Quitting is NOT Failing


What is stopping you from quitting the job you hate? Is it because you don’t think you can find another job? If you show intitiative and apply to jobs, you never know what the results may be until you take action. Or is it because you don’t have the skills or education for another job? Not all jobs require an education or skills. Some have on the job training. If you show interest and they think you will be an asset to their company, then you will get the skills and education needed for the job. Or you think quitting something is considered failing? Or do you have a fear of failure? Nobody is perfect. Anyone who says they are perfect are full of themselves and probably don’t have much friends because they get pretty annoying. We fail at things and we get back up and get better. For instance, if we fail a class, we retake the class again so we pass the class. Do you think there is nothing better out there for you? We live in a pretty big world. There are many opportunities out there. You just have to make the move and go hunt for the opportunities. Ask yourself how much you want it and do you see yourself being miserable until age 65 or older?

lazyQuitting is considered failing only if you plain old do nothing with your life, mooch off your parents or friends, don’t work when you physically are capable of working and collect welfare and cheat the system so you get welfare checks and food stamps. Quitters who failed are those who have no motivation to be better for themselves or their families.

Have you considered quitting something? Your job? Your relationships? Your education? Ask yourself, do you have something planned if you quit any of these or do you plan on being a bum? If you have a plan and that plan will lead to greater and better things, it is NOT considered failing. It is having the inner strength screaming at you to be brave and listen to what they are telling you.

Have you ever wanted to quit your job, but you didn’t because it would let that employer win? In reality, they don’t win. They lose and they lose BIG! If you are an asset to the company, it is a huge loss for the company. Nobody can replace you. You know what you are worth. If you are a hard worker and you do your job well, then you are NOT a quitter or a failure.

Who failed you is the company who didn’t treat or support you well. Well enough to want you to stay or resolve a lingering, ongoing problem. You have to do what is best for you. You have to do what you have to do to enjoy life, be happy for yourself and your family. I may have quit several jobs the last 2 years, but it is what was best for me. If someone is treating you badly or threatening to decrease your pay, do you have to take that? I won’t put up with that, just because they have a superior position over you. I have a plan and I will discuss it in a bit.

awake-at-nightIf someone talks down to you like you are nothing, will you allow it to continue to happen? What kind of person is your employer if they treat you like that? Do you see a future being an employee for them long term? How well do you sleep at night knowing you work for that kind of person? Probably not well.

When you are not at work, is your mind thinking about work? It’s all the abuse or stress still lingering/following you even when you are away from work. I couldn’t separate my life away from work a few years ago. It wasn’t like I didn’t try, but all the verbal abuse was ingrained in my head and I worried what will I get yelled at about next. It wasn’t a good feeling. Vacations were not enjoyable. Holidays were not enjoyable. Days off were not enjoyable. It probably aged me a bit too!

It wasn’t by no means because I was incompetent at my job. I am not being conceited, but I was the only competent person working there, which put a burden on me. I did lab work, front work and back work, while still giving all my attention to my patients.

My patients saw a high staff turnover and they asked if I was leaving too. I didn’t tell them my plans, but once I put my notice in, I did tell them I was quitting. I felt I was failing my patients because I built a relationship with them and I was going to miss them. I felt I was failing them, because nobody will give them the care that I gave them. Until this day, nobody has taken my spot at the job and that was 3 years since I quit.


I had to be selfish a little. They didn’t have to endure the environment everyday that I had to. If they were in my shoes, they probably wouldn’t think twice before quitting. I didn’t have a choice at the time, but I thought about quitting a million times. Because I lived in a state where the cost of living was ridiculously high, and I had large amounts of student loans to pay off, I had to suffer a little. Well, maybe a lot!


If you have a fear of failure, what is it that you are fearful about? It makes you feel bad? It decreases your self esteem? Failure isn’t an option in your book or while growing up? If something doesn’t work out, then we have to do something so it works. You want to be better for yourself, but if something is keeping you from being better, you are failing yourself if you do nothing. If you get over the fear, then you will accomplish a lot.

I always had the fear of failing my tests before I take a test. I don’t avoid the test because I am afraid to fail. I study hard, go in to take the test and when I am done, my fear goes away. Look at the present and the future. Don’t dwell on the past or it will eat you alive or keep you from being better than you think you can be. Go into your fear head first and you will realize there wasn’t anything to be fearful about.

What’s my point?

If you are thinking or wanting to quit, but you feel you will be a failure by quitting, don’t think that way. You have a lot of options. Sit down and brainstorm what jobs you could apply to or what options you have. Think of a plan of what you want to do and write down the steps you will take to get to where you want to be. Some plans require staying at a miserable job until you find something better. Do you want to learn how to build a business online? Read my review of Wealthy Affiliate. I built this blog you are reading at this second, through my Wealthy Affiliate training.

Here was my plan below:

I gave myself a year to complete this plan.plan

I hated working for an employer, because of so many reasons, which we won’t go into now.

My husband and I looked at what we could do so we wouldn’t have to work 6 days a week. We hated having state and federal taxes taken out of our paychecks and owing state and federal taxes every year. We looked into moving to a state where there wasn’t state taxes.

I got all my licensing for my job to work in that state.

Then, I applied to jobs online and got interviews scheduled. Since I was flying out of state, the job interviews accommodated me for a specific date.

I was able to get 6 interviews in one day scheduled. I went to all of the interviews and got a job offer from one of them.

I gave my notice when I got back and moved out of state a month later.

If you do NOTHING, NOTHING will happen.

accomplishmentMy plan was to get it done in a year and I competed the plan 5 months early.

Quitting is not failing. The proof is what I have just shown you with my example above. It is more of an accomplishment in my opinion.

Have you quit and felt like you failed at something? Please share below. I would love to hear about it.

Please leave any comments or questions below.




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  • Great article, Sofia! I’m sure a lot of people can relate to that. I have left a few bad situations. Now, I am doing similar to you – working a plan!!

    • Great. It is too bad some people just go in day in and day out and repeat the next day. Those are the people who are moody and miserable. I can admit I was one of those a few years ago until enough was enough. Plans are good. Keep it up. Thanks for your comment.

  • Alec Terry

    Really enjoying your posts.

    I think people confuse failure often times with making mistakes. I agree with your point of view and would like to add on to it. Quitting something you hate is not failing. Sticking out a less than ideal existence because you’re afraid of the unknown is the true failure.

    Keep it up! I have favorited your site because it has given me the extra motivation I need to continue on with online marketing.

    • Sofia

      Great. That is my intention. I want to help and inform people that quitting is not a scary thing. I had a coworker who put in ten years at a job and I wondered why the heck she stayed for so long. I am going to ask her if I can post what she sent me. Her words are so fresh and new because she just quit this past Thursday. Something that really relates to what I am writing about and what you just wrote. Thanks for your comment.

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