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Do you often feel alone with your daily problems? The everyday problems that people have can be in life, friends, family, work, etc. Many people often deal with the same issues you deal with. Some choose to talk about it, some choose to not discuss it. For me, I have learned bottling up my problems doesn’t make me feel any better. 

I used to think that I was alone in what I was going through. I have a horrible mom who was and presently still is a narcissist. All my friends had great parents. They loved them very much and was very supportive of them, but mine was not. She made me feel like I wasn’t important and so I was pretty closed off to many people. However, I know now that there are many people that go through what I go through.

I had a horrible boss that didn’t appreciate me and treated me as small as an ant. She verbally and emotionally abused me, but I just took it. Just like I did with my mom. Nobody knew about it, except my coworkers because they just took it too.

unhappyThis lead me to become very unhappy, but when I finally decided to do something about it, that unhappiness started to disappear. I brainstormed how I could solve this problem of hating working at that job. It was not only making me unhappy, but it was causing me to have chronic stress.

I have come into contact with many people who had the same problems. One person even said to me, “I thought I was the only person this was happening to.” I let her know this happens to a lot of people. Everyone deals with this problem at one point in their lives. Some people hide it well, but I chose to discuss it. To me, it’s kind of a therapy and gives me the strength to solve a problem.

If there is a problem, there is a solution. Most people never find a solution to their problem, because they may think that’s how it should be. No, it shouldn’t. Do you think employers have the right to abuse you in any type of form?

There is seriously something wrong with those employers that abuses their employees. Of course, they will never admit that they have a problem. What is worse is when you tell them they have a problem, and they get extremely angry. If you hate your job or your employer, it is totally normal and you are not alone.

Hate is a horrible word, but when it gets to that point, we have to do something. I am very open-minded to new things. I have had goals since I was young. Whether I met those goals is a different story, because plans or goals do
change over time. Things happen for a reason and you learn to accept it.

prescription-pillsMost of the time, changing a job that you hate working at can solve a lot of your problems. It can also solve some of the health and mental health problems that came with working at a job you hate. Is it worth it to take prescription pills because of medical conditions that came to exist due to your employer? I don’t think so.

There was a coworker that I used to work with and she was so upset and stressed because that horrible employer NEVER paid our paychecks to us on time. This coworker lived alone, was threatened in a mean letter written by the employer that if she didn’t do her job right, then she would be terminated. Unfortunately, she couldn’t handle this type of stress and she passed away in her sleep. She had some health issues, but working with that abusive employer added on to more health issues. What was crazy was that this employer didn’t blame herself for what happened to the employee. She blamed it on her existing health conditions.

Towards the end of my decision to leave this employer, I had felt my heart beating forcefully by the end of the day. That put a lot of stress on my heart and if I had stayed working there, I would have had heart related issues. I refused to let that employer cause me to get a heart problem.

crazyI stopped going above and beyond for her. I did my job. I didn’t slack off, but I only did what was required for the day. For those that continued to stay there, they have problems. They have no motivation to be happy and apparently they like the abuse.

This employer is crazy. It makes her happy when other people are miserable. It makes her feel better when she yells at someone. When I say yell, it was full blown yelling and not discretely. Her yelling is unprofessional and done in front of patients. Even when you make her extra money, she is still not satisfied and shows no appreciation.

Only the smart ones saw that there is more than one job out there in the world. So what, if she pays you more than what others would pay you. Is your paycheck going to make you happy? Will your paycheck solve the stress and health problems that is induced from that employer?

No, it won’t. It will only get worse over time. Someone who has been this way her whole life will never change. I am not telling you what to do, but my solution was resigning professionally and never looked back.

Ever since I left that place, I can see clearly what I wanted in an employer. I have my guard up until they earn my trust. Trust is important to me, because too many people have let me down and lost my trust in them. On a plus side, it has made me a stronger and independent person.

vacationAs we get older, we start to ask ourselves, “Do we see ourselves working at this type of job until retirement? If there
was another option, where we can start enjoying life sooner, would we do it? I love my job, but I would love to travel more and work at the same time. I would like to keep a balance of working and vacationing equally.

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What is your everyday problem? What are you doing to solve the problem? Please share your experience, questions or comments below.






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  • lilywong

    Insightful article. There are indeed many challenges in life – but I believe that we are also given opportunities – up to use if we would take them up. For example, setting up a website like you mentioned. Thanks for sharing your stories; it is inspiring to know that we are not alone in these common everyday grievances.

    • Sofia

      Hi Lily,

      Thanks for commenting. People think they are alone but there are many people in the world that share the same problems.


  • Ray

    Hi Sofia,

    I had a similar experience with a bad employer and I think I know what you mean. It was a long time ago but I had to put up with an awful family business owners for 8 years. Looking back, I think I wasted my time. You can learn from a bad environment to improve yourself, but 8 years was far too long.

    But like you, I remember how great it felt like when I left, and I haven’t looked back since either. And I absolutely agree with you about the trust. I’ve lost trust in my employer and it’s made me stronger too, now I see a trust issue very important.

    Thanks for the great article, good luck with your career and your website business too.

    • Sofia

      Hi Ray,

      Glad you left that horrible place. Life if too short to be unhappy. It is a great feeling.

      Thanks for commenting,


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