How To Calm Down An Angry Customer?

angryHave you had to deal with an angry customer? I know I have in the past, but I only had to deal with them for a short time. Well, this past week, I had to deal with one and it wasn’t my fault he was angry. You know those types. If they’re angry, everyone will get the lashing. Here was what I did to deal with the situation.

errorI had a patient and he was scheduled for a long procedure. There was a scheduling error, which he got upset about. All I told him was, “All I know is you’re scheduled for this procedure with me and the other stuff you will have to schedule will the front desk.” The front staff made the error, so they should fix it.

He was angry the WHOLE time. Yes, I understand that you were set to do all the treatment today, so you don’t have to take time off from work. But, you don’t have to take out your grumpiness on people that didn’t make the error. Know anyone who pouts when they don’t get their way? Well, he was one of them.

It was so uncomfortable. I tried to make conversation with him and finally found something in common we could relate to. I think I killed maybe 30 minutes talking about what we had in common and can relate to.

If felt like forever, though. It was the longest 2.5 hours of my life. I just did my job, made sincere conversation, educated him on proper home care. When I finished everything, I walked him to the front and told him, “Have a good day.” I was shocked when he genuinely thanked me. When I went back to the front to give the front staff his chart, I saw him throw his wallet down angrily.

nasty-about-moneyMaybe he saw the bill and got angry. I don’t know, but the prices should have been presented prior to doing treatment. One of the reasons why I didn’t choose to do administrative work. I don’t like asking people for money, because people can get nasty about money.

Or maybe he was lashing out at the front staff, because they made an error in scheduling. Hopefully, I won’t have to see him again. It’s not my permanent job, so there is a good chance I won’t have to see him again.

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Have you ever had an experience with an angry customer? Please share your experience, comments or questions below.






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