Review of Paid Social Media Jobs – My Honest Opinion


What is it?
A program that shows you how to get paid doing social media work on Facebook, Twitter and You Tube.

Name: Paid Social Media Jobs

Price: $54 with 50% discount for USA to $27, then another discount to $17

Owner: Annie Jones


Real Reviews:

Review 1

Review 2

My Recommendation:no

Overall Rating: 0/5

zero star

-60 day 100% satisfaction money back guarantee
-Indicates can make money by doing easy social media tasks
-Once first task is complete, social media partners pays you $50 for start up fee you paid in addition to how much you earned from the job


-Sob story that is similar to other scam programs
-Extremely large fonts followed by really small fonts is how scammers try to grab your attention, which is a poor tactic
-A member fee that must be paid to work that covers costs for web hosting and customer service team
-Slow load page
-Can’t try program before you pay

Who benefits from this product?
Anyone 18 of age or older

What kind of work can I do?
Help businesses with their Facebook and twitter accounts by doing tasks, such reading, replying to comments, schedule posts, uploading videos, etc.


Training overview
Once you pay, they show you how to find easy social media jobs. Also, they show you how to get businesses to give you products for free to test as part of social media manager duties.

There is a “support” or “contact us” section at the bottom of the page. You click on “New support ticket” and fill in the blanks. In my past experience, the support is hit or miss. Sometimes they reply and sometimes they don’t. Before you pay for the product, ask them a question and see how long it takes them to reply.


 Final Opinion
There are a lot of red flags about this program. You should never have to pay something for work. Do you pay your boss money to work? Why do you need to pay before you get trained to do a job? In real life jobs, employers pay you to get trained. Most scam programs have extremely large fonts followed by extremely small fonts to try and get your attention. Anyone that showboats how much money they have made is trying to make you want that amount of money. In her “Story”, she indicates she has been doing this for 12 months, but that doesn’t add up. The image shows 2013 and we are in 2016.


This site sounds too good to be true and the fact that they indicate jobs are easy doesn’t make me jump to want this job. How valuable is their program if they decrease the start up fee by 50%. I find it extremely tacky as they had a pop up screen about every 30 seconds to make me join. Then, when I clicked, “Yes, Let me in”, they gave even more discount to the product. Must be a crummy product to sell it even cheaper. Usually, in scam programs if they decrease their price, once you get into the program, there will be upsells.




It states anyone can do this job, but that is not true. Not everyone is on social media or computer literate.


 It states people in The United States can make money by doing this job..


BUT under the “Earning Disclaimer”, this is what I found:


I got tricked in paying for a program with a 60 day money back guarantee before. I did not get a refund and it was within the 60 days money back guaranteed. I emailed them 3 times with no reply, so I won’t believe 60 day money back guarantee anymore. In order to make money, it takes more than 2 months to make money, so 60 day money back guarantee is a scam.

Unfortunately, there are more scam programs out there than legitimate programs. To make an income online working, you need to put in the hard work, long hours initially. It does pay off, but you have to stay motivated and patient and not hope for income to come in a day or a week or a month. If you would like to learn how to make an income online and try out a free trial before deciding if you like the program, read my review at Wealthy Affiliate. This is the only program where I have earned some kind of money.

Have you used this program? Please share you experience, comments or questions below.






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  • dkane35

    Wow! This is pretty cool I had no idea you could make money off of social media. I like the fact that you lay out the pros and cons. There is a lot of good information here to learn from. It’s good that you point out the makings of a scam also.

    • Hi,

      Thanks for commenting. That was my same reaction. Wow, I could make money for things I already do on social media. Then, I thought, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. It is unfortunate these scammers lay it out in a way to really grab your attention. Having been scammed a few times, you really learn from your mistakes.

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