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You can read the minds of your target audience by utilizing a keyword research tool. Stop wasting time guessing what your target audience is searching for.

What is long tail keywords?

Long tail keywords are 4 or more specific words on what you are promoting or blogging to sell. These specific words are what your target audience is searching for, which is more likely to convert to a sale compared to searching one specific word. Keyword research tool is an online tool. For every input of words related to what a writer is writing about, a list of related words/ideas are generated.

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What are the Benefits of long tail keywords?

Simplifies having to pick just one keyword in hopes your target audience will find you.

Target audience is  in the “Ready to Purchase” stage when they are typing long tail keywords, which makes it more profitable for you.

By choosing competition number (QSR) of less than 300, you have lower competition.

This will increase more website traffic which equals more conversions (earnings).

Over 70% of search queries are typed in as long tail keywords.

writing process cycle

Where should I place my long tail keywords in my website?

  1. In your title or headline
  2. In your introduction or first paragraph
  3. In your conclusion (Optional-Some audience may read to the end and some may not)

Of these three, make sure your keywords flow naturally and makes sense. Do not stuff keywords that don’t make sense. It will hurt you in your search engine ranking.

When do I use long tail keywords?

ideasKeyword research tool should be used when writing a post/page on your website or blog

When you need ideas for your website

When you need keywords for advertising

When you are stuck on what you want to write about

Who uses it?

Professionals, businesses, internet marketers, marketers, writers, bloggers, content specialists and much more

Where can I find a keyword research tool?

googlewww.wealthyaffiliate.com (Sign up for 30 FREE keyword searches. No credit card required to sign up)

www.jaaxy.com (Sign up for 30 FREE keyword searches. No credit cared required to sign up)

www.google.com (FREE search engine. Google Search Suggest aka alphabet soup technique)

Final Thoughts

A keyword research tool can help you read the minds of your target audience. Stop the guessing game and increase more target audience to get to your website.

By using this technique, it is the most accurate searches your target audience will be typing into their search engine. You can increase your chances of your web page being found on the first pages of a search engine, which is where majority of people search for things.

If you just write to write, you have a slim chance of your webpage of getting ranked on the first page of a search engine. You don’t know exactly what your audience is searching for.

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