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The word tomorrow defines as the day after today. We use this word too often. So what is it that is different from today that you have to do it tomorrow? The daily life of going to a physical job and juggling changing a career at the same time, being too tired to do anything after you clock out after work. Tomorrow is going to be another day, but will the same routine repeat itself just like yesterday?

do-itSummer is the busiest time in my profession. It is horrible to say, but I wish summer would come and go already. A few more weeks and then I can focus on my goal a little bit more. I keep telling myself I will do my online work tomorrow. Tomorrow gets here and it was like a repeat from yesterday. Tomorrow is another day, but if we fall into the pattern of putting something to the side, it may never get done. 

When something can physically be done, why not do it to get it done so you can move onto the next task? I realized I need to stop putting things off. It is too easy to do that and if I am ever going to finally be able to change my career to full time, I will need to stop procrastinating.

So, I have been rewarding myself a little. Nothing fancy, but I have been watching a lot of movie series. You know how that goes? It gets addicting and before you know it, several hours passes by. It is okay to reward yourself. We live to live. We don’t live to work all our lives. We have to enjoy life as well. If we work all the time, don’t you think we will eventually get burned out? I know I did in the past.

happyAre you happiest when you’re working? I’m happiest when I am relaxing and not working. Sometimes, I need to remind myself to stop working so much, because then I would forget to treat myself.

I never want to be the kind of person that talks about wanting to do something or be something, but don’t put any effort into making it happen. Whatever I wanted to do or be, I have always put in the work to achieve it. I need to stay positive, stay focused and keep working at my goal.

I can only count on myself to achieve my goal of working online at home. If I keep telling myself tomorrow is another day without taking action in my work, tomorrow will be another day where time will creep by and years will pass. That isn’t what I want. It’s time to utilize everyday efficiently. If you would like to learn more about how I got started with working online, read my review of Wealthy Affiliate to get started in your journey.

Have you ever told yourself you will do something tomorrow? That tomorrow is going to be another day? Please share your experience, questions and comments below.






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  • Michele

    Hi Sofia! I just reviewed your website.
    I am impressed with the organization and consistency of the layout of your reviews. You make it very clear your opinions of what you are reviewing, the pros, and the cons. It is good that you list both so that viewers can make an informed decision and see two sides of the coin. You did well to incorporate your recommendations and use of affiliate marketing for WA. I like how you tied in your personal and emotional thoughts because I’m sure many people can relate to the stresses of work, and wanting to change careers. It is personal, yet also offers facts so that people can base decisions, not just on emotions. You incorporate good visuals in there to match the tone.

  • Darren

    It can be really hard to juggle a job or career while at the same time trying to establish an online business. You end up working many hours and often forget to take time out. For me I often feel guilty when I take a break, but we all need a balance in life. Burnout is a very real possibility. Finding that balance can be a very fine line sometimes.

    • Sofia

      I agree, initially we have to spend a lot of time to get things established but not to the point of killing ourselves. We deserve a treat once in a while.

      Thanks for commenting,


  • Martina

    I alwayyyys end up looking to tomorrow instead of today. I tend to teeter-totter actually. During one phase in my life I can be addicted to some series on Netflix and my productivity plummets. During this time, I’m usually more depressed, introverted and I’ll keep telling myself tomorrow I’ll do something productive. Otherwise, I’ll be in “workaholic” mode and for a few months all I’ll do is work. I’m still struggling to try and establish a healthy balance somewhere in the middle!

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