Should I Use Google Adsense?


I have been debating on whether I want to implement Google Adsense into my website or not. Why not? It doesn’t cost me anything. So I applied and now under the review process. The only part is getting approved so that they can start giving you real ads to place in your website. If it can start earning you some income, it is better than not earning anything, right? You have nothing to lose.

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is a service by Google who approves website owners to place advertisement on their website.

Can you earn an income with Google Adsense?

As long as you use it correctly and efficiently, then it is possible to earn an income.

How much can you earn with Google Adsense?

clickThe amount varies depending on different factors:

  1. The website owner decides to place ads that pay when your target audience clicks the ad or when they view them.
  2. Advertisements are priced differently and can change from advertiser budgets, your content on your website and the ads your audience decides to click on.
  3. The amount of ad placements you decide to use can increase or decrease your earnings.
  4. You can place a google web search box in your post/pages. You can earn income from ad clicks made by your audience on the search results page, but if they don’t click on the results page, you won’t earn anything.

How is the earnings calculated?

You want to look a the total revenue. Based on google adsense for content, you get 68% recognized by google and for search, you get 51%. So, if you get a total revenue of $200.00, you get $136.00.

Real testimonials

Testimonial 1

Testimonial 2

Testimonial 3

How can you make an income with Google Adsense?

Once Google Adsense approves your application, they will provide you an ad code (copy) to place (paste) in your website. You will decide where you want to place your ads. It is the same process as placing images under “text” or in widgets. The highest paying ads will show up on your website. Google Adsense handles all the billing to make sure you get paid.


Do you have to pay for Google Adsense?

No, it is free.

How long does it take before your application is approved?


This is a tough question. It could be days, weeks or longer. It depends if you meet all their requirements. After you submit your application within a week of the application date, Google Adsense will send you an email. Once you are approved, you will be able to log into your account to get started with placing real ads into your website. 

Is there requirements you must meet to be approved by Google Adsense?

-You must have a website with great content

-You must be at least 18 years of age

-Your website must follow their program policies

-Your site has been active at least 6 months in certain countries

-Their terms and condition change all the time, so you must check back often

-You must keep your website active or you can get deactivated

Final thoughts

work-at-homeI pasted my ad code into one of my website, so now I am just waiting to be approved. I will keep you posted on what happens next. There are other ad placement programs out there, but this is the first program I am trying out. If it doesn’t work out, it didn’t cost me anything except my time. I just have to keep my head up and move on to bigger and better things.

Part of building my online business is being patient. Patience will help you to not quit when things get tough or doesn’t work out the way you want it to. Would you like to work from home or learn how to build your own business online? Read my review of Wealthy Affiliate.

***Update on approval from Google Adsense. I pasted my ad code on Monday and today is Wednesday. I was working on my website and the blank ads I posted were not blank anymore. Then, I checked my email and I have been approved by Google Adsense. Here is an image from my email from them. So, it took 2 days for them to approve my application for this website. 


How do you feel about Google Adsense? Please share your experience, comments or questions below.






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  • Cole

    Interesting article on google adsense. I have actually never used it and I didn’t know they took a % cut, I guess that the exposure you get makes it worth it. I have heard that depending on how competitive the keyword is will affect how much they charge you. I may use it for some low competition keywords. Thanks for this!

    • Sofia

      Hi Cole,

      Thanks for commenting and input. If that is the case of how much they charge you based on competitive keyword, then I would definitely use some low competition keywords as well. I have been using Jaaxy for my keyword tool and it has been real helpful and quick in searching for low competition keywords. A good investment in my opinion.


  • Kristin

    Great information. I remember when I first applied to Google Adsense, my application was rejected because of lack of content on my site and because it was so early on; so it’s great that you pointed that out. Google Adsense can be a great way to generate revenue on your site and I really enjoyed reading your rundown of the program.

    • Sofia

      Hi Kristin,

      Thanks for commenting. How long did it take before your application was accepted? How much content do you need? Do you know if the amount of traffic you get daily will determine their decision?



  • Andrew

    Hi there! I just read your article about Google Adsense and thought I would just drop you a line or two to tell you about my experience.

    I started out online a few years ago and began following a guide that suggested building a site with Adsense. It seemed like a good idea and came with the usual screenshots of big earnings! So I thought I would give it a try, since it was free.

    I was quickly accepted for Google Adsense and had begun building my website. After a couple of months I was getting traffic and also getting some clicks on the ads. I experimented with ad placement but after 4 months I had only made about $20!

    This was not what I expected! However I pushed on and didn’t give up. At almost 6 months I had almost made $50 when Adsense closed my account!

    I never found out why Adsense was banned on my site. But after looking online, I found that I certainly wasn’t alone. I don’t think I will ever try Adsense again!

    • Sofia


      Thanks for sharing. I agree with your experience. I haven’t been using Adsense as much because you don’t make as much. Some people make a lot but that depends on how much traffic they have.

      Fortunately, there are other companies out there that works better.


  • Hi,
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate your efforts and I am waiting for your further write ups thank you once again.

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