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The word negative thoughts defines as thinking bad, not hopeful, not optimistic, a “downer”, not being positive, and much more. There are already too many negative things in the world. Your thoughts should not add onto it.

move-outGrowing up, I was always put down by so called loved ones, criticized, and talked down to. Nothing I ever did was noticed. The day I woke up was when I packed up my stuff in the spur of the moment and moved out of that kind of negative environment.

I had a new perspective of the world when I moved out. I learned that being around negative people with negative thoughts will not get me anywhere. Why would I want to be around them? It would be like me going right back to my past. No thank you!

Success comes to you when you stay positive. Staying positive and knowing you can get through obstacles will get you pretty far. Being negative is not only tiring, but leads you to being unmotivated and fail. In my experience, people don’t want to be around negative people.

miserableI get irritated when people say they can’t find a job without a degree. It is not that they can’t. It is because they don’t want to do the work to find a job. Their negative attitude set their minds to stay where they are at and continue to be miserable. I know if I stayed at my past miserable job, I probably would have become that type of person.

I had the most negative employer I have ever met in my whole life. She mentally, emotionally and verbally drained me of my spirit. Her negativity had rubbed off on me. I got my degree to have a better life, but I realized working for her was not worth it. I got to the point where I realized to keep my sanity, I needed to quit. I didn’t want to be a negative person like her because everybody who stayed working for her had ended up being exactly like her: negative.

When you work in a negative environment, it puts a lot of stress on you. Chronic (long-term) stress leads to an accumulation of inflammation. This inflammation gets out of control, which can lead to diseases.

positive-resultsIt has been thought that positive thinking people have a healthier lifestyle, by eating a healthy diet, being physically active and not participating in bad habits, such as smoking and drinking alcohol. I believe this is true, because when you take care of your body, you feel better. When you have positive thoughts, you feel better overall.

I am in my journey of changing careers to working on my online business. Sometimes, I get a little inpatient as to wonder when I will be able to change to my new career full time. I just think back of how I got through changing careers in the past and remind myself it takes time.

With hard work and dedication, I can reach my goal. The day I can see the light at the end of the tunnel will be the greatest day of my life. Until then, I am going to stay motivated, stay positive and avoid any negativity in my life. If you would like to learn about what I am doing, read my review of Wealthy Affiliate.

positive-peopleI know that we have good and bad days, but if we can stay positive, it makes life a little bit better than being negative. Do you surround yourself with positive or negative people? Please share your experience, comments or questions below.






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  • Lu Hall

    Hi Sofia,
    Love your post. Life is definitely too short to spry with negative people. I also find that the endless stream of bad ‘news’ can really weigh heavily on me. I try to limit my exposure to news and especially to the endless editorials on horrendous world happenings. I’ve also created a Facebook page dedicated to expressing gratitude, appreciation, and positive thoughts. I cant link to it in the comments, but it is called “What is Gratitude”. I hope you will check it out and share your positivity here.
    Keep up the great work and stay positive!

    • Sofia

      Hi Lu,

      Thanks for commenting. I am not a big news follower. I have my reasons. My husband was in the military during the time when Iraq had all those bombings in 2003. He was deployed over there for 10 months. I was so worried because every day somebody would be dead from a bombing and he was right near where it was happening.

      Since then, when he came back alive and safe, I never wanted to watch the news again. All I needed was here at home with me. It is a little selfish, but why stress over stuff that we cannot control, right? I did check out your facebook. How do you friend request or can you friend request?


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