Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday

It’s that time of year again, where you can get huge discounts on things you are looking for. Building a business online can get expensive, so why not find deals that can save you money? If this is your first time hearing about Wealthy Affiliate, read my review of Wealthy Affiliate to learn more.

What is the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Deal?

On November 25-28, 2016, the yearly price to become a Premium member and get full access to everything in Wealthy Affiliate is $299.00. This price will be locked in for subsequent years.

Doesn’t sound like a deal, right? Let me break it down for you..


The above chart shows how much you would spend per day, per month or per year based on which membership payment you select. Although the percentage saved is higher in the $359/year, it is obvious that $299 is less than $359.

In reality, the amount it costs per day to be a Premium Member at Wealthy Affiliate is less than a cup of coffee. Definitely less than what you would spend in a day if you were to eat out for breakfast, lunch or dinner. 

What can you expect with Wealthy Affiliate?

Among their active community support system, there are many other features at Wealthy Affiliate. There are new things coming to Wealthy Affiliate coming in 2017, such as:

Updates to training

New Live classes

Brand new training

Brand new platforms

Along with the existing features below:

What else do you get if you become a yearly premium member? A Special Bonus!

Once you pay the $299.00, you will get 6 exclusive “never-seen-before” bonuses sent to you by the cofounders, Kyle and Carson.

My experience

I upgraded to the yearly Premium Membership after a month of using Wealthy Affiliate. I calculated how much I would save in the long run, which saved me more money than paying the monthly fee. To me, it doesn’t make sense to pay more for the exact same product when I can pay less for it.

Today, I got the $299.00 Black Friday deal. I don’t regret it, because Wealthy Affiliate has a lot of resources and support that many other programs don’t. 

Are you ready to join Wealthy Affiliate to make that next step to building a successful business online? The deal is only good from November 25-28, 2016, but you get locked into the price for subsequent years! That’s a great deal, in my opinion.

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