Putting Guards Up


When you have jerk bosses more than you have nice bosses, you get to a point where you put your guard up. I went to another temporary job this week. Luckily, the boss was NOT grumpy and mean like the last one that ruined my weekend.

When I walked into the office, the main boss greeted me. That is a plus. He introduced me to his staff, so that was nice. When comparing to the last office, this place passed with flying colors. Everyone seem to do their jobs efficiently. My schedule was pretty busy, but it was scheduled where I had enough time to do what I needed to do. I was shocked to have an assistant help me with stuff, because I usually do everything by myself. I will take the help if it makes my day run smoother. I made the effort to thank the assistant at the end of the day for her help.


I try to make it a point when people help me with things at work to thank them. I appreciate the help and I don’t stand on a pedestal like most bosses do. I have been a dental assistant, so I know that dental assistants can be unappreciated and treated like they are worthless. We are all human. If you appreciate people more, then they are more willing to help you out. I am no better than anyone else. Everyone should be treated equally the same.

The staff and the boss joked, laughed and smiled, so that was another plus that they actually liked working there. When everyone does their part in their jobs, that means the boss appreciates his staff and doesn’t treat them badly. It was my first time I had been in this office, so from an outsider, I was observing all the signs. Clearly, with working at different offices, I know what to watch out for now.


I liked not having to wait too long for an exam by the dentist. I ran on time, which calmed my OCD of having to be on time with my patients. They even had rules set in stone that when a patient is late, they reschedule them. That is good they follow their policies, because when offices allow patients to always be late and still see them, it basically allows them to keep being late. That isn’t fair to other patients who are on time to their appointments, but because the other person was late, you are going into their appointment time.

My first impression of the boss is that he was nice. He even paid me for the time I was scheduled to work even though I finished an hour and a half early. I don’t know many bosses that will do that. The boss tried to make personal conversation with me, but I just replied. My last couple bosses were nice initially and almost a year into working for him, I saw the jerk and bully in him. Do you understand why I am putting guards up now? For now, I will conclude the boss at this office was nice. Finally!

work-at-homeI do get discouraged when doing temporary jobs when I get a bad boss. Good thing is I am temporary, so it isn’t a permanent job. Even if it was a permanent job, we have the freedom to quit whenever we want to. If you want to quit your job, you want to make sure you have a plan or another job lined up. What is my plan? I have been working on two websites, so that I can eventually work at home full time. Read my review and video at Wealthy Affiliate to learn more.

Do you put guards up? Please share your experience, comments, or questions below.






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  • Leo Epsilon

    I know EXACTLY what you mean by jerk bosses! Have one now!
    Im glad you’re someone that appreciates others! We need more like you!
    I always have my guards up at my workplace, I’m uncomfortable and I absolutely want to try something new. Maybe I should work on websites just like you, any tips?

    • Sofia

      Hi Leo,

      How long have you worked at this current job? The longer you work at a place with a jerk boss, it puts a toll on you emotionally, mentally and physically. You can try out Wealthy Affiliate to learn how to work on websites. They show you how to get started and you can try it out for free and get two free websites. They also teach you how you can make income with a website. Read my review of Wealthy Affiliate to learn more. Hope that helps.

  • Kevin

    Hi Sofia
    I loved this article. I have had my fair share of jerk bosses to. I was a chef for 30 + years and did some temp work. I got treated pretty badly by most of them. So I totally get why you put your guard up. Sometimes is easier than getting disappointed yet again. But it is always nice when we get surprised by someone who is not a jerk. Good luck with your future bosses. Lets hope they are jerk free.

    • Sofia

      Hi Kevin,

      Thanks for your comment. I agree, it is a big surprise when we get someone who is not a jerk. At the same time, you still have your guards up. Why? Because people can be really deceiving during first impressions. I worked almost a year at one place before his jerkiness came out. Once I saw that, I was like “Oh no, not again.” I left at the end of the day. Another one, I worked a couple months. She was nice as she can be. She offered me a position but I had taken another position already. She agreed to let me work a couple days I wasn’t working, but the next day she had her minion call me to let me know she found a person who could work there long term. Only time can tell. I hope they are jerk free every time I temp. Got to stay positive.


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