How to Choose a Niche


 You’re probably wondering what is a niche?


  • It is the specific target audience you are going to write to
  • You choose a specific topic you are interested and knowledgeable in
  • Enables you to promote or encourage the sale of the current item
  • Satisfied customers = Lifelong customers and new customers

If you are still confused about what a niche is, read about niche to learn more…

How to pick a niche?

  • how to pick the right niche marketChoose something that you are passionate or knowledgeable about
  • Choose a niche that will be profitable if you want an income
  • Be competent with your niche
  • If you want to pick a niche that you know nothing about, study up on what you want to learn or what you are interested in

What are some Niche examples?

Make sure the Niche is not too broad. If you chose clothing, this is very broad. When a customer is looking to buy something specific, they are not going to type in “clothing” under their internet search.

baby socksThey may type “baby socks” or “baby pants”. They are looking for a description that describes the products so they can compare which is better. If you choose “clothing”, you will be writing forever.

You can write about specific type of toys, specific type of clothing, specific jewelry, specific flat screen televisions, etc. You want it to be clear what you are talking about and who your audience you are talking to.

You want to keep them engaged or you lose your profit. Narrow your audience to a specific thing you want to discuss. My niche is “making money niche” because I have been interested in making money since a young age. Read my About Me page to learn about me.

Why do I need a niche?

  • To talk about your interest/ hobby/ product that you want to share with other people similar to yours
  • So you can develop a website based on your niche
  • So you can get your target audience to come to your website and start earning an income
  • No target audience=No income

no target audience

What are you going to put on your WEBSITE if you don’t have a SPECIFIC TARGET GROUP to talk to??

Once I choose a niche, how do I develop a website?

Great Question, my next topic is about how to build a website…

Read my build a website page or go to my build a website video to learn more. If you need help with building a website Wealthy Affiliate guides you every step of the way and teaches you how to build a online business. You can try it out at NO CHARGE to you.




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