Never Settle For Less Than You Deserve


Have you ever settled on something or someone because you didn’t think you could do any better? You can do better and you are worth more than you think. You should never settle for less than you deserve.

When I graduated from college, I settled for whatever job I could get. I knew I could get a job, but because of the competitive job market, jobs were scarce with an abundance of people searching for the same type of job. However, I did what I could to stand out.

worthI beat the competition by doing something the normal applicants wouldn’t normally do. Just because there was high amounts of applicants, employees had the nerve to decrease the pay rate to see how low they can go and how desperate people were for a job. I knew what I was worth in my career and I wasn’t going to settle for less than I deserve.

I was at a job that took advantage of what I was worth. I didn’t get a raise until I gave my two weeks notice. Even the raise she offered me was a slap in the face. She offered me $20.00 more a day (first raise in the 2.5yrs I worked there), but instead of working 40 hours a week, I would be working 32 hours a week. That wasn’t a raise. It was more of a paycut. Hey stupid lady! Do you know who you are talking to? You’re talking to someone who is much better in math and numbers than you will ever be.

rejectShe took advantage of me by having me work through lunch most days, and work late just because I got paid per 8 hour day and nothing extra. In reality, I was working 50 hours a week. I did so much for her and went above and beyond my job duties, but she didn’t appreciate my efforts, so I rejected her stupid pay raise offer and left professionally.

I had accepted another job and 7 months into it, they threatened to change my pay rate to per patient, which I definitely would be losing financially. I did my job well, but because there wasn’t any teamwork, they tried to point fingers at me. I didn’t have a back up plan, but I wasn’t going to stay somewhere because it’s a job. If I stayed, that would mean I settled for less. Soon after I quit, they had decrease the pay rate for everyone in my job title.

Employers are still offering applicants a pay rate less than they are actually worth. If they want good employees, they need to pay them well. If not, they aren’t going to have much motivation to work hard for them and do the minimal of work possible. Don’t take advantage of people, because the same can be done back to you.

timeIf an employer knows how much you are worth, they wont try to rip you off. If they ask you what you are asking for in terms of pay rate, tell them confidently how much you want. If they agree to it, that could be a good or bad sign. Only time can tell.

If there is a high staff turnover, BEWARE! When there is a high staff turnover, it indicates a bad work environment and any amount of money they agreed to pay you is because they can’t find anyone that will stay there. The job I left after 7 months is still looking for people to work there. There is job ads up every week. That says a lot! Keep your guard up and observe your working environment if they paid you what you ask for.

Never settle at a job because you think that is the best you can do. There are so many jobs out there that you just have to make an effort and search for it. If you are not happy at your job, why waste half your life each day going in and out of work?

happyThis puts a toll on your health and you deserve to be happy. Reflect on what job you would like to do and work for what you want to do. Don’t settle because it is comfortable or you don’t think you can do anything else. I am not settling for less. I want to be better. I want to be my own boss and work from home full time in the near future. Do you have an interest in doing that, also? Read my review of Wealthy Affiliate to learn more.

Have you settled for less than you deserve? Please share your experience, comments or questions below.






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  • Jagi

    Wow! Your work experience doesn’t sound like a really good place to be. Glad you got out of it, most people burn out before they leave.

    This in turn burns them out from reentering the working world again.

    So I’m curious, what did you do different to start with the income coming in?

    Thanks for the great article.

    • Sofia


      Thanks for the comment. Are you talking about income from working at home or actual physical work? I am still at the beginning stages of building my websites, content, but for now I am doing affiliate marketing at different places. Working on a couple other things, but it takes time to see results.


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