Should you Trust Your Gut Instinct?


Have you ever asked yourself a question where you answered with your mind, but something didn’t feel right in your gut? Usually, when you feel something not right in your gut, you most likely made a wrong decision or mistake. If you answered a question and your gut feels right, then you made a correct decision or answer. You should always trust your gut instinct. Here are some signs you should look for below.

Trust is Earned
If you have been betrayed many times by your friend, your family, your acquaintances, you learn not to trust people. Trust is earned and not a quick process.

i.e: I worked at a place for almost a year before I saw who could be trusted and who couldn’t.

hidePeople who put on a FAKE act
People hide their true colors in first impressions. They act like they have good intentions, but they don’t. It is up to you to weed them out and stay as far, far away from them. These people are the people who make your gut scream, “Don’t trust them.”

People who give you the time of day only when they want something
Do you have one of those? You don’t talk to them in a while and all of a sudden they call out of the blue wanting something (money, help, etc). What kind of friend or family is that?

i.e: My mom called me out of the blue after being estranged for 8 years. The first thing that came into my mind and gut was, “What does she want?” Come to find out she needed something after two weeks into talking to her. Biggest mistake of my life! I will never answer those phone calls again.

Brown Noser
You know who they are. They can’t be trusted. They will go and tell your boss things to make them look better. They pretend to be your friend and make you trust them, but don’t. You know you have a feeling in your gut about these people. If they think brown nosing will give them a promotion, they have a surprise coming to them. It makes them viewed as “Tacky” in my opinion.

talk-behind-your-backPeople who stab you in the back
These are people who are nice to you in front of your face, but talk about you behind your back. Somehow, it gets back to you, but you already had a gut feeling about this. You don’t need to have any relationship with these kind of people. We are not in high school anymore.

i.e: I had a boss that was very unprofessional. I requested time off for personal reasons and she went blabbing and talking negative to the whole office about my personal business. My coworker told me what she said and I lost total disrespect for my boss.

People who act like they want to help you
Majority of people don’t do things without getting something in return. There are few people that do things without expecting anything in return. Watch out and be alert.

People who break promises
If someone broke promises before, chances are they will do it again. Don’t expect anything more from them. This will lead to utter frustration and disappointment.

i.e: My mom broke her promise of paying for my college tuition. I already had a gut feeling that she was going to take back her word because growing up with her was nothing but betrayal and disappointment.

dont-listenPeople who give bad advice
You know a bad advice when you hear one. Chances are they don’t know what they are talking about and you need to stay away from these people. These are the people who don’t want you to succeed in life or anything else.

i.e: I didn’t listen to anything my mom had to say in terms of advice. Her mind was the age of a child (Immature and no street smarts).

Flaky people
People who cancel on you, don’t show up or is late at arriving to places are not respectful to you or your time. You can’t count on them and you know it.

People who act like they’re so busy
You know who they are. They take a month to reply to your text message. You always initiate the conversation. They reply when it is convenient for them and it’s only when they want information. These people really aren’t your friends.

i.e: I had a friend or so I thought since elementary school. I know she has her phone on her 24/7. Responding in a timely fashion at most a day later or a week is reasonable if you have a good reason. To reply to a text a month later with no explanation of why it took so long to reply and no apology, that is just rude and true friends don’t do that to each other.

People who are bad influences
Some people like to get in trouble or like drama in their lives. We have our own issues with life. We don’t need those people to cause more issues by getting you in trouble. When you get in trouble with them, who will bail you out? Do you trust them to bail you out? I doubt it.

stealerPeople who steal from you
Are people going to admit when they stole from you? No. Cut your ties now, because if they steal from you once, who knows what they’ll steal from you next.

i.e: I paid a coworker to clean my house and after my house was cleaned my health insurance card was missing. I looked and looked and it was nowhere to be found. I cut ties with her immediately and didn’t give her my new number when I changed it. Needless to say, she doesn’t have her own business in housecleaning today.

Something that you can’t figure out about a person
Something just doesn’t sit well with you about this person. There’s something you can’t trust about a person. Follow your gut instinct and don’t trust that person, because your gut is steering you in the right direction.

If your mind is clear, you should always trust your gut instinct. Your gut will guide you to being street smart in whatever life situations come bombarding at you. Don’t ignore what your gut is telling you. If you do, I hope you will learn from your mistakes. I know I did. Unfortunately, there are very few people that are trustworthy. I am amazed at how many fake people there are in jobs. I won’t have anything to do with them. I don’t care if I come off as a snob, but I will do what is right for me. That is why I am striving to change my career into working at home. If you would like to do the same, read my review at Wealthy Affiliate to learn more.

Do you trust your gut instinct? Please share your experience, comments or questions below.






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  • lifebeginswithyourhealth

    very unique article on trusting your gut, it is amazing how our instincts usually is right about things in our lives. If we used our instinct more then our heads to make decisions we probably would make many more good decisions, very good article how did you ever come up with this idea ?

    • Sofia


      Thanks for commenting. Online, real life, we need to trust our gut instead of just our head. I came up with this idea through real life experiences. I am not a person that expresses my concerns verbally. The reason is because when I do, nothing ever gets resolved and nothing changes. So, the way I express how I feel, which some people do also is to write about it. It’s a good type of therapy as well, instead of bottling it up inside. The trash can eventually will overflow.


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