Review of Work at Home Institute – My Honest Opinion



What is it?

A work at home company gives you information on how to earn an income working from home


Work At Home Institute

Price: $97.00 lifetime membership

Owner: Bobbie Robinson


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My Recommendation:no

Overall Rating: 0/5


There’s always good and bad things about something.. Nothing is PERFECT


You can make money at home online TODAY


  • Not as easy to earn an income at home like they advertise
  • Phone number is not the number to Work at home Institute
  • Have many websites with different web addresses, but the same information
  • Once you pay, it is a lifetime membership but on their website, it states 6 months unlimited access (look at image on above)


Who benefits from this product?

No prior experience or education needed and in order to qualify, one needs an internet connection

What kind of work can I do?

Post links for companies by affiliate marketing

Training overview

Receive videos on how to do affiliate marketing


  • Call phone number during operating hours 8am-8pm CST Monday to Friday
  • Answer emails 7 days/week
  • There is a address to receive mail

Final Opinion

Their video sounds too good to be true, but since I have joined Wealthy Affiliate, I have learned a lot to know what is a scam or not. Read the Real Reviews at the top of this page before you get scammed. The reality is there is no such thing as easy when making money. It takes hard work, time and motivation.

I put in a random zip code and this site indicated there are 3 positions left in my city. Isn’t that suspicious? They want to reel you in, but don’t get caught. They have different sites with the same content but a different website promoting the dishonest program.


I hope this review helps people make a wise decision to SAVE their MONEY….

Have you used this program? Please leave any comment or question below.



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Review of Think InfoTech – My Honest Opinion


think-infotechWhat is it?

A company running a online or offline home based job who GIVES jobs to people wanting to earn an income by having people send SMS (short message service such as text messaging, etc) to phone numbers provided by the company

Name: Think InfoTech


$1200 for registration fees, agreement charge, income service tax, application & processing fees, fee valid for one year

facebook-foundedOwner: Nowhere to be found, except company was founded July 15, 2012 according to Facebook


Real reviews below:

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My Recommendation:


Overall rating: 0/5


There’s always good and bad things about something.. Nothing is PERFECT



  • Can earn an income of $9000-$18000 a month depending on the amount of work given to you
  • On their Facebook page, it indicates there is 100% guarantee of payment


  • Need to pay $1200.00 to start the job
  • What you earn will be transferred to your bank account or issued by a check
  • Doesn’t explain what type of information you are sending in the SMS
  • Pay another $1200 after a year is over

Who benefits from this product?

People who are the ages 18-50 years who have basic internet browsing knowledge

smsWhat kind of work can I do?

Sending short message service to phone numbers the company has provided you with

Training overview

Step by step instructions provided after fee is paid, but listed on the website:

  1. Open draft box and edit message in mobile phone given by them
  2. Enter mobile number (Mobile # list given by them)
  3. Send/forward the SMS (SMS detail given by them)
  4. # of SMS sent multiply by 3 is the amount you earned credited instantly in your thinkinfotech account

CD’s/video training available after fee is paid


  • You can call a phone number during their office hours
  • There are two emails you can reach them
  • There is an address for the registration office

Final Opinion

My gut is screaming, “SCAM, SCAM, SCAM!”

In my honest opinion, when people are looking to earn an income, they are not looking to spend money. $1200.00 is a little steep. This company seems like its another reproduction from another scam. There are a lot of reviews out there with similar names of this company with the same type of process. Read reviews at the top.







If the company was founded in 2012, where are the REVIEWS?

This ad gave me another website to go see a demonstration of what kind of work is involved and it had nothing to do with the SMS job description. Read how to avoid scams online to learn more about scams.

Frustrating, isn’t it?

I know I was until I finally found Wealthy Affiliate, which cost $0 for me to check out if I like what they have to offer as long as I want.

Have you had any experience with this company? Feel free to leave any comments or questions below.



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Review of Wealthy Affiliate – My Honest Opinion

What is it?

Wealthy Affiliate is an online university, which helps anyone who wants to learn and build an online business. You learn at your own pace. It’s a active online community of people learning and building their own business while earning an income at different rates.


Wealthy Affiliate 


Starter is $0 and NO credit card information required!

Premium is $49/month


Kyle and Carson


Real Reviews below:

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Review 3

My Recommendation: yes

Overall Rating: 5/55-star-rating

 There’s always good and bad things about something.. Nothing is PERFECT


  • You get more information than what you would pay for somewhere else
  • Get to try it out FREE as long as you want as a STARTER member
  • Variety of teaching styles available in video, question & answers, tutorial, classroom format
  • MANY helpful members in the community to reach out to from beginners to entrepreneurs
  • 12 Interactive Classrooms
  • 2 Free Websites through domain with many themes/backgrounds to choose from as a Starter member (A lot more as a Premium Member)


  • Secure and fast hosting (As a Premium Member)
  • You get help from the actual cofounders and community in the active  discussions (Seven days for Starter Member, Unlimited for Premium Member)
  • Build a website in 30 seconds (Yes! Really!)
  • You can work from home on your computer or you can work from mobile devices, such as cell phones and tablets as long as there is a internet connection
  • You can transfer an existing website into Wealthy Affiliate platform 
  • Keyword research tool to improve your SEO


  • There is a charge of $49.00/month if you want to become a PREMIUM member and get more added benefits
  • There is a lot of writing in the beginning, so if you don’t like writing then Wealthy Affiliate may not be for you
  • The information can be overwhelming, but pace yourself and don’t try to cram everything at once
  • Initially, to own your business requires a lot of hard work and time, but it pays off at the end
  • You get a taste of what Premium member has for a short time when you sign up as a Starter Member
  • There is a fee to transfer an existing website into Wealthy Affiliate
  • If you want your own domain and not the domain, there is a yearly fee of less than $20.00 for WordPress to maintain, update, and take care of the technical stuff for your website

domain price

What other program will let you see what they have to offer at no charge or a credit card number?

Watch a video to get a sneak peak into Wealthy Affiliate.

WHO benefits from this product?

YOU, from beginner to intermediate to advanced. As long as you can follow directions through video tutorials, text tutorials and webinars, be patient and put in the work, you can benefit from it.

What kind of work can I do at Wealthy Affiliate?




You are going to choose something you are passionate about and create your business online. This is called a niche which will be your target audience you will focus on when you build your website. Once you build your website, there will be MANY ways you can earn an income from your website. Read ways on how to make money online works to learn more.




Wealthy Affiliate will guide you on how to attract visitors and earning an income. They even support you after you have successfully formed your business with updated new training and information.




If you don’t have or can’t come up with a passion or niche, Wealthy Affiliate has a affiliate boot camp course to help you build a business. They will train you on how to earn income by promoting Wealthy Affiliate. Read my post on how to become an affiliate member for Wealthy Affiliate.

Training Overview24/7

  • Classrooms on specific subjects you want to learn about
  • Live weekly training classes
  • Video and tutorial training
  • Q &A, Active discussions 24/7
  • Unlimited Cloud Hosting (Premium members)
  • Keyword and Competition Tool Search
  • Access to more themes/backgrounds for website (Premium)
  • Easy website builder


  • Live interactive, discussions and chat all day and night
  • Live Q&A periods
  • Private message to cofounder (Kyle and Carson) as a Premium Member
  • Private access to community experts as a Premium Member

Final Opinion

In my honest opinion, this is the only online program I have found with the abundance of tools to help support and guide me on my new journey to a career change. I have always quit in other programs because I didn’t get the support and guidance I needed. I highly recommend this program.

 How will I know if I am doing something wrong or right without the interaction with the community??

There is a very active, supportive and motivating community of people in this program who are more than willing to help you if you need help. You just have to be dedicated, motivated, patient and willing to do the work. I am further along in this program than any other program I have been in online. Read the real reviews at the top of the page to see what people are talking about. For the price you pay, you are getting more than what you normally would pay.




I know my rating is a little one sided, but when it comes to evaluating certain things like products or places, I evaluate as honest as possible.

Are YOU ready to JOIN? I want to HELP YOU!

Sign up here at NO CHARGE.

bonusIf you join and set up an account as a Starter Member, I have a SPECIAL OFFER for you. Details explained when you join.

I want to mention again there is no charge to join. It is a great deal to try out without digging into your wallet. Wealthy Affiliate has helped me a lot and I want to do the same for you. When you join, I will contact you within the hour to welcome you for making a great step in a new journey.

When I contact you, the details of how to get your special offers, information on what Wealthy Affiliate offers and how you can get help from me will be included.



Have you ever regretted something you should have done, but didn’t?

Makes you wonder if you missed out on a great opportunity, right?

Don’t make the same mistake again..

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