Review of Aweber – My Honest Opinion


What is Aweber?

Aweber is a email marketing service provider that helps many people who are online business owners, bloggers, and entrepreneurs communicate with their target audience through email.

Name: Aweber

Price: 30 day Free Trial, then $19.00/month for up to 500 subscribers and unlimited emails

Price increases as # of subscribers increases.


Tom-KOwner: Tom Kulzer, CEO & Founder


Real Reviews Below:

Review 1

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Review 3

My Recommendation: yes

Overall Rating: 5/55-star-rating

 There’s always good and bad things about something.. Nothing is PERFECT


-Try before you decide to buy
-Helpful, easy to follow video tutorials
-Helpful support team and quick response
-Includes automated email campaigns and autoresponder
-Includes email templates so your emails are not plain looking
-Includes stock free image gallery
-Has many designs to select for your sign up form

-Automatically create emails from your newest blog posts
-Can send email newsletters
-Has a drag and drop editor feature to create newsletters
-Can integrate with other online tool to assist with building list
-Excellent deliverability
-Manages subscribers
-If you pay quarterly or annually, you can get a discounted rate
-Can check email marketing stats on mobile devices (Android and iOS devices)
-Can have one account for more than one website
-No limit on how many emails you can send out
-Has email marketing tracking



-Price per month increases when you have more than 500 subscribers
-Limited data importing capabilities
-Need to put credit card information before you can start free trial
-Will have to cancel trial before month up if you don’t want to continue using Aweber
-Not FREE forever

bloggerWho benefits from this product?

-Online business owners
-Anyone with a website
-Online entrepreneurs
-Anyone that needs to send a message out

What kind of work can you do with Aweber?

Affiliate marketing
-Email marketing

Training overview

Wherever step you are at, there is a step by step guide to help you get settled in. There are text and video instructions that are easy to follow.

Try AWeber free for 30 days! – AWeber Communications


1.You will go to “Menu” on the upper right of your screen.

2.Then, you will look for “Support” and under that you will click on “Contact us.”

3.Once you clicked on “Contact Us,” you will see a screen with FAQ, Free Live Webinars and Video tutorials.


When I contacted them by email and they responded to my question within a few hours. There is also a phone number and a place to click to text chat under “Contact Live Support.” While I was writing this page, I decided to use the “Text Chat” feature and I got an answer in ONE minute! That is truly the fastest question I ever got answered online.


Final Opinion

Before I tried Aweber, I tried a free autoresponder from Listwire. They were not helpful and I had to do my own research in order to learn how to do things. They did not have any video tutorials available and their website was not organized well. I did not like that program, so I considered Aweber, because I heard good things through many people.

I thought about going with MailChimp, but I had tried that before and I didn’t find the support I needed and it was confusing to me to get things set up. When I look for products, my main criteria is how well is the support. I read that MailChimp is free for up to 2000 subscribers, but when something is free, there is something lacking.

I didn’t want to waste my time again on something free that would give me a headache later on. So, I made my decision based on how well customer support was. Aweber has been voted best in customer service, so I can be confident I chose the best product. I agree based on my personal experience that they have the best customer service.


Personally, I try to give my patient’s in real life the best customer service I can possibly give them. So, normally I would want that for myself as well. That is why I chose this product as another tool for my online business. I have been contemplating a while of which email marketing provider I wanted to choose and this is the one I chose to use. I think I made a pretty good decision.

Are you ready to start building your email list? Did you know when you have repeat visitors to your website, it can increase your google ranking? Increase google ranking means more audience will see your page. More page visits can equal more sales for you!


Do you have a website? If you don’t, you can build one for free in under 30 seconds. Don’t know anything about building websites? That is okay. When you build your free website, you can sign up as a starter member for FREE at Wealthy Affiliate and they will guide you on how to set up your website and how to place content in your website for FREE. I am not kidding. I did it myself.


Although I only used Aweber for a short time, I don’t feel overwhelmed using this product. This product is worth the price, but it would be better if it was FREE. We can’t always get what we want, but I have learned you get what you pay for. If you want something great, then you will have to pay something. If you don’t want to pay for anything, then you will have to deal with the many glitches that come with not paying for something. I don’t have time for the glitches and headaches, so I will just pay it to avoid those problems.


three-giftsIf you sign up at Aweber for the free trial, I will personally give you THREE free gifts that can help you with your email marketing. Once you sign up, email me @ to let me know that you did that. Then, I will check my Aweber page that you have signed up and then I will email you the Three FREE gifts as promised.


Have you used Aweber or considering a email marketing service provider? Please share your experience, comments or questions below.






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No Perverts For Me



So I recently applied to a job posting. Have you ever applied, but the job doesn’t list the name of the company? Well, this was one of them. I didn’t get the name of the company until they called with some questions. My mind immediately screamed, “No perverts for me!”

This company I applied to, I had worked there as a temporary assignment. Even if I got hired there, I would be breaking the contract with the temporary agency I work for. However, I’m not worried about that at all. When they called and stated which company they were with, I immediately deleted the voicemail message.

I never wanted to work for that office again. I was supposed to work one more assignment with them, but I just had to get out of it. When I worked there for a temporary assignment, I got the feeling that the employer was a pervert.

Okay, to all the females. I know you know what I am talking about. When the guy should be looking at your face and not somewhere else. To top it off, he was obvious about it and I felt so uncomfortable. I am so glad that I worked at a lot of different companies as a temporary, so that I know how the employer is.

scrubI was wearing the normal uniform scrubs most dental professionals wear. It was not tight (the fit of my scrubs is like the image to the right). I usually wear my scrubs loose, so it was pretty disgusting when he just stared more than a second and I saw him looking, too. I didn’t act inappropriately or gestured in any way that I was a bit interested in him. I actually didn’t make any conversation with him unless it was patient related.

The worse thing would be accepting a job and come to find out your employer is a pervert or sexual harasses you later on. Sometimes, people need the job so they have to tough it out until they find another job.

I have never known myself to be picky when it comes to a job, but I know what I really want and don’t want. In the past, I would be happy when I got hired for a job, but come to find out later the working conditions weren’t great.

The job I applied to left me another voice mail today, but I deleted it again. Although the hours are great and it is close to home, I find it really important to have a comfortable working condition. This situation brings up the issue that I had when I was a teenager and it wasn’t a pleasant one.

There was an assistant manager who was an adult. There were many teenage girls working at this pizza place. I was one of the teenage girls. Being teenage girls, we didn’t know how to handle someone sexually harassing us and touching us inappropriately.

I’m the kind of person, if I don’t like you, I stay away from you. I learned how to defend myself and since none of the girls were doing anything about it, I told the manager about it. Once I did, the girls had the courage to tell their side.

showerSoon after, he was fired. He never suspected it was me who told on him, but I am glad I told the manager before anything serious happened. I remember taking hot, scolding showers because it was so disgusting. He was a 40 year old man feeling up on 16 year old girls.

What he did was wrong and he knew it. He tried to come back later to get his employee file. Why? So that when people call for reference, they won’t know about what he did. His file never got in his hands.

We learn from experience. When that employer looked at me inappropriately, that was it. I won’t let it happen again. Granite I had to lie and say an emergency came up, but at least I got out of working for him again.

I guess not calling them back about the job doesn’t make me reliable, but I have my reasons. I don’t want to lie and I want to stay professional. I just wonder why he is looking for another employee? Maybe it’s the reason why I will never go back there again. We will never know and I don’t care. My mind and heart is set and there will be no perverts for me.

Have you had an experience with a pervert? Please share your experience, comments or questions below.






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What to do after approved by

Congratulations on getting approved on Media.Net. What next? You should have received an email with your login information so that you can sign into Media.Net to get started with creating an ad to place in your website. It should look something like this below.


1.Once you log in, you can create an ad by clicking on the icon “Ad unit.”


2. Once you click on “Ad unit,” you should be redirected to this page below.


3. You will then click on “+Create Ad Unit,” which will redirect you to this page below.


You can test out which sizes work best for you. The ones I personally use are 728X90 and 336X280. When you scroll down this page, you will be able to customize how your ad will look . You can preview to see what the final ad will look like and then click “Save and Get Code.”


4. This screen should appear once you click on “Save and Get Code.” You will then copy this code and then go into your website.


5. Once you are in your website, you will select “Text” instead of visual to paste your ad code in your webpage.


6. When you preview your webpage, you should be able to see your ad placed in the location you placed the code.


I hope you found this helpful. Read my post on if you haven’t already. Please leave me any questions or comments you may have.






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Learning From An Interview

interviewI was considering adding another work day to my work week last week, so I applied for a job. I learned during the interview that my heart wasn’t into it. The interview took all of 5 minutes. The questions they asked me were really stupid questions that they could have asked me over the phone. That would have saved me gas and my time driving over there on my day off.

Honestly, I think interviews are stupid in my field. Anyone can say the right stuff, but what really matters is what they can actually do while working. After I left the interview, I wasn’t sad or anything. I had many job offers that I turned down for certain reasons.

hostile-employerI have learned from the past even if I got hired for a job, I would request to work a day to get a feel of the working environment. If someone hires you right after an interview, be wary. Maybe you are the best candidate for the job, but if you accept the job and then start working and realize the work environment is horrible. Then, you are in a predicament.

In the past, I would be sad I didn’t get the job, but I just went on with my day like a regular day off and did what I wanted to do without a  worry in my mind. I think my heart is focused on another job opportunity that I see myself doing full time sooner than later.

This job opportunity involves working online and building a business where I can work anytime and anywhere I want. I can’t completely focus on this job opportunity, because it isn’t earning a full time income for me yet. So, I still have to physically go to a job. When I reflected why I even decided to add another day, I asked myself, “what was I thinking?”

If I added another day, that would be less time I can work on building my business online. I know building a business takes time, but if I can work on it more then maybe that will shorten the time I will have to work physically at a job.
I have always been very independent from when I was young. Maybe that is why I rather work by myself. It definitely avoids having to work with people you rather not work with or have unnecessary drama. From when I was young, I learned how to read people from a distance. I stayed away from people that I rather not be associated with.

work-at-homeI already know where I want to retire, but to make that happen, I want to have a full time income working from home way before then. I know that when one works from home, the downfall is you are never really off the clock. I think that’s the only negative about it, but all the other positive reasons overrules that one thing.

I think if we make a schedule for ourselves and follow it, then one can get off the clock. Unless you are a workaholic, then keep on working. I have been working for a long time and I believe there should be a balance between work and life. I think working too much and not having a life is not truly living. I personally believe it affects the mood and health of people. I see it all the time.

The lesson I learned here is don’t go on anymore interviews. I finally opened my eyes and realized it’s a waste of my time and my heart isn’t truly into it, so work on what your heart is into until your heart’s content. Even though my heart isn’t into it, I always continue to give patients the best care I can. I still do my job the best that I can do, because I didn’t go to college just to throw it all away. I have wanted to be my profession for a while, so I better appreciate that I have accomplished my career goal.

retirementAs we get older, we think about the future. We have to plan for things we don’t really want to plan for, like retirement. Who wants to get older?  I know I wish I could stay a certain age forever. I know that’s impossible. We have to face reality.

Before I was an adult, I wished the time would pass by faster. Boy, it isn’t as glamorous as I expected. If I could turn back time, I think I would enjoy the simple things of a child growing up instead of trying to grow up too fast. A little too late. We learn from experience.

I find it strange that my mind and heart don’t communicate well with each other. One thinks about one thing and the other thinks about something else. If they both agreed on one thing, it would make life a little less complicated. The lesson learned from this interview is to listen to your mind and your heart.

What have you learned during an interview? Life is a learning experience. We grow when we are willing to learn. Please share your experience, questions or comments below.






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An Alternative to Google Adsense –

Around the time I applied for Google Adsense, I applied for as well. I wanted to see if it was difficult to get approved. In four days, I was approved by 

What is is a Yahoo Bing contextual (relevant) ad network that gives you access to keyword-targeted advertisers and you place ads into your website.

audienceCan you earn an income with

Initially, it won’t be much but as you continue using, improving and building more content and audience, it will increase.

How much can you earn with

It depends on how much work you put into it, where and what size your ads  are placed, how much audience visits your website and how much advertisers are paying, which varies. There’s a way to keep track of how each ad size is performing and you can edit as needed.

Real testimonials

Review 1

Review 2

How is the earnings calculated?

I am not sure, but I know it is high paying, so you can possibly generate more earnings.

freeDo you have to pay for Media.Net?

No, it’s free

Is there requirements you must meet to be approved by

You must have a good amount of content that is updated regularly

In order to have content, you must have a website

website-visitorsMajority of traffic must be from US/UK/Canada

Content must be primarily in English

Have a measurable amount of visitors already using the website

Your website does not contain too much advertising

Follow prohibited publishing content

Here is a link to the program guidelines

Final thoughts

So I have had Google Adsense and for about a month now. When I compare what I have earned, outcompetes Google Adsense by X6.

In my opinion, I think is more organized because they have an algorithm where they scan individual pages and place relevant ads in the page. Google Adsense does not do that.

The revenue displayed on the dashboard is less confusing compared to Google Adsense. There is 4 areas: Year to date, Last month, This month and Last processed day. I think that is pretty simple to comprehend, which is great.

Under “Reports,” you can see how many impressions, RPM and estimated revenue received each day, which shows you in detail of the amounts you have earned. Also, you can select more detailed revenue by selecting, “Entire Account”, “By Sites,” or “By Ad Units.”


I have read that ads with image and texts does better, but in my personal experience with this month, that doesn’t seem to be the case. It looks like ads with relevant text is better. However, I am working on getting ads that display image and text on, so I will update you and let you know what the results are.

If you got denied for Google Adsense, could be an alternative for you. I didn’t have to apply twice like I did for Google Adsense. After a few months of adding more content to my website, I re-applied and Google Adsense approved my application.

When you get approved, you get an email by that contains you Log in username and password. You get a second email  welcoming you to and an actual person you can contact if you need help with anything. There is an email and a phone number. I think that is pretty cool, because in order to succeed in a business, we need a little help sometimes.


I saw the welcome email, but didn’t read the whole thing. I just read it a month later and what I had a question on would have been answered. Oops, my bad. Anyway, lesson learned. Read the whole email next time, so you don’t miss anything important.

Do you have a website? If not, you can build one now for free in under 30 seconds! Not only that, you can learn how to customize and place relevant content and build the foundation in your own website for free at Wealthy Affiliate.

Do you use How do you like it? Please share your experience, questions or comments below.






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