Review of Face Beast – My Honest Opinion


What is it?
A program that teaches you how to make an income using Facebook.

Name: Face Beast

Price: $97 activation fee, with a coupon code $34


Owner: William Moore


Real Reviews:

Review 1

Review 2

My Recommendation:no

Overall Rating: 0/5

zero star

personal-coaching-60 day 100% satisfaction money back guarantee
-Can do work anywhere in the world
-No previous experience needed
-States doesn’t require hours of work
-Indicates not a pyramid scheme
-When you pay membership fee, you get a bonus for 1-on-1 personal coaching
-Indicates a legitimate opportunity
-Don’t need to cold call on the phone
-Don’t need to invest a large amount of money
-Don’t need to bother anyone you know

bank-outdated-Outdated bank statements
-Extremely large fonts followed by really small fonts is how scammers try to grab your attention, which is a poor tactic
-Not clear on what type of work you will be doing
-Have to pay first to start working

Who benefits from this product?
Anyone 18 of age or older

What kind of work can I do?
It is not explained until you pay the membership fee

Training overview


There is a “support center” at the bottom of the page. Once you click there, you fill in the blanks in hope someone replies back.


Final Opinion
There are a lot of red flags about this program. You should never have to pay something for work. Do you pay your boss money to work? It indicates no previous experience is needed. Well, not everyone is computer savvy. Why is it not clearly indicated what type of job you will be doing? Why do you need to pay before you find out what the job entails? Most scam programs have extremely large fonts followed by extremely small fonts to try and get your attention. Anyone that showboats how much money they have made is trying to make you want that amount of money. This site sounds too good to be true and the fact that the job description is not clearly stated, I will not pay them a penny. Would you go to a job without knowing what type of work you will be doing? How valuable is their program if they decrease the member fee by 65%. Most programs that give discounts have a lot of upsells once you get into the member area. No thank you!


Any program that says you can make money quick is lying. To make an income online working, you need to put in the hard work, long hours initially. It does pay off, but you have to stay motivated and patient and not hope for income to come in a day or a week. If you would like to learn how to make an income online and try out a free trial before deciding if you like the program, read my review at Wealthy Affiliate.

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  • Wojtek

    I do really appreciate your scam alert because there are plenty of positive reviews from people who only want to learn from an affiliate. Your review tells everything that everybody needs to know. Hope you will keep going which such scam alerts, thanks to it plenty of people won’t fall into scam.

    • Sofia


      Thanks for commenting. I try my best to weed them out. It’s not a good feeling when we get ripped off. Believe me, I have been there. There are many heartless people out there that don’t care about helping people. They blind you with what you want to see to make you want what they have. Everyone should be alert about these programs.


  • Thanks for the detailed review. It was really helpful.

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