What Makes An Honest Person?


I consider an honest person to not cheat, not steal, not lie and not scam. In the online and real life world, there are very few honest people. When we find an honest person, it is such a great feeling.

I don’t know where the world went wrong.  I think it is due to greed. When people are dishonest, they have one goal in mind and that is how much money they can squeeze out of innocent people.

scammersI don’t agree with dishonest people. I definitely didn’t learn this from anyone. I learned being honest by myself, because I feel that is the right thing to do. I think I have had many experiences with dishonest people that I don’t ever want to be that type of person.

I will tell people what I find and give them my honest opinion. Sometimes, I have people that contradict what I believe, but usually those are the ones that are in it to make an extra buck. That isn’t me and when my work is questioned, I know what kind of person they are.

I believe in karma. What comes around, goes around. Do you think ripping someone off won’t bite you in the behind later? Well, it will when you least expect it.

I tested an employer this past week. It was the first time working there and I wanted to know what his protocol was for a certain treatment. I explained what I found and he agreed with what I recommended. That was good, because it shows he is not in it to make an extra buck and he actually wanted to help the patient.

organizedThe office was on top of everything. Policies were set. I didn’t feel stressed at all. Management was managed well. Everyone did their jobs and it was great. It is very unfortunate that not many business are like that.

I wish all offices were honest, organized, efficient and competent. We can’t always get what we want, but we can always do what we want. So what do I want? I want to make a change to eventually be able to work online full time. If you would like to do the same or want to learn more, read my review at Wealthy Affiliate.

Do you know many honest people? Please share your experience, comments or questions below.






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  • Javier

    Hi, Sofia, I am too a believer of what comes around goes back around, and I think if people could see how being dishonest would harm their path to their goals they would change behavior.
    Being honest is a work in progress though, and experience is the best teacher, for example, I used to buy copied movies to save some money, I thought, why should I pay so much when I an get to see the movie that I want almost for free, I knew there were copywrite issues, but I just did not pay attention, here in my country that is not quite controlled, but I stopped doing that when I realized that it had concecuences from subtle one to the most visible ones, the subtle ones are the result of personal analisys and every person should do it. but among the most visible concecuences were that the dvd players always broke down, I think I had more than 3, before I realized what was the problem,
    And as you said, honesty brings peace,
    probably there are fields that I need to work on in terms of honesty, your article make me aware of that fact.


    • Sofia

      Hi Javier,

      Being dishonest will catch up to you. And when you do it enough, you truly believe it is ok. And so it keeps going. If you want people to trust you, you honestly need to be genuinely trustworthy.

      Thanks for commenting,


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