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Affiliate Marketing is a way you can make money online. There is several ways an affiliate can be paid, but for now I will be talking about Pay Per Sale, PPS (commission).

If you haven’t chose a niche or built a website, read choose a niche and build a website to learn more. If you have done that, you will search for affiliate programs that have your niche products you can promote to start earning a commission.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

You (the affiliate) sign up to join a market program to promote the products for the market you joined. For every person that visits your website and click the link of the product on your website,they get transferred to the seller website to make a purchase. Once purchase is complete, you get a percentage of the commission.

What percentage of the commission do I get?

The percentage of commission ranges depends on what type of product you are promoting and which company you are affiliated with.  You can go to their affiliate program page and it will show what percentage of commission you get for a certain niche product. Also, the more purchases you get, the percentage may increase. You will have to look under the affiliate program page to see the exact percentages. Here is an example below of what I just explained.

amazon affiliate program commission rates

Am I obligated to stay in the affiliate program I joined?

This is the great part. You are considered an independent contractor which means you work for yourself. You choose where you want to work and where you don’t want to work. You or the company can terminate the relationship with or without a reason. So if you don’t want to stay in the program you can leave anytime. To be safe, read their legal area under operating agreement that mentions “Term and Termination”. You never know, companies may have different policies.

How does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Once you sign up with a business to be an affiliate and choose a product you want to promote on your website, you will be provided an affiliate link/code. You will place this affiliate link in your website so once consumer click on the product/ad, they will be redirected to the business to make the purchase of the product. Once the purchase is complete, you will get paid a commission. This affiliate link/code is how they keep track of your referral so they can pay you your commission.

how does affiliate marketing work

How do I search for affiliate programs?

1. Go to and type in “keywords related to your niche + affiliate program.” Here’s an example below.

how to search for affiliate programs


2. Once you click on “search ” tab (magnifying tool icon), your results should show up.

results of affiliate marketing program search


3. Once you decide which programs you want to join, make sure you keep a record of your sign in information and important information.

What should I be aware of when I’m looking to become an affiliate?

  • You should NOT have to PAYMEMBERSHIP FEE to become a AFFILIATE
  • Make sure the established market has been in business for a long time
  • Make sure they have an area in their site that supports affiliates (Go to the home page of website, scroll down and look for “affiliate program” or anything that states “affiliate”

 What are some examples of online markets with affiliate programs?

amazon affiliate sign up


Amazon has been in business for over 20 years. 


      wealthy affiliate program commission


Wealthy Affiliate has been in business for 11 years.


I am Premium Member and a affiliate member at Wealthy Affiliate. Read my review at Wealthy Affiliate if you want to learn more about the program.

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