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There are many people who don’t have a good oral hygiene routine. They may brush only once a day ,when it should be at least twice a day. They may floss only when they get food stuck in their teeth or never. My job is to motivate, educate and repeat myself to help people have good oral health. I see the consequences of people losing their teeth and it is a big deal.

not-listeningI had a patient last week that I had seen 6 months ago. He had some bad habits, but when I saw him he had quit one of his bad habits. I know I stressed the importance of flossing last time to him several times. While I was cleaning his teeth, I could tell what I had recommended went in one ear and out the other.

What do I do? I repeat myself and stress the importance of flossing daily, again. I recommended some extra techniques, because not everyone has the same oral hygiene regimen. Some people take medications that can decrease their saliva in their mouth and over time can lead to more hard build up (calculus) than normal and cavities. Some people brush too hard currently or in the past that caused their gums to recede and as a result, their root on their teeth is exposed.

The root of a tooth is not as strong as the crown portion of the tooth. It doesn’t have the enamel layer that surrounds the tooth. The gum tissue is what covers the root, but if the gum is not there from certain factors, it is more likely to get cavities there.

toothSo this patient had to come back for a filling due to a cavity on the root of his tooth. When he came in, it was like he finally made a big change. He told me,”I am doing everything you told me, from brushing 2xday, flossing 1xday, brushing gently along the gumline and using a mouth rinse.” It meant a lot to me that I finally got through to him. I have a few people who I see regularly that just don’t make an effort with their homecare and they are physically capable of doing it. I feel like I made a difference when I get through to people even though I have to repeat myself A LOT to motivate them. It is a GREAT feeling.

Why do I care so much? Before I became a dental hygienist, NOBODY showed or told me the proper way of brushing or flossing. I made it a point to always teach people and inform them, because that is what I would have wanted when I had my teeth cleanings prior to my job now.

I want to inform people that if you can take care of your teeth and do what you are supposed to do, you can keep your teeth healthy and cavity free. I have heard people say that “Our family has bad teeth.” Sometimes it might be true, but I have physically seen people who have healthy teeth even though both parents say they have “bad teeth.” One person that contradicted their parents with bad teeth is my husband. Both of his parents have dentures or missing teeth by the time they were his age, but he has all of his teeth.

moneyEveryone works hard for their money and I don’t want them to spend their hard earned money on dental treatment when they don’t have to. Another reason why I work so hard to motivate them by repeating myself on having good oral home care, so they can prevent that from happening. I want to help people save their hard earned money to spend on more fun things. Some people might be opposed to that, but I don’t care.

Most of my patient’s get it. Some of them need extra help, but that is ok. I would rather see them more often than not at all. When people don’t go to the dentist for MANY years, most times they will need thousands of dollars worth of treatment. Some may be lucky and don’t need treatment at all, but not always.

I thought this was a good post to write about because I am currently working on a plan on changing my career to working full time at home. I know this process takes time, but I have to motivate myself to repeating my daily tasks in order to achieve my goal. Nothing will happen if I don’t motivate myself and do the tasks I need to do. It is up to me. If you would like to learn more, read my review and watch my video at Wealthy Affiliate.

Have you repeated yourself to motivate people or yourself? Please share your experience, comments or questions below.






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  • Jennifer

    I am so guilty of improper dental hygiene. I tend to brush, floss, rinse my mouth way less than what I should. I didn’t realize how much was connected with it. I always associated my mouth with physical appeal, not really health. I feel sheepish now. I now some damage is irreparable, but is there anyway to attempt to prevent further damage and tooth loss? And is it true that a high caffeine intake can ruin teeth as well?

    • Sofia

      Hi Jennifer,

      Do you mean enamel loss? If you implement a fluoride alcohol free mouth rinse, it can help keep things the way it is. Or you can look up MI Paste. I have seen a start of cavities reverse itself to healthy tooth structure if used consistently. Only if it’s he beginning process. if it’s a large cavity then you will need to see the dentist to get it fixed before it needs more than a filling.High caffeine does ruin the teeth. Did you notice when you drink caffeine, your mouth is drier than normal? When your mouth is dry, it is acidic. Acid causes your teeth to be softened and that is where you will lose more enamel. To keep from losing your teeth, you need to floss at least once a day, brush twice a day, use a fluoride alcohol free rinse 1-2 times a day, get your teeth cleaned by a professional at least every six months, and stop any bad habits such as high carbohydrate, high sugar diet, smoking, drinking excess alcohol. I hope that helps.



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