Where can you get free images?


Did you know that images you copy from the internet may not be legal to use? Let’s do it the right way so you don’t run into legal issues with the author of the images.

How to use images without having to ask permission?

At a stock image site, there is an area that is labelled, “license.” Once you click on “license,” the next screen should have somewhere with “CC0 license-Creative Commons Zero,” which means you can copy, modify, distribute any photos from the site without asking for permission.

Sure, you can ask permission to use an image but sometimes you can’t find the actual author. To save the hassle, headache and waiting around for a response, choose something that is fast and easy.

Where can you find websites that have CC0 license?

You can type into your search box, “Free stock images” and results should show up.


What are some free stock images websites?


All you do is type in what image you are looking for in their search box. Easy enough!

Which website do I mostly use?

I usually go on google search, but you cant just go to images and copy from there. There is a few extra steps. Trust me, when I found out I was copying images illegally, it was a pain in the butt to replace all of my images.

What are the extra steps needed to copy images from Google?

1. Type in what you are looking for in google search
2. Click on “images”
3. Click on “Search tools”
4. Click on “Usage rights”
5. Click on “Labeled for reuse” or “Labeled for reuse with modification”
6. The results that show up afterwards are what images you can use legally below. The area where it used to be labelled “Usage rights” should now be labelled “Labeled for reuse.” Those are the images you can use legally.

When I first started building my website, I had no idea that I couldn’t just copy and paste images from the internet to my page. A lesson learned. I hope you learned some tips here.

What do you use to get free images? Do you ask the author for permission? Please share your experience, comments or questions below.






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