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There is always one person at work that causes problems. They like to see how far they can push people’s buttons. If the employer is smart, “open their eyes” and see the whole picture, that person should be fired already. Firing that particular person would definitely help with reducing stress at work.

In my profession, we can get temporary work from employment agencies. I had done a temporary job last summer with an office. There was one guy there who was “full of himself.” Not only that, if his patient didn’t show up, he had the nerve to take my patient. This showed a sign of greediness. Even though I didn’t work there permanently, I knew he was getting paid on commission. Basically, he doesn’t get paid when his patient does not show up. It was confirmed when I asked another employee about it.

Then, he wanted to leave early, so he rearranged his schedule without consulting anyone and messed up my schedule. I ran behind because my schedule was not the same time as his. I was so pissed off, the front desk was so pissed off, but he did whatever he wanted in order to benefit himself. I stayed professional and didn’t tell him off, because I am not a permanent staff there. At the end of the day, I did tell the front office I won’t be coming back here if he is still here.

stress-freeTen months later, I got a call from the employment agency. They asked if I could work at that office again. I told her only if that guy wasn’t working. She called the office and asked and he is no longer there. So I agreed to work. Let me tell you, the day went by so smooth. There was no stress and no drama. The employees were not pissed off, because someone wanted to “run the show” when he wasn’t close to having a position to do so.

What’s my point here?

People who cause problems or drama are not missed one bit when they are gone. When the working environment is peaceful and stress free, it is better for everyone. I give kudos to the office that fired that kind of drama queen. This is good business senses to get rid of someone who is a trouble maker. Since he was getting paid commission, money came first before his patients. Guess what, he got as many patients as he can (by stealing from other employees) and did a sloppy job. When employers keep those kind of people in their business, word of mouth spreads like wildfire. Patients will request not to be seen by him and then it is a chain of reaction. He gets cancellations, he takes patients from other employees, those patients dislike his work, they won’t come back. I know how long is takes to do a good teeth cleaning. 5-10 minutes is way too short.

lazyI know it is different in different work settings, but there is always one or a couple people that are lazy. The last couple jobs I quit recently, the front desk was pretty damn lazy. They didn’t schedule appointments when that was their job description. At the same time, it wasn’t completely their fault. It was poor business management by the employer because they hired people who had NO experience in the field and didn’t train them properly.

But it is common sense! When I finished high school, I had a receptionist job. I was not told I had to make appointments, but I knew that was my job description. When it is time to work, I knew you weren’t supposed to be on your cellphones or on facebook. In my opinion, that is poor work etiquette and those people are just there for a paycheck. To go to “work” and do as minimal work as they can. Why do they believe they “deserve a paycheck?”

Employers should open their eyes. Get rid of the lazy, problem employees. They are not an asset to the company and in the long run will not allow your business to thrive. Trust me, it will be a burden off your shoulders and your staff. They will not be missed. I am sure about that!

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Do you work at a place with someone who causes drama or problems? Please share below. I would love to hear about it.

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  • Jay

    Very interesting read. I actually quit my last job because of a coworker who made my life really unpleasant. The nature of my career choice requires me to be a pretty resilient person and have some pretty thick skin. But you reach a point where enough is enough. Nobody should feel miserable for 50-60 hours a week of their life. That’s not living. That’s being someone’s slave.

    • Sofia

      Hi Jay,

      I agree with you. I have pretty thick skin too. But if I had to count how many times I bit my tongue to keep from telling someone off, I literally would not have a tongue left. That is not living and we are nobody’s slave unless you want to be someone’s slave. Unfortunately, there are many people who “take it.” Those are the ones who have huge issues. Those are the ones that can become psychotic over time. Those are the ones who are miserable and life has many obstacles. If there can be ways where it makes your life easier, why not choose that route? I know I would in a heartbeat.

      Thanks for commenting,


  • Jose

    Reducing stress at work is like reducing stress at school so I found this extremely helpful as school stresses me out in so many ways. I agree with you, so many people are lazy and distract the rest of the class or in your example, your work. I agree that life would be way better without the people who cause a bunch of problems.

    • Sofia

      Hi Jose,

      Yes, I agree with you. School is stressful also. I wish more employers and companies would get rid of lazy people and trouble makers more often.

      Thanks for the comment,


  • Arta

    Hi Sofia,
    I completely agree with you that there are people causing stress around them. I have experienced it in each and every workplace. But I am a kind of person who wants to get well with all people, especially at work, as we are there to work, we don’t have to be friends. So I am always trying to find approach to each person to make our relationships workable so it is pleasant for everybody to work. It is not easy but it is just the way I am. And I think if each person become little bit, just little bit more tolerant, the world would become much better place to live.

    • Sofia

      Hi Arta,

      Yes, they are all around. We can be tolerant to a certain point, but when your work is being effected by somebody else, do you just take it? Yes, we don’t have to be friends. Thank goodness. Unfortunately, if we tolerate it, we are allowing the culprit to continue with what they are doing and soon enough, they will take advantage of you. Just keep an eye out and be careful. You are not a doormat and not to be walked all over on.

      Thanks for your comment,


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