How To Get Comments On Your Blog?

Recently, I heard getting comments and replying to comments on websites can improve SEO. I decided to do a little research and it makes sense. When I read something, I get turned off when there are no comments below. No comments makes me feel like I am reading a page that is “dead.”

How to get comments?

1. Do you allow comments in your blog website?
If not, go to your post or page, select “quick edit” and to the right, there should be a box where you can “check” to allow comments, then “update.”



2. Do you have a comments section that is obviously visible to your audience?
Some themes do not have visible comments section, so check before you put all your content in there. If the comments box is not obvious, you lose out on a comment and a possible returning audience.


3. Join a community of bloggers
At Wealthy Affiliate, there is an active community of 500,000+ bloggers. You can ask for feedback, help, comments and much more from the community.


4. Encourage a conversation in your blog post.
Instead of asking a “short answer” question, ask a question that requires your audience to answer with several words or paragraphs. You can ask what their thoughts are, ask for suggestions, which can help you with post ideas also.

5. Reply to your comments ASAP.
This makes your audience know they are talking to a real person and let them know that their comments are important to you. If you take too long to reply, you lose reader interest and can lose your reader.

6. Blog about current topics
This allows your audience to connect with you to relate with your blog as most people follow some form of media.

7. Get on social media
Ask people a question that encourages people to respond.


8. Comment with quality content to a post
If it is not quality/valuable content, your comments are worthless to them. You goal is to get your comments accepted by the blogger and increase traffic to your blog.

9. Get an image on your email address you use to make comments
Go to to get an image for free, so your comment can get accepted or it can be considered spam and never be seen by anyone.

Why is it important to get comments?

comments1. Commenting on other blogs can help increase traffic/audience to your blog.

2. Bloggers that comment valuable content to your blog can help increase traffic to your blog.

3. Building relationships with other bloggers can increase your comments and increase sharing of you content to social media.

4. Increase SEO to you blog

So if you want to improve SEO, comments are important. Set aside some time to comment valuable content, because if it isn’t valuable, it may not improve SEO and do the opposite. Do your best and be your best! What are your thoughts about commenting on blog websites? Please share your thoughts, questions or comments below.






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  • Taylor K

    Great post on comments, Sofia!

    I feel like you went into just enough detail about the topic. I, too, just began to get comments on my website and I believe wholeheartedly that it does a lot to improve SEO!

    Another point that can be made is that comments can potentially lead to building long-term relationships with people that are within the same niche. Just send an email to whoever left the email and connect!

    • Sofia

      Hi Taylor,

      Thanks for commenting. That’s a good point. You can get comments and check your page ranking and see if it has increased. Do you use Jaaxy? If not, there is a free trial but only allows one free site rank search. Or Weebly? It has a 14 day free trial so it can show you where your page is ranked.


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