Review of Jaaxy – My Honest Opinion


What is it?

A online marketing tool that researches the competition of a keyword in several search engines, to help anyone in building a successful business online. This program helps to decrease the time taken usually to manually search for keyword research.

Name: Jaaxy

30 Keyword Searches is $0
Pro Member is $19/mo
Enterprise member is $49/mo


Owners: Kyle & Carson


Real Reviews Below:

Review 1

Review 2

My Recommendation:yes

Overall Rating: 5/5


There’s always good and bad things about something.. Nothing is PERFECT


  • If you don’t feel Enterprise Member is for you, you can switch to Pro Member
  • You get a free trial of 30 keyword searches to test the product before deciding if you want to upgrade
  • Provides results you actually need to building a successful website
  • Shows where you are ranked in the search engine
  • Cheapest product compared to others, but a GREAT quality product


  • If you want more benefits, you have to pay more but it is worth it
  • Only form of payment is through PayPal

Who benefits from this product?

Anyone that needs keywords, from beginners, intermediate and advanced entrepreneurs

What kind of work can I do?

  • You can be an affiliate and promote the Jaaxy program (see image below)


  • An extra tool to assist you in finding keywords to increase your ranking on search engines, so you increase traffic to your niche promoting website

jaaxy-video-trainingTraining Overview

  • File on 1,000 High Traffic, Low Competition Keywords
  • File on Niches, Keywords, Success
  • File on Domain Industry Success
  • Video on Keyword Research & Management
  • Video on Website Research & Analysis
  • Video on Niche Research Refinement


There is a “Contact” page you click where you can leave a question and your contact information. I did contact Jaaxy because my payment wouldn’t go through. It was towards the weekend so it took about two days for a reply.


Final Opinion

In my honest opinion, I have used the free trial and I like the features that are included. There is a keyword tool in my Wealthy Affiliate program I am in now, but it doesn’t have as much features as Jaaxy. I just upgraded to the Jaaxy Pro member and I am excited to get more features. Once I am more experienced, I may upgrade to Enterprise Member. Jaaxy Pro has a lot more features and the search speed is a lot faster. I don’t read minds so this tool will cut down the time in researching keywords my audience is searching for. The purpose of building my website is to get my audience to come to my website.



I love the feature of finding where your website is ranked. It gives you more motivation when you see where you are ranked in the search engine and your hard work is paying off. Your main goal is getting your website on the first page of the search engine. Here are two of my pages below. I like the top number, but not the bottom but it gives you an good idea what to work on.



You can have the best content in your website, but if you don’t have the right keywords, your audience will NOT FIND YOUR WEBSITE as quick or EVER.

Are you ready to do a free keyword search? Type in a keyword below to start your search.

Have you used this program? Please share your experience, comments or questions below.



Founder of


  • Very nice review. I had not heard of Jaaxy until a short time ago and it is a very useful tool. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hello Merry,
      Thank you. I knew nothing about Jaaxy until I started my program at Wealthy Affiliate. It’s a good tool especially if we want to save time searching for keywords.

  • Great review Sofia! I just got Jaaxy also and I love it! It makes things so much easier. I think of it as a “treasure hunt!” It is really fun, especially when you hit on a great keyword. I didn’t know about their training videos. I will be sure to look for those. Thanks!

    • Hi Debbie,
      Jaaxy is great from what I found in the free trial. I wasn’t able to upgrade because either PayPal or the bank was not letting the payment go through.


  • Brian

    Very awesome review of Jaaxy. Definitely one of the best if not the best keyword tool out there. I’ve been a Pro member of Jaaxy for over a year now and it has helped my website and post ranking tremendously. It is well worth it to join! The benefits that you’ve stated are just superb and you can easily find out where you rank.

    • Sofia

      Hi Brian,

      Thanks for commenting. I agree with you 100%. It’s definitely a tool I would highly recommend to anyone.


  • Tom

    Hi Sofia!

    I really appreciate the great information here on Jaaxy! I am a Jaaxy user and I have to tell you that it is by far the best keyword research tool that I have used!

    It is quick and efficient! I am able to find information on the keywords I want to use, as well as many derivatives of those keywords.

    This really helps me build out my site and populate it with great traffic producing content. Jaaxy is a great value to me the user, and to my website subscribers and readers. They get better content! I get better traffic!

    It really is a win/win for everyone!

    Thanks for sharing your personal take on Jaaxy!


    • Sofia

      Hi Tom,

      I agree with you. It is a great tool. I had a little issue with PayPal initially so I wasn’t able to pay for the Jaaxy membership after the free trial.

      I noticed a big difference in searching for keywords. It took a lot of time without Jaaxy.

      When I was able to pay for Jaaxy with PayPal, it cut down my keyword search drastically. It is a good investment as d it saves you time so you can focus on writing your content.

      Thanks for commenting,


  • Alec

    I’m currently a member and am enjoying everything about the platform. The “Alphabet soup” feature is very helpful for brainstorming and coming up with new PPC as keywords. I use it a lot along with Site Rank. All of these features combine to make this one of the best and least expensive tools around.

    • Sofia

      Hi Alec,

      That’s great. It is definitely a great tool and saves a lot of time so you can focus on the more important things.


  • Chun

    I personally started to use Jaaxy a few weeks ago to search the perfect keyword for my website. Everything you need is available inside Jaaxy. It’s good.However, I don’t try the Jaaxy Pro because I don’t know whether it is worth to give a try. Thanks for your sharing, I was able to know what is Jaaxy Pro really is.

    • Sofia

      Hi Chun,

      You get 30 free keyword searches and I utilized all 30 so it was time to get the Pro. You get even more features and definitely saves lot of time than the trial. I don’t have any problems using it and I like how I can spend more time writing my content rather than wasting time on keyword search.

      Thanks for commenting,


  • Josh

    Very happy to give my time to this post, Jaaxy is a top of the range tool for beginning and advanced online marketers, a tool in which I have only just begun using myself.
    I wasn’t aware of the affiliate side of Jaaxy, is this great!
    I am still trying to decide if I want to go pro, as I am hesitant to keep forking out money for all these programs and sites while I am still not yet making an income.
    Keep up the good work Sofia


    • Sofia

      Hi Josh,

      I was in the same boat as you. You can always try it a month and see all the feature Pro has to offer. I didn’t regret it. It saved A LOT of your time. If you don’t like it then you can always cancel it. If you are writing content, you want to get a target audience. This helps you to not have to guess what your audience is searching for.

      Thanks for commenting,


  • Ian

    Thanks for your write up – it looks like a good summary of a very useful system. To have a tool like this that makes keywords understandable and easy to work with will benefit anyone. Nice article and thanks for the pointers.

    • Hi Ian,
      Thanks for commenting. Until you actually experience how great this is, you don’t know what you’re missing. When I wasn’t able to get Jaaxy Pro because of payment issues, I felt I was wasting a whole chunk of my day finding keywords when I could be spending my time better writing content for my website. That’s just my opinionm Time is precious especially when most people are still having to go to a physical job and using whatever time they have to work on their goal of having their own business online.
      Good luck,

  • Courtney

    A fairly comprehensive review of jaaxy, explaining advantages and info on pros and cons. an objective review, i must admit this is the weakest part of my training. Thanks for sharing. i have saved your link to study in more detail. my experience with jaaxy is limited so i don,t think its fair to comment any fort her until i have done an in-depth. study. Thanks for sharing. best wishes.i

    • Sofia

      Hi Courtney,

      When I first found out about Jaaxy, I felt a little intimidated with all the features it had. As I used it more often, I got more comfortable with using Jaaxy. I can’t imagine using anything else. It has everything I need to get my keyword search and it saves me a TON of time where I can spend doing something else that requires more of my time. Once you get it, you will be hooked. I know I am and I can’t imagine not using it.



  • Kenny Lee

    I tried Jaaxy but i never upgraded to the premium version. Well, I think I actually did but I unsubscribed after 1 month. That’s not because it was bad. But it’s because Wealthy Affiliate upgraded their keyword tool to display “QSR”. I’ll probably subscribe to Jaaxy again when I have built my blog to a good amount of followers.

    • Sofia

      I like Jaaxy so much better for this feature. It’s a lot faster than WA in my opinion and personal experience. For those people who are tight on time and multitasking, it is a great time saver. There’s a lot more features that I like with Jaaxy so it is worth the price. But it’s a feature that is included with WA at no extra charge so if money’s tight, it will work for now until you get things going and begin to become impatient.


  • Hi there

    Another great review on Jaxxy!

    I personally think Jaxxy is better than the keyword search tool that they have in WA. However as a premium member I’m good with their free services in there. With that said I will still use Jaxxy but probably for some of my important posts. Maybe just to get a comparison between the two ha:)

    • Sofia


      Thanks for your comment. In my experience, Jaaxy outcompetes WA keyword tool by far. It has more features and faster loading too. Yes, WA keyword tool is free, so if money is tight, be grateful for what you have but if you want faster loading, then Jaaxy may be another option.


  • Vinnie Prasad

    Hey Sofia,

    Great review on Jaxxy. After reading your review i gave Jaxxy a go and I have found it so simple to use. But i did however run out of the free 30 keywords to use very quickly. At the moment I’ve been using google keywords planner and other keyword searches but Jaxxy seems the most accurate and easiest to use. Might become a monthly member.

    • Sofia

      Hi Vinnie,

      I know how you feel. When you find a good product and then you compare it with other ones, nobody can beat Jaaxy. I know how it feels when I wasn’t able to use Jaaxy. I was so frustrated, but once I finally got it, it has helped me a lot. $19.00..think of it this way..Cut back on coffee or going out to eat. There’s the $19 a month.

      Thanks for commenting,


  • Paul

    Hi Sofia,
    I use Jaaxy all the time. I started off with free tools online but nothing beats the features that Jaaxy has.
    The best part I like about Jaaxy is the Alphabet Soup feature. Sometimes I find it hard to figure out how I should word some articles and the Alphabet Soup helps to give some ideas.
    Then, of course, it has the affiliate program. So not only can you get a great keyword research tool with Jaaxy, you can also help others find and use this tool, then you can get your share of revenue.
    It’s a Win /Win no-brainer to go ahead and sign up.
    Your reviews are rock solid Sofia and this one is no exception.
    Keep up the great work!

    • Sofia

      Hi Paul,

      Thanks for your comment. I tried other free tools as well and I agree, nothing beats Jaaxy. My favorite feature is the site rank tool. The reason why I like it the most is because it lets me know where my posts are ranking on google and just gives me a progress report on how much work and effort I am putting into my websites.


  • Scott G.

    Hi Sofia, Great review of Jaaxy, I agree 100%. I started using it several months ago when I first joined WA. I was a bit skeptical at first but it was helped me a lot with my online business.

    I was surprised to see some of the results when I searched for keywords, it was eye opening information that I would not have found otherwise.

    • Sofia

      Hi Scott,

      I was in your shoes when I first decided to purchase this program. However, after using up my free trial, I saw a need for it in order to know and find the correct keywords.

      If it wasn’t for Jaaxy, I don’t think I would have gotten may pages to rank as well. It would be like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

      Jaaxy is definitely a time saver and decreases my work load.


  • Derek Marshall

    Hi Sofia,

    Great site, Enjoyed reading this As I am looking to upgrade and change my current keyword tool.

    Great review of a keyword research tool. Is this standalone software that I have to run from my computer or a web-based program?

    Also, enterprise level can I have additional logins for my site manager to do the keyword research?

    • Sofia

      Hi Derek,

      This tool can be used as a standalone or it can be run through the Wealthy Affiliate platform. I am not sure what you are asking in your last question. Please clarify.



  • Lorenz Valdez

    I know kyle and WA recommended Jaaxy to search for keywords but i use the wealthy affiliate tool instead because I’m done with my free trial. Quick question! Do you think it would be worth it to sign for jaaxy? Is it the same as the wealthy affiliate tool? Please resin

    • Sofia


      Jaaxy is similar to WA keyword tool but Jaaxy has more features which I think it is worth it to sign up for Jaaxy. If you compare the speed of the two, Jaaxy is way better. The time you spend doing keyword research on Jaaxy will give you more time to write content. That was what I noticed when I finally got Jaaxy. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have it. You can also be an affiliate for Jaaxy so you can earn money while using the program.

      Thanks for your comment,


  • Andrew

    Hi there! I just read your review of the Jaaxy keyword tool and wanted to drop you a couple of lines to say thanks for the info. Like yourself I have been using the keyword tool in the Wealthy Affiliate membership. Until recently I found the WA tool to be ok, but then I tried the free trial of Jaaxy. This keyword tool is one of the best I have ever tried and I have tested a few of them out. The best part about Jaaxy is that its really easy to use and color codes your keywords so that you know what is good and what isn’t so good. Its a great piece of software!

    • Sofia


      I agree, Jaaxy is a useful tool and the color codes are definitely a smart way of coding it like a stoplight. Thanks for commenting.


  • carol

    Hello, Sofia
    I have to agree with you that Jaaxy is a great tool and it really helps in your keyword searches and also gives you various other tools to help you. As a Jaaxy member myself I would suggest that if you are building any type of website, professional or personal and want people to find it, then you must get Jaaxy and make the investment it is so worth it. Sofia, I wish you and your family a very HAPPY HOLIDAYS 🙂


    • Sofia

      Hi Carol,

      Thanks for your comment. It is a great investment and a great time saver. You can write and write many posts, but without this tool, you are “Hoping” for people to find you. With the tool, you can see what your audience is searching for and you can write your posts based on the search results.

      Wishing you and your family a happy holidays as well,


  • Garen

    Hey Sofia,

    Jaaxy is probably one of those little-known keyword research tools that doesn’t get as much credit as it deserves. I hear people talk about Google Keyword Planner,, Moz’s keyword explorer, SEObook’s keyword tool, Wordstream, etc.

    The interface with Jaaxy is super easy to use, though. That and there are 5 training videos which make it very easy to use. I have been using it for several years now, and I am very happy with it. I can’t really think of anything I don’t like about it. Would rate this 5 out 5, too.

    • Sofia

      Hi Garen,

      Thanks for your comment. I agree, Jaaxy is not as known as other keyword tools. However, I like using Jaaxy and I find it very useful. When I get more websites going in the future, I am eager to see how much faster Jaaxy Enterprise is. For now, I am happy with Jaaxy Pro. It gets the job done.


  • Vlad

    An excellent keyword tool for the creators of Wealthy Affiliate!
    After personally using it I would recommend it to anyone in a heartbeat!

    Although the free version is somewhat limited in terms of searches and data, it’s still useful.

    And there’s no need to discuss the paid service, yeah?

    Cheers, Vlad!

    • Sofia

      Hi Vlad,

      I agree, the free version is very limited but at least it lets you try it out to see if you like it before making the decision to purchase it. There isn’t a need to discuss the paid service, because you get everything that they offer.

      Thanks for your comment,


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