What to do after approved by media.net?


Congratulations on getting approved on Media.Net. What next? You should have received an email with your login information so that you can sign into Media.Net to get started with creating an ad to place in your website. It should look something like this below.


1.Once you log in, you can create an ad by clicking on the icon “Ad unit.”


2. Once you click on “Ad unit,” you should be redirected to this page below.


3. You will then click on “+Create Ad Unit,” which will redirect you to this page below.


You can test out which sizes work best for you. The ones I personally use are 728X90 and 336X280. When you scroll down this page, you will be able to customize how your ad will look . You can preview to see what the final ad will look like and then click “Save and Get Code.”


4. This screen should appear once you click on “Save and Get Code.” You will then copy this code and then go into your website.


5. Once you are in your website, you will select “Text” instead of visual to paste your ad code in your webpage.


6. When you preview your webpage, you should be able to see your ad placed in the location you placed the code.


I hope you found this helpful. Read my post on media.net if you haven’t already. Please leave me any questions or comments you may have.






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  • KeldynFrancis

    I have been wondering how to set up Medianet on my website as I am not really that tech savvy on some thing. You have given some really clear instructions and really simplified the whole process with your pictures. How has your experience been using Medianet?

    I would like to know where is the best location to place your code on your website so it does not take away from my content?

    • Sofia


      The maximum is three ads on each page. I have read at the beginning before the title or under the first paragraph, somewhere in the middle and at the end before comments. You really have to just see what works best for you. I haven’s had any problems with Medianet and I am satisfied with the results I am getting compared to Adsense.


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