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The question you may be asking yourself right now is, “What do I need to start a business online?” Well, you need some necessities before you can hop to it. You can have all the ideas in your memory or on paper, but without these supplies, nobody will be able to read about your ideas. The first three things and the last thing is a must. But if you are going to start a business online, you don’t want to jeopardize your health before your business is up and running successfully.

You will need:

1. Internet connectioninternet connection

You will need a internet connection to get you business going online. That is how you will get to post your business and content and send that information to the search engines. I prefer Wi-Fi which is a wireless connection. That way, your PC or laptop doesn’t need to be connected to a wire. You are paying for it, so you can choose whatever you want. I use Suddenlink and this is how I was able to publish my content so the search engines was able to index me on the internet.

Here are some examples of internet providers:

ATT, Comcast, Consolidated, Suddenlink

2. Laptop, Tablet or PC

You need this to write your content and do your research so you can publish and send your information by using the internet to expose your business to the world. I don’t have a laptop  or tablet right now, so I am working on a PC. As you know, a PC is not as mobile as a laptop or tablet. If you want to be productive and work anywhere you want, then a laptop or tablet would be best for you. If you don’t mind working in one location with a PC, then a PC would be best. My mind is thinking about building my business all day long, so I will need to get a tablet or laptop soon. I am using a Dell to write my content so I can publish my page and send it to the search engines through my internet connection. The Dell PC I am using is discontinued by the manufacturer, so I chose two that are pretty similar to what I have now.

Here are some brands of laptops, tablets or PC:

Sony, Toshiba, Dell, Asus, HP

3. Desk

You need this to place your laptop, tablet or PC on and you are more productive when you are writing or typing on a desk. If you sit on a couch or bed to do work, you tend to get tired, take a nap or get side tracked. I use a standing desk because when I sit, my posture gets real bad and my neck, back and shoulders hurt by the time I get up from sitting. Standing prevents you from slouching, which helps your body from slowing down. This means you can be more productive. Read my review on standing desks. I am using the Standing Desk to type my page, which definitely helps with my slouching posture and help drastically minimize my back, neck and shoulder pain from slouching before.

Here are some brands of standing desks:

Veridesk, Standing desk

4. Mat

If you get a standing desk, an antifatigue mat is recommended. It provides your leg, feet and back the support it needs for standing long periods of time. Read my review on antifatigue mats. I am using the SkyMat, which gives me even support for my feet, relieves pressure on my feet, legs and back from standing too long.

Here are some brands of antifatigue mats:

New life, SkyMat

5. Chair

I don’t recommend a chair because there are health risks in sitting too much. Read my post on Sitting CAN KILL YOU. Starting an online business will take time and if you have a chair, you will tend to sit a lot of the time. Avoid it at all cost if able to. I purposely did not place a chair in my office, because I know myself. If I see a chair, I will sit in it. If I don’t have a chair, then I will stand. If you must sit, then get a ergonomic chair but don’t get a cheap one, because you will be doing yourself more harm than good.

6. A no cost to low cost program to give you training, active support and free websites

When we want to start a business online, we need a few necessities before we can begin. We need a website. With a website, that is how you will get people to come to your business location online. We need training and active support. With training and active support, you will be guided every step of the way on how to put content into your website.

So, where can you get this training? At Wealthy Affiliate. Read my review of Wealthy Affiliate to learn more.

You can join as a free (Starter) member to see if you like what they offer. If you like it, then you get your first month as a upgraded Premium Member for $19 and then the following months at $47. But to start, no credit card is required.

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  • Alec Terry

    amazing article to how simple it really is to start making a living online.

    Thats also a really good point about the standing desk. I fully plan on getting one of those for myself once I can save a little money to do so. Since I started here at WA a month ago I have definitely felt how sitting for long periods of time can make me tired.

    Question: I am a tall guy, 6’4”. Are there any brands of standing desks suitable for a person of my height?

    • Sofia

      Thanks for your comment. The stand up desk is great. One that I am using now. There is one that cranks up to 60″. You only need the desk to go up to where your elbows and forearms are bent at 90 degrees and are parallel to the floor. That is a good posture ergonomically.

  • Good advice on some basics needed to start an online business. I guess also, you could go to a coffee shop (or someplace similar) and connect to their Wi-Fi. I have seen people do that, if a person didn’t have one at home. Or a library might be another idea. Thanks for sharing!

    • Those are good ideas, especially with a laptop or tablet. If you can work with distractions, that’s great. For me, I need place with peace and quiet, except for my calming music on Pandora. Thanks for your comment.

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