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I had another temporary assignment in the same week at a different office. I have never worked for her, but I have had patients who left her practice because of the long wait time and the huge upsells. I did my research on her, like I did with all my other temporary assignments, and her picture was the same as the doctor I had worked for in the beginning of the week.  A picture is worth a thousand words. If your smile is FAKE, then people who can point these people out will know. Sometimes, I regret accepting a job, but I will do whatever it takes to get through the day. Set a goal for yourself in the morning so you can focus on accomplishing it during the day.

It was Friday and my goal was to have a great work day, so I did whatever it took to make that happen. Luckily, the main dentist had an associate dentist that worked for her. When I completed my patient’s teeth cleaning, I would call on the microphone for any dentist available to do an exam. Well, the main dentist was busy every time I would call, so I would get the associate to come over and do the exam. Thank goodness, because the main dentist took a long time on exams with the other hygienist.

time-managementI was determined it was going to be a great day. The associate dentist didn’t make my schedule get behind by talking too much with the patient, which was great. She had great time management skills. She was very personable and not cold like the main doctor. I wonder, is it because  she doesn’t have that responsibility of running a business? She can just come to work and then leave when she’s done? I haven’t figured it out yet.

I have met several associate dentists and they are great to work with. They have a very calm demeanor and you can really open up with them. Basically, I don’t feel they are being fake. Maybe the main doctor is a nice person, but I have met several dentists that was a “nice” person in the beginning, but this is where they trick you. Further down the road, their true colors start to be revealed. I wasn’t going to find out and I really didn’t want to know.

Remind yourself what you want to accomplish in the beginning of the day, if you need to get through the workday, don’t want to go to work or you dislike your job. I like my job as a dental hygienist. My big problem is many of the employers are mean and fake, which I will not tolerate any longer. Some people may tolerate it, but if you don’t have to, why put yourself in the situation?

considerate-of-timeI don’t know what it would have been like if she did not have an associate dentist working for her. Well, maybe I do. It would have been exactly like the dentist I worked for beginning of the week. When it comes to my job, I like to do the best job I can do. I am very considerate of my patients time. If they are scheduled for an hour, they need to be seated  and dismissed on time. I don’t know many patients who enjoy being at the dentist longer than they have to.

I definitely saw a lot of upsell at this place. I wasn’t having it and I did not recommend anything I didn’t feel they truly needed. I’m too honest for my own good. I dislike upsells. I read her patient reviews on a review website and her rating is very low, just like the dentist I worked for out of state. Horrible. Reading that, if I was a permanent employee there, I would be ashamed to work there. I overheard her asking patients to write a review and giving them referral cards to refer more patients in.

I don’t believe in that stuff. If a patient likes your work and you do good work, you don’t need to basically beg a patient to write a review. If your patient is truly satisfied, they will write a review or refer a patient automatically. To me, that isn’t classy and is that a way to increase her star rating? Well, even if it does, it barely increases it a notch. Some reviews may be fake, because I know that my employer out of state had her coworkers write a good review with a five star rating. It did not even increase the star rating.

How are you with setting your goals? Do you set goals everyday? At work? At school? In general? I set a goal to eventually be able to work at home full time, by having my own online business. If you would like to do the same, read my review and watch my video of Wealthy Affiliate to learn more.

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  • I used the same dentist for most of my life and recently changed, but it was because I had to drive too far to see him and the new one is not only closer, but accepts my new insurance. I used to do whatever they recommended, but now I wonder about upsells too. The older I get, the more difficult it is to tolerate! But, I guess that’s normal!

    • Unfortunately, there are very few honest people out there. I have gone through several dishonest offices. Even though I am not the one ripping off the patient, I feel bad for the patient who gets conned into buying the stuff or paying for treatment they really don’t need. Reason is because I build a relationship with my patients and if they ask me for my opinion, I mostly will tell them the truth.

      Thanks for commenting,

  • Rob

    Hi Sofia,
    I really enjoyed the honesty of your post. We will always come across mean, dishonest, and fake people in our lives. How we choose to interact with them is up to us!
    I love the idea of reminding ourselves in the morning that we can choose to have good day. We’ll encounter many things that are out of our control. However, we are always in control of how we react to them.
    Keep up the good vibes!

  • Sofia

    Yes, people shouldn’t let someone else control them. That gives the horrible person more power and to continue and think it’s ok to treat them badly. I don’t understand how people can just take it. We all have a choice. Why go to work nad be miserable? I’ve been seeing a lot lately either people dislike their jobs or they don’t like working with their employers. You can feel the vibe and you know something isn’t right.

    Thanks for commenting,


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