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jaaxyI will be showing you step-by -step on How to use The Jaaxy Keyword research Tool by including video, text and images. Do you know what a keyword research tool is for? Read my page on keywords to learn more about keywords.

1. Sign up at at no charge.


jaaxy sign up

2. Once you sign up, you should be on the Jaaxy Platform. Watch this video to follow along with text.


jaaxy search platform


3. The “Search” tab should be already selected, so you should be able to “enter a keyword to start your search” and click on “Find Keywords” to show results.


how to search keywords for jaaxy


4. A list of results should show up. You are going to look at “Avg” and “QSR”. Those are the two important things to focus on. Avg means the average keyword searches in a month and QSR means quoted search results which is the number of competition websites ranked in google for this exact same keyword.


focus on AVG and QSR in Jaaxy


5. To see the QSR, you click on “Get QSR.


click on get qsr in jaaxy


6. You want at an Avg of least 50 or more and a QSR less than 300. I also look at KQI, which is the keyword quality indicator (red=poor, yellow=ok and green=good). Another feature I look at is SEO, which is a score based on traffic and competition (the higher the number, the more likely you will rank for the keyword on the first page). It’s up to you if you want to use the later two or not.


picking keywords


7. You will check the box on the left of your keywords, then click on “Save to List.”


jaaxy how to save to list


8. A pop up screen will show up. You will make sure “New List” tab is selected, then you would “enter a name for your new list,” then click on the “Save” tab.


jaaxy how to save new list


9. Once saved, a new  green tab labeled “View Keywords” to the left of the “Save” tab should show up.


jaaxy green tab shows up when saved to list


10. You can click “View Keywords” or you can click “Close” to view later.


jaaxy choose view keywords or close tab


11. To view later, you click on the “Saved lists” tab.



12. Your previous saved keyword will show up and you will click on the blue “View” tab.


jaaxy click view tab to see keyword list



13. Your results will show up like the way you saved it.


jaaxy results of keyword saved



There are other features in Jaaxy that I have not covered. I am showing you how to get started. The other features are extra stuff you can utilize. If you need me to show you how to navigate around Jaaxy, don’t hesitate to let me know and I will help you the best I can. Read my review of Jaaxy if you want to learn more.

Do you want to try searching for your 30 free keywords now?


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  • ken

    This jaaxy it really one of the best kept secrets for online or offline marketing. Thanks for sharing it.

  • What great demonstrations! You make this so easy to understand and so clear to read and see! You really did a great job of “showing” and not just telling! Jaaxy is a great secret!! Saves lots of time and time is money!

    • Hi Debbie,
      I try to look at my pages like a stranger would look at it. If I don’t think it looks good or clear, I need to get it so it is. Thank you for commenting. Jaaxy does save a lot of time and they have a lot more features included with the program.

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