Quitting is NOT Failing – My Friend’s Take on Quitting

This is a letter of my friend’s experience after she quit recently. I wanted to share this with you, because there is more opportunities than where you are at in your job. If you think there’s nothing out there for you, you need to get out of your comfort zone. Life is too short to be unhappy and miserable. I asked my friend’s permissions if I could put this on my post and she agreed I could. Of course, I left names out for legal reasons. I am very proud of her and even though I haven’t seen her in a while, I can tell she is happier and more relaxed just by texting her. It is a big difference and I am glad she got out of her comfort zone and made the big change, for herself and for her family. Here’s to bigger and better things to her in her new journey!


Here is her letter below:

So I’ve been going on interviews and working interviews during and shortly after I quit my job of 10 years. I have been called back for follow up interviews as well. I have had offers left and right. I have gotten great offers. Actually, wonderful offers. There seems to be great people around that I did not know existed outside of the office I have been in. I noticed the doctors smiling and APPRECIATING their employees. As I sit back, I wonder why I’ve waited so long on quitting my job. I guess I was afraid? That scared feeling that maybe where you’re working is a good place, because it has good hours and good pay.

Now I know what other employees get that I have been missing out on. I can see how they are APPRECIATED. Everything from Vegas trips, to happy hour, free dental care, paid time off during the holidays. They get actual time off, such as 2 weeks you can spend with your family and be paid for it. Wow. I’ve been locked up in a bubble. They give you the benefits of 401k’s, paid gym membership, health benefits, money given to put towards health insurance. These are things I’ve never even thought was possible. To be able to have health insurance? It amazes me. I have gone above and beyond for my former employer for the past 10 years. I will not bash him, because I will not be like him.

I’ve woken up and it’s a new day and I never have to go back to that place ever again. The weight that has been lifted off my shoulders is indescribable. The feeling in my heart feels like relief. It feels so awkward going to these interviews and working interviews. The doctors have all been nice. It makes me wonder are they always this nice? Because I know we all have our days. It sure does look like they are that nice all the time. Things at my former place of employment had been so crazy lately. People shouldn’t leave work crying due to the fact that the boss yelled at you or worst threw something at you or around you.

I remember there was a time when there was 5 gloves left in a glove box. The doctor had been upset that day about no telling what and grabbed gloves to see a patient. He took the box out of the drawer, got his gloves and threw the rest of the box in the hallway. Guess what, I didn’t pick it up. Nobody picked it up. Don’t throw things if you’re not going to pick it up. It stayed there. Right there where he threw it. At the end of the day, he asked if anyone was going to pick up the glove box? One girl responded with, didn’t you throw it? He said yes. It’s empty. She responded. It’s not empty, there are still gloves in there. His wife (the office manager) finally walked back there to pick it. Though she was huffing and puffing the whole entire time, I didn’t feel bad. It was actually pretty funny to me that he would purposely try and find things to get mad at. He would constantly look for things to get upset at. Even if it took him all day. If he found something he’d go “ahhha!” and go run and yell at you about it. So petty.

I just wonder sometimes what they sit at home and think about together. Him & his office manager (wife). They have no kids. They have no hobbies. They have all this money and still aren’t happy. In fact, his wife is very jealous of other employees. When we show up with something new, he makes a comment that he pays us too much and she agrees. She will act like she doesn’t even see you if u come in with something new. They have no friends. Well, she has one friend. They’ve been friends for about 15 years. But it’s funny that the doctor considers her friend’s husband as an acquaintance after 15 years. Your wife’s best friends husband isn’t even your friend? You consider him an acquaintance? It’s just so odd. They seem so weird now that I look from the outside in. And it’s only been 1 day that I’ve been gone! 🙂


I hope this helped you see that quitting is not failing. The evidence shows you there is nothing to be afraid of. At first, it might be scary to quit, but if you get out of the comfort zone you are in and do something that feels hard to do, you will see what I am talking about.

“Just rip the band-aid off quick.”

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  • Salvatore V Jenkins Jr.

    Two months ago, well probably years before that, I realized I needed to look for something new and well I finally found a new job. I gave my two weeks into my old job that had poor healthcare, lost a dollar and had not received any raises in four years. All reason listed I believe were legitimate reasons for leaving that employer and moving on to the new one.

    The new job has great benefits, the pay is a little better, i have four days off and I am learning something I have want to take a shot at for awhile, Forklift. Now the bad, it’s four days of 12 1/2 hour shifts, I am miserable, I can’t stand going there and the environment makes me feel uncomfortable. I could go find a new job but I have only been there a month an two weeks, I don’t want to look flaky, I don’t want to runaway so I am trying to face it and at least stay there for a little while longer but it’s a struggle. I sound weak!

    Everyday I wish or hope I can find away to focus on building my business and doing what I love the most, being CREATIVE! If there was only a way… It takes time I know, I am trying to work my hardest and learn as much as I can. I do have hope for the future and I see the pot of gold (the freedom I seek) at the end of the rainbow!

    I can relate with your friend because I was at the old employer for 8 years and then deciding to leave. I am happy she is doing better and I was afraid of quitting being me admitting failure!

    • Sofia

      Hi Salvatore,

      Does the good outweigh the bad? Could the issues you are having be resolved by talking to the boss? It isn’t flaky if you do find something else. Life is too short to be unhappy. You have to do what is best for you and your family. If you are miserable at work, then that may reflect towards your family. That wouldn’t be fair to them. Unless you can leave that misery at work when you leave work and keep from bringing your work back home, then that would be fine. Four days off is pretty sweet. I would make the most of that time off to focus on building your business. Do whatever it takes to do what you love. You’re only a failure if you do nothing. So quitting is not failing. Don’t give up. Stay strong. People who treat you badly are miserable themselves, so they will make other people miserable to make themselves feel better.

      Thanks for your comment,


  • Bob

    I liked your site very much and think I need to have my wife read your posts as they are spot on. Many people have the fear of changing their comfort zone. You gave good decisive information on other possibilities,with good explanations. Online business is the future, and you are showing people how to go about it. And your site looked good and was easy to get various information. Nice job

    • Sofia

      Hi Bob,

      Thanks for your comment. I am glad you liked the site. Yes, let her read the post. People need to know that we have options. Wealthy Affiliate is a good program to go to learn how to build the foundation for an online business. If you put your mind to it and stay motivated, anyone can do it. I majored in Biology. That has nothing to do with computers, so what I am trying to say is I got out of my comfort zone and made a change.

      Thanks again,


  • Mike

    Interesting! I really like how you compiled so much valuable details on the site. I have learnt a lot today, very motivating site can really kick start your journey to success. Honestly this is a well structured and straight to the point website. You really hit the mark with important points I was looking out for and I know this site would be helpful to so many people out there as it was helpful to me.

    • Sofia

      Hi Mike,

      As I was writing my posts, my friend had emailed me her journal/letter. I was like, “Wow, I need to ask her if I can post this.” A lot of the things she wrote related to a lot of what I was writing about. I am glad you learned a lot. My goal is to help people, because they need to know there is a way out.

      Thanks for your comment,


  • Great post Sofia and congratulations to your friend, it sounds to me that she has made the right decision.
    If you are not happy then you need to make a change.
    That’s not quitting in my mind, it’s choosing what is right for you.
    Fear is the biggest killer of your dreams and what you really want!
    Don’t let it stop you! 🙂

    • Hi John,
      I know that from personal experience. If I ever wanted something, I work hard to get what I want. She has overcame a big fear and I am very proud of her. Now, her next stage in life is realizing there are other options in her career. She has learned a great lesson. Now, that she is seeing what is out there, she knows what she wants and what she doesn’t want. She is a very strong person. When she quit, it made her even stronger. One tip I have learned that helped me stay strong and move forward with my dream is staying away from negative people. They aren’t worth your time and they don’t want you to succeed. Just get rid of them from your life. That’s all.
      Thanks for your comment,

  • Dan

    Great article! I could really relate to the circumstance your friend was end. As I have been through a similar situation. You are 100% right about just ripping the band-aid off quickly and finding a new job even if you have to move. DO IT!!! It’s worth it. I had moved 3 years ago to find a better job and I haven’t regretted it for a minute. It pushed me to be a better person also. I still have the same job after 3 years and it is a dream job compared to my last one. I couldn’t be happier. Take the risk.

    • Yes I moved almost two years ago. It was the best decision because prior to that it was chronic stress everyday. I was lucky to have met an employer that I now work with at his office. There are very few honest people in the world. So when you find someone you can work with and trust and get a long with it is great. It does make you become a better person and you realize you are worth more than you think you do and you deserve better than how you were treated. Glad you found your dream job.
      Thanks for commenting,

  • It is amazing how many people get stuck in these “traps.” I really like what your friend said about why she stayed there so long, “I guess I was afraid?” Fear is what stops a lot of people from leaving terrible situations and going out on a limb to change their lives. It is hard to step out of the comfort zone and go on interviews and go through another learning curve. But if you go through that and come out on the other side a happier person in a healthier environment, it can be so worth it.

    • Hi Debbie,
      Thanks for commenting. She has gone through it and came out the other side a happier person. She is finally doing what is best for herself, which is great. So few people do this for themselves, but I am so proud of them when they do. You see/hear/feel a glow in them that you just can’t explain. It’s a great feeling. I have been through it, so I know what it felt like. She describes weight off her shoulders. It truly was that feeling when I quit my job when I was treated horribly.

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