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What is it?

A guided 21 step course that teaches you how to make high end commissions at home or anywhere online.

Name: My Top Tier Business (MTTB)


$49 initial fee to get inside program

$2497 at Step 6 in order to proceed to next step

Didn’t go far enough into program but >$2497

Owners: Matt Lloydmatt-lloyd


Real Reviews:

Review 1

Review 2

My Recommendation: no

Overall Rating: 0/5 



There’s always good and bad things about something.. Nothing is perfect.


Advertises done for you product

Get a 1-on-1 personal coach free

Free and unlimited access to top tier coach

No need to call and follow up because there is a phone team that takes care of making the sales

Advertises good earning potential

Advertises can do everything in 30-45 minutes a day a couple weeks a month

Initial $49 fee has 30 day money back guarantee

Zero risk meaning you can keep your full time job until you are making a lot of money

Can do job anywhere you want in the world

Can make money while vacationing

Get paid every 2 weeks

Advertises you could get rich

Advertises this is real and 100% legitimate

Make a commission in 30 days of joining MTTB or he will pay you $500 in cash




 If you want to earn high commission, you have to become a mobe licensee by making an investment of $2497

Videos are long, monotone and boring

You have to put in money to make money

Sales funnel

They try to sell you many products

Cant move forward with 21 step program when you get to Step 6 until you pay them $2497

30 day money back on certain products

They have you bring them traffic and sell their products once you completed the steps

There is a fee to join the affiliate program

To make money you have to bring traffic to MOBE sign up pages

Who benefits from the product?no-prior-experience


18 years and older

People with no computer skills

What kind of work can I do?

It was not clear what I would be doing. Even after I paid the initial $49, I still was not informed what the job would be. The instruction in the email told me to get in touch with my coach, watch a video, write down what I learned or any questions and then contact the coach in order to move onto the next step.

Training Overview


Training lessons


1-on-1 coaching



There’s a phone number to call for support, which I called because if you couldn’t get a hold of your coach it said to call support. They were not any help in my opinion. It was more of a answering service. There’s an area to contact support at the bottom of the page where you will be redirected to where you submit a request or find a question from selecting a box that is presented on the page.

Final Opinion

I got scammed into paying the initial $49 fee. What I found ridiculous was I had to set up an appointment to speak with my personal coach before I can start Step 1. The personal coach acted like she was so busy and so I was left in the dark all weekend not able to move to my next step, which I thought was a waste of time. They claim if you follow the steps in 30 days you should be making a commission or he will give you $500 if you don’t make a commission. The catch is you have to be doing the 21 steps in 30 days in order to get the $500. You can’t possibly finish the steps in 30 days if I am wasting days waiting on the coach to contact me so she can unlock the next step.


When I first paid the initial fee, I had it in my mind I would only be paying that. When I went to step 1, their tasks told me to purchase a book and another book. By step 2, I got fed up with paying for books and still didn’t know what my job was going to be. I didn’t get far enough where I got scammed 1000s of dollars, but I felt it was a scam and lost interest pretty quickly.

Good thing right?

This was around the time I found Wealthy Affiliate. Almost a month of working with the Wealthy Affiliate program, I went and researched MTTB and remembered there was a 30 day money back guarantee. So I went to their support center and requested for my refund of $49. The only good thing about MTTB was I got my refund in 7 days. If you would like to learn about the program I have been working with, read my review and watch the video of Wealthy Affiliate.

There were several red flags in MTTB:

1.Done for you product

Life is not easy in general. This product, to me is too good to be true. How do you learn how to build your online business if it is done for you? How is that helping you in the long run?


2. You could get rich

This is deceiving putting the word “rich” in. Of course many people want to get rich. But I don’t think they want to be a scam artist to get rich. It takes time and hard work to “get rich”, unless you are the lucky few that inherited or grew up rich.

3. 30 day money back guarantee

Read the fine print under terms and conditions. They give you money back guarantee on your initial payment of $49 to enter the program, but not for certain products they upsell you with. Another tactic to make you to believe you have nothing to lose.


4. They have you sell their products and bring them traffic when you complete the steps

When I paid the initial fee, my intentions was to work from home, build my OWN business and be my OWN boss. If they are teaching me to bring traffic to their site and selling their products, that is not close to reaching my goal.

5.Shiny object

I don’t believe he will give you $500 if you don’t make a commission. There’s a catch. You have to do the 21 day step course for 30 days and show you have been working on it. This is a tactic to reel you in and scam you to pay for the initial fee so they can scam you on their upsells when you get inside the program.

He also advertises he will give you a Mercedes Benz, but that is only if you meet your sales quota. He doesn’t give you a car. It is a lease and if you meet your sales, he pays your lease monthly. When you don’t, then you are out of luck. He will say anything to persuade you to put in those numbers on your credit card.

6.You can work 30-45min a day a couple weeks a month

This is deceiving. They will say anything to get your attention. Initially, it requires a lot of hard work and time. This is what they leave out. In order to be successful, the initial start up of any business takes a lot more time than 30-45 minutes a day.

7. Zero risk

They say there is no risk in doing this program and you can continue to work at your job full time until you make a good income. Of course they will say that. They want you to have money to purchase their upsells. There is a lot at risk here. Some people are very vulnerable and really want the program to work and they pay for the program and spend thousands in hopes they can quit their job. Unfortunately, they realize it will be a while before they can quit their job because they just been scammed away their hard earned wages or put themselves more in debt.

8. A fee to join the affiliate program and pay for MOBE license rights to sell their products

You should NEVER have to pay a fee to be an affiliate. You are bringing business to them. That is a profit for them.


After I clicked on “Become an Affiliate Now!” tab, this screen pops up.

fee-to-be-in-affiliate-programNot free to me and contradicts the first screen that says, “Anyone can become a Regular Affiliate (which is FREE to join) and promote these products.”

9. When I leave the page, a pop up shows up and discounts the price to $19.




But when you stay on the page, you get transferred to this page and it shows after you try it, then you will pay him the remaining $30.00 so it isn’t a discount.




Again, doing anything and saying anything to reel you in. BEWARE of this product!

Have you used this product? Please share your experience below. I would love to hear about them.

Please leave any comments or questions below.




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  • Oh wow – I’m staying away from this one! Way too many red flags. I don’t like a lot of things. That is kind of crazy to charge such a high fee so far into the program, for one thing. I don’t like upsells period. I don’t like that you have to pay to become an affiliate. And the leased car? Wow. Not my thing. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Debbie,
      Thanks for commenting. Yes, stay away. There is so many red flags. It is so unfortunate people out there can go to bed “Thinking” they did a day of honest work, but in reality they did the opposite. Karma will get them.

  • Oh I’m so glad you posted this. I am sure they will really helpful! Thanks for sharing these tips!

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