimen (flossing once a day, brushing twice a day and getting her teeth cleaned every 6 months). She had a poor diet that lead to her gaining weight.

Three months after, she had set her mind to get back to health. It was a complete turnaround. She had lost a lot of weight naturally, by eating better and exercising and her oral home care has greatly improved. When I checked her gum health, she no longer had periodontal disease. Even though I don’t know her well, I did say, “I’m proud of you for doing what makes you happy, because many people don’t do that for themselves. It makes a big difference in life and I can see that in the changes you have made for yourself.” Her reply was, “I stayed strong and set a goal and I stay motivated.”

happyThis shows that being HAPPY is more important than money. Some people stay in a marriage that they’re truly not happy in, but leaving the marriage would cost them more money, so they stay married. Happiness is worth more than any amount of money in the world. You can have all the money in the world, but something is always going to be missing. Is it worth it?

Please leave any comments or questions below.




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  • Randy

    Hi Sofia,
    I really enjoyed reading your article! It really is what my life has been like.
    I worked at a job for 23 years, I hated it for so many reasons. I did make lots of money at that job, but it wasn’t worth it!
    I finally quit that job 7 weeks ago, it was the best decision I could have made. I have a new career doing what I love to do, the money is a fraction of what I made before but I’m SO much happier.
    Eventually, I will make more money but that’s not what is important. I also have an online business like you and will eventually work part time when that takes off.
    Thank you!

    • Sofia

      Hi Randy,

      That’s great you finally quit. I don’t understand how people can stay at a job they are miserable at. It makes not only people at work miserable, it makes your family miserable. Yes, eventually you will make more money. As long as you are happy, that is what counts. Why drag your feet into a dreadful workplace? It wears you down. Do what you love. I’m glad you are so much happier. Don’t you feel a hundred pounds lighter? I am glad you are a take action kind of person. What finally triggered you to quit your job finally?

      Thanks for commenting,


  • ariefw

    Oh dear. Your story is just like my story.

    I am in the middle of building my own online business so that I can work at home. I can’t stand the FAKE employers and the employees.

    Even though I head a division and my division has less stress now, I couldn’t handle the stubbornness of my boss. I speak my mind and that kind of put me in the bad situation. (Of course, with my version, I told them what best for the company).

    Right now, I am kind of an outcast in the company because I speak my mind and I speak the truth. So be it.
    I’m building my business anyway. When it is self-sufficient, I’m off from this company.

    • Sofia

      People don’t like to hear the truth. We live in a world with many, many fake people. It is very unfortunate. Not only do we have to worry about fake people in real life, we have to worry about fake people on the internet. I spoke my mind at my office and nothing has changed for the better. So I stay quiet and hope for that day to come where I am my own boss and don’t have to deal with the nonsense.

      Thanks for commenting,


  • This same exact thing happened to a good friend of mine a few days ago. She got sick at 3:00 in the morning with a stomach virus so she called her employer the next morning around 7:30 and her employer said, “I wish you had given me more notice. You are putting us in a bad situation.” She told me, “What did they want me to do, call them at 3:00 in the morning?”

    Another friend of mine called me all upset and crying that same day, telling me how much she hated her job and was miserable and wanted out. Right now, I have her house listed and she is DESPERATE to sell because she wants to retire so badly.

    I told both of them, “I have the solution but it won’t happen overnight. You have to work towards it so that it will happen over time.” Both of them want a quick fix. Those who proclaim to have the quick fix are scams!

    I also spent many years working for someone else and I could have more money now if I put more focus on real estate. But, I am exactly like you. I would rather sacrifice now and have a residual income in 5 years, when all of them will still be chasing that next sale and dealing with TONS of stress. It’s NOT worth it!!! Happiness is more important!!

    Sorry, I got carried away!! I too am passionate about this!! Enough of employers using us as pawns and putting the jobs on us that no one else wants to do, and blaming us for everything that goes wrong, while they are making the money for our efforts!! Okay, I’ll stop now!! lol

    • Hi Debbie,
      Unfortunately, the majority of businesses these days only care about the dollar signs and not about who helps them run the business. No worries, when I wrote this I got carried away too. It helps to let it out and let people know out there that they are not alone. We can do something about it and we have a choice. It is a matter of how much these people want to do something about it and actually doing it instead of complaining about it and continue the same process over again.
      Thanks for commenting,

  • Yes, I just talked to my friend who got sick the other night and she is a nurse and I don’t even want to tell you what she had to deal with today! No wonder she is getting sick at 3:00 in the morning! I could never do what she does! I’ll take reading articles any day!!

    • Hi Debbie,
      It is a much healthier and calmer job. Sometimes even the high paying jobs are not good conditions to work at. I know a lot of people that go to school as my career but they dont realize it isn’t what it is cracked up to be. Just because it pays well, that is all they see. Just not worth it in my opinion.

  • Lynn

    wow, i may not have much experience considering that i’m still in college, but i can really tell that in some ways, that is how my life is going through right now. Everyday, my parents would give me allowance and if tell what are the things i currently like in the trend, they would buy it for me. I’m not saying that I hated how my parents treat me but i can’t seem to find the satisfaction in waking up and seeing the things you “want” on your table. Honestly, that is the reason why i joined WA. I wanted a change in my robotic lifestyle. I want to look out for myself and someday show my parents that at a young age i know how to fend off for my self.
    Your article was really great! I hope to write an article as great as this one someday 🙂

    • Sofia

      Hello Lynn,

      Thank you for your comment. Life is a journey. By being independent, it makes you a stronger person. Unfortunately many people live a robotic life because they think that’s how life is supposed to be. Glad you found WA so that you dont have to fall into that lifestyle. Good luck to you and college.


  • Alec Terry

    I agree with you 100%. Money is not the source of all happiness. I personally feel like freedom is much more important than simply money.

    What I will argue, however, is that money can give you a certain degree of freedom that makes it possible for you to go out there and achieve happiness.

    • Sofia

      Hi Alec,

      Yes , it does give you freedom. Some people think money is so important even after having a lot of money but it still does not achieve happiness for them. People lose sight in that and thinks money is the cure all for their happiness. It is not.

      Thanks for commenting,


  • Michael

    Hi Sofia, great article. There are many things more important than money of course, I think part of why many people stay in careers they can’t stand is because they are trapped in a way. I chose a career that demanded a lot from me. I worked over 80 hours a week for years as a chef. The money was ok but when you have no life, what good is it? When you have bills to pay, a mortgage etc. It’s difficult to one day just call it quits and start to look for a new career. As an employer, I tried to be sympathetic to my staff, allowing for time off, vacations, personal days, of course sick days, but all that accommodating meant I just had to work even harder to cover for them. thanks for the article. It gives everyone a lot to think about.

    • Sofia

      Hi Michael,

      Thanks for the comment. That is great you try to be sympathetic to your staff. Hopefully they appreciate it. There has to be a balance with work and life but majority of people don’t have that. They choose one or the other. I see too many people who are retired, their health deteriorating because they pretty much worked themselves to death. What good is that to try to start living when you retire? It isn’t good. We need to reward ourselves when we work hard and stop abusing ourselves unintentionally. Our life matters and no amount of money is worth a life, right?


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