Are you Unappreciated at Work?


If you have been working in the workforce a while, you should be able to tell who appreciates you and who doesn’t appreciate you at work. Even in life, there are lessons to be learned. I learned at a young age who appreciated me and who didn’t. Needless to say, there are many people out there who doesn’t appreciate people that work for them or in life.

NeutralDoes your boss treat  everyone equally the same?

I have had my fair share of bosses. We have some that will treat others better than others. Then, we have some that treats everyone equally. We are not in high school anymore. Stop being childish. We are your employees. If your boss treats everyone the same, it would be a better working environment without any tension and the business can thrive. Think about it, if there is a love/hate relationship, some may put less effort or no effort into their job. Some may even think they are entitled when they are not even doing their job. Duh!

When was the last time you got a raise?

If you have to think about this question, then it must have been a while. Don’t accept the bullshit response when you do ask for a raise. “We’re in a depression or recession.” The cost of living and everything else is going up in price. How the heck do they expect you to keep paying your bills on time? That is a sign they are taking advantage of you and definitely not appreciating you as an employee.

BonusDo you get benefits? Bonuses?

I remember having to ask for paid vacation. How ridiculous was that? And not everyone got benefits. She would pick and choose who she thought deserved paid vacation or paid vacation. I remember a company purposely raised a production goal every time we met a production goal so we wouldn’t qualify for the bonuses. Greedy in my opinion. The benefits should be spelled out clearly when you are hired. If employers really APPRECIATED their employees, then they shouldn’t try to do those type of things. Employees work harder when they are appreciated. They quit when they aren’t and they end up get the most worthless workers ever.

Can you have a normal conversation with your boss without feeling uncomfortable? Can you have a conversation and speak to them normally like you would to a close friend? Do you trust your boss to keep your personal like personal?

If you answered “No” to any of these questions, think about why that is. In the past, I couldn’t have a normal conversation with my boss because she didn’t care about anyone but herself. I couldn’t speak to her normally because she was as fake as fake can be. I didn’t trust her because she didn’t keep my personal life personal. She blabbed it all around the office.

UnhappyDoes your boss only give you a raise when you give your resignation letter or sees that you are unhappy?

Think about it! Why does it have to get to that point before he gives you a raise? Does he finally appreciate you when he realizes that you are a huge asset to the company? He is taking you for granted and if they’re a type of boss that does not change his ways, it will be the same cycle soon after he changes for a second.

During staff outings, if there is any, like a Christmas dinner, do all the employees enjoy being there? Or is it so miserable that everyone is looking at their watches to check when the misery will be over?

If everyone is having a blast, that is great. You truly see when an employer appreciates their employees. They can be comfortable around each other and enjoy each others company. If everyone is miserable, then it is obvious your employer does not appreciate you or her employees. The outings are just a “Show” to be FAKE about appreciating you. Deep down, in their twisted heart, your employer really doesn’t want to be there either.

RecognizeDoes your boss recognize your good work?

A compliment once in a while would be nice. Or does it only apply when other recognizes the employer’s work? I still remember when patients would tell my boss compliments about how I did great work. Her response was an uncaring, fake smile. She definitely did not appreciate me, although I was the hardest working person there and I went above and beyond my duties.

If your boss truly appreciates you, he would treat you like a friend, genuinely care about you and give you a raise in a timely manner. He would not make you feel uncomfortable, recognize your work, keep your personal life confidential and do everything he can to keep you happy.

Would you want to continue working with someone who makes you feel unappreciated at work?

I am as real as can be. Some people may describe me as black and white type of person, but it is what it is. It is who I am. If I don’t like something, I won’t continue on pretending everything is fine. I have control of my life and I can make a change when I want to.

Have you ever thought about being your own boss?

BossThere is no way you can not appreciate yourself  when being your own boss. By being your own boss, that is the first step in appreciating yourself. I am the founder of this website. I truly enjoy writing, helping and relating to peoples workplace struggles. I appreciate myself, my life and my family more than when I worked for people who didn’t appreciate me. I just want to get the word out that we all have a choice in our careers, we all have our struggles and you are not alone.  It is a matter of who will do something about it to resolve their problems. Read about my friend’s experience.

If you would like to learn more about being your own boss, read and watch my review of Wealthy Affiliate. Make a plan before you make a change in your career. When you are financially ready, make the leap to start appreciating yourself. It is worth it and you will kick yourself for not doing it sooner. Better late than never.

Have you had an experience with being unappreciated at work? Please share your comments or questions below. I would love to hear about it.




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  • Steven

    I would love to hear about being my own boss, just resigned from work basically before I was pushed.

    expecting unrealistic targets and on successful probation would have got 3k pay rise instead a new manager is in there now for the next three months.

    would love to start my own business but bad credit and no money unfortunatly

    • Sofia

      Hi Steven,

      Sorry about your resignation. Unfortunately, people in society these days only care about how much money they can make. I have been there also. A previous manager told me if I don’t meet my production goal, that they would decrease my pay and pay me per patient. It isn’t my fault the front desk aren’t scheduling appointments like they should. Anyway, besides the point.

      Wealthy Affiliate is a program you can try out for free as long as you want. It will help you build the foundation to getting a website up and running. Once you get that set up, they will give you training on how to put the content in your website. They give you two free websites. Read my review to learn more at Wealthy Affiliate. I hope that helps.

      Thanks for your comment,


  • You make some excellent points here Sofia! You really pointed out some things that really lay it on the line. It is so true. There are so many employers out there who do not appreciate their employees and do not realize that without them, they would not have a business that could function at all. To not give a paid vacation is borderline illegal, I would think? Isn’t that part of the pay plan?

    It is so true that if they are struggling financially to keep their businesses afloat, then obviously, the employees are struggling too because the cost of everything is going up for everyone! But also, another problem that I have noticed is that a lot of employers do not employ enough people. That leaves the employees having to do 2 – 3 times the work load that is healthy for a normal person to be doing.

    In their defense, I do think that when it comes to the financial aspects of running a business, it is more expensive than it used to be and sometimes they truly cannot afford to give raises or hire more people. Everyone these days (employers and employees) are becoming tax and insurance poor. But still, that is all the more reason for them to appreciate their employees who are doing 2 – 3 times the work, and never getting raises to keep up with the cost of living increases. Appreciation can go a long way. That’s the least they can do.

    • Hi Debbie,
      Thanks for commenting. Small companies don’t have to give vacation, especially if they don’t have a handbook. Bigger companies, like corporations usually gives paid vacation. I have noticed there are a shortage of people working, but what makes it worse is when they complain about it and NOT do their work. The sooner you stop complaining and do your work, the more you will get accomplished. I think if there is a shortage of employees, the employers should pay them what they are worth by doing 2-3 times more work than normal. I think that is only fair. Running a business is more expensive. That’s why everyone should do their part of their jobs so that the business can thrive, run efficiently and have a good amount of production. If they truly can’t afford to give employees a raise, a “Thank you” once in a while is the least they can do. At least they acknowledge that you are someone to them besides an employee and they truly appreciate your help.

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