Review of Wealthy Affiliate – My Honest Opinion

What is it?

Wealthy Affiliate is an online university, which helps anyone who wants to learn and build an online business. You learn at your own pace. It’s a active online community of people learning and building their own business while earning an income at different rates.


Wealthy Affiliate 


Starter is $0 and NO credit card information required!

Premium is $49/month


Kyle and Carson


Real Reviews below:

Review 1

Review 2

Review 3

My Recommendation: yes

Overall Rating: 5/55-star-rating

 There’s always good and bad things about something.. Nothing is PERFECT


  • You get more information than what you would pay for somewhere else
  • Get to try it out FREE as long as you want as a STARTER member
  • Variety of teaching styles available in video, question & answers, tutorial, classroom format
  • MANY helpful members in the community to reach out to from beginners to entrepreneurs
  • 12 Interactive Classrooms
  • 2 Free Websites through domain with many themes/backgrounds to choose from as a Starter member (A lot more as a Premium Member)


  • Secure and fast hosting (As a Premium Member)
  • You get help from the actual cofounders and community in the active  discussions (Seven days for Starter Member, Unlimited for Premium Member)
  • Build a website in 30 seconds (Yes! Really!)
  • You can work from home on your computer or you can work from mobile devices, such as cell phones and tablets as long as there is a internet connection
  • You can transfer an existing website into Wealthy Affiliate platform 
  • Keyword research tool to improve your SEO


  • There is a charge of $49.00/month if you want to become a PREMIUM member and get more added benefits
  • There is a lot of writing in the beginning, so if you don’t like writing then Wealthy Affiliate may not be for you
  • The information can be overwhelming, but pace yourself and don’t try to cram everything at once
  • Initially, to own your business requires a lot of hard work and time, but it pays off at the end
  • You get a taste of what Premium member has for a short time when you sign up as a Starter Member
  • There is a fee to transfer an existing website into Wealthy Affiliate
  • If you want your own domain and not the domain, there is a yearly fee of less than $20.00 for WordPress to maintain, update, and take care of the technical stuff for your website

domain price

What other program will let you see what they have to offer at no charge or a credit card number?

Watch a video to get a sneak peak into Wealthy Affiliate.

WHO benefits from this product?

YOU, from beginner to intermediate to advanced. As long as you can follow directions through video tutorials, text tutorials and webinars, be patient and put in the work, you can benefit from it.

What kind of work can I do at Wealthy Affiliate?




You are going to choose something you are passionate about and create your business online. This is called a niche which will be your target audience you will focus on when you build your website. Once you build your website, there will be MANY ways you can earn an income from your website. Read ways on how to make money online works to learn more.




Wealthy Affiliate will guide you on how to attract visitors and earning an income. They even support you after you have successfully formed your business with updated new training and information.




If you don’t have or can’t come up with a passion or niche, Wealthy Affiliate has a affiliate boot camp course to help you build a business. They will train you on how to earn income by promoting Wealthy Affiliate. Read my post on how to become an affiliate member for Wealthy Affiliate.

Training Overview24/7

  • Classrooms on specific subjects you want to learn about
  • Live weekly training classes
  • Video and tutorial training
  • Q &A, Active discussions 24/7
  • Unlimited Cloud Hosting (Premium members)
  • Keyword and Competition Tool Search
  • Access to more themes/backgrounds for website (Premium)
  • Easy website builder


  • Live interactive, discussions and chat all day and night
  • Live Q&A periods
  • Private message to cofounder (Kyle and Carson) as a Premium Member
  • Private access to community experts as a Premium Member

Final Opinion

In my honest opinion, this is the only online program I have found with the abundance of tools to help support and guide me on my new journey to a career change. I have always quit in other programs because I didn’t get the support and guidance I needed. I highly recommend this program.

 How will I know if I am doing something wrong or right without the interaction with the community??

There is a very active, supportive and motivating community of people in this program who are more than willing to help you if you need help. You just have to be dedicated, motivated, patient and willing to do the work. I am further along in this program than any other program I have been in online. Read the real reviews at the top of the page to see what people are talking about. For the price you pay, you are getting more than what you normally would pay.




I know my rating is a little one sided, but when it comes to evaluating certain things like products or places, I evaluate as honest as possible.

Are YOU ready to JOIN? I want to HELP YOU!

Sign up here at NO CHARGE.

bonusIf you join and set up an account as a Starter Member, I have a SPECIAL OFFER for you. Details explained when you join.

I want to mention again there is no charge to join. It is a great deal to try out without digging into your wallet. Wealthy Affiliate has helped me a lot and I want to do the same for you. When you join, I will contact you within the hour to welcome you for making a great step in a new journey.

When I contact you, the details of how to get your special offers, information on what Wealthy Affiliate offers and how you can get help from me will be included.



Have you ever regretted something you should have done, but didn’t?

Makes you wonder if you missed out on a great opportunity, right?

Don’t make the same mistake again..

Please leave me any comments or questions you may have below or you can contact me at (here is my link-SofiaC). I am here to help.



Founder of


  • raze

    Thanks for an honest and open sharing about this program. One concern I have is that I’m not a great writer but it sounds like something I’d want to try out. Is there any training on how to improve my writing skills in there?

    • I don’t see anything under the search in WA. You can always ask a question by clicking on pen icon at WA and get replies from there. Or you can search Google and put how to improve writing skills. Writing takes practice. I searched Google for you. Here is one site you may want to look at. Don’t give up.I hope that helps.

  • Hi Sofia,
    Thanks for sharing your experience on Wealthy Affiliate. It sounds like a very good place
    to learn about online business, and having a community of people to whom ask for help is great.
    About what Raze says, to improve our writing skills we just need to practice it, while reading other people’s posts and pages. Everything become natural and spontaneous with practice, including eating spaghetti with a fork the Italian way!
    Keep up your good work Sofia, many people need this kind of information to find a way to earn money online legitimately.

  • Kevin Pola

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the Wealthy Affiliates opportunity. You give a very thorough review of what is offered and the comparison between the free premium membership. Sounds like Wealthy Affiliates is a very good option for a newbie wanting to get into an online business.How long have you been a member? Cheers Kev

    • Sofia

      Hi Kevin,

      You’re welcome and thanks for commenting. I have been a member for two months. It is a good option for a newbie, intermediate or expert. There are people in this program in all stages of their online business.


  • wagreatstuff

    Hi, Sofia. I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate (joined a month ago) and I think this was my best step taken so far in my roadmap to financial success. I love the courses, which is easy to follow and understand. The best part is the video which makes it even easier to comprehend. I strongly recommend anyone who is serious about making a success in their online business or presence.

    • Sofia

      That is great. It is a great step to financial success. If you are motivated and put in the work, anyone can succeed in their online business. The ones that fail are the ones who are inpatient and want to get rich overnight, but those are the dishonest people. This is the best program I have encountered in my years of wanting to pursue an online business.

      Thanks for commenting,


  • Lucy Emmanuel

    Before i had known WA i was searching simple ways to make money online i was in some alreasy bet ended up loosing much money, then i came across this term Wealthy Affiliate. The free membership to join in attracting me to know more about it and what does it offer.
    Once i tried i can no more walk away from it. At Wealth Affiliate am learning more abd get to know more that i had known before.
    I would advice people to join in without hesitating people gets to know more that you can expect. Congratulations on a nice page am sure people will be benefitted from it. Keep it up and all the best to you.

    • Sofia

      Hi Lucy,

      I am sure most people has lost some money before discovering Wealthy Affiliate. I know I was one of them. What matters most is we don’t continue to lose money. Learn from our mistakes, right? I agree, you do learn more here at Wealthy Affiliate. My hope is to help as much people as I can, as I see MANY people who dislike their jobs but stay at their jobs because they believe they don’t have any other choice.

      Thank you for your comment,


  • Tom

    Hello Sofia!

    I am happy to tell you that I took the plunge! I am a Wealthy Affiliate member! How exciting!

    I did what most people do, and started with the trial membership. There is nothing to lose… I mean a free membership that I didn’t even need a credit card for!

    I couldn’t turn that down! So, I signed up! Wealthy Affiliate bears little to no resemblance to any online program I tried before. I was amazed at the community! In a few short days I had met hundreds of people. All of them wishing me well, being very encouraging, and offering their help if I ever got stuck.

    I jumped right into the training classes and very quickly I had my first website up and running! Again, Amazed..

    Now, I’ve been a member for just a little under 6 months. My websites are generating referrals and commissions from several of my affiliate programs.

    I really never thought it could be this easy. Sure, It took a little while to get rolling, but, I am already seeing some great results and the future is looking very bright for sure!


    • Sofia

      Hi Tom,

      That is great to hear. I did the exact same thing. Started with the free trial and then decided to go premium. You’re right, you have nothing to lose. You only lose when you do nothing and then regret it for not doing it sooner.

      Thanks for commenting


  • Kris M.

    Hi Sofia,
    Great review on Wealthy Affiliate. It sounds like this community is the best out there. I haven’t seen other programs that have hundreds of people willing to help YOU succeed. I think most probably worry about their competition.
    Does the Wealthy Affiliate training go over how to get traffic to your website once it is out there? I have my website up and running but I struggle with traffic. Perhaps they can help me learn different ways to get the word out about my site.


    • Sofia

      Hi Kris,

      Yes, Wealthy Affiliate does go over how to get traffic to your website. Yes, you will learn a lot. Thanks for commenting.


  • Alec

    Excellent review!

    I really looks like this is one of the best platforms for learning affiliate marketing. Who else provides this type of training?

    One thing though. You said people have to do a lot of writing to succeed with Wealthy Affiliate. How much writing do you mean exactly? Do you need to be a very good writer?

    • Sofia

      Hi Alec,

      This is the best place I have found to learn affiliate marketing. In terms of writing, you will create a website. A website requires content in it, so you should be regularly posting information on your website. Depending on what you are writing about, it could be long or short. Definitely, at least one page for a post. Longer, if you have a lot of information, but not too long where you overwhelm your audience. You don’t need to be a very good writer. At Wealthy Affiliate, you can get help with writing as well and feedback. I hope that helps.


  • Jason

    I really appreciate your honest review of the program. It sounds like you get a lot of bang for your buck. The starter program sounds like such a great deal that it would be hard to pass up. I think this looks appealing because it doesn’t promise overnight success like somme get rich quick scheme would. You tell it like it is and I like that.

    • Sofia

      Hi Jason,

      Thanks for your comment. I am a helper at heart. I help people in real life. What good would it do if I lied to people? I wouldn’t be able to sleep well if I lied. I am glad you can see that in me. I do tell it like it is.


  • Ben

    I like things that I can try out for free. One of the reasons I shy away from all these internet companies is because they almost never have a free trial, and its impossible to know if it will work or it won’t work and I will just lose my money. But over here, I can try out before I pay anything, right?

  • Heathguy33

    Excellent review on Wealthy affiliate i have heard about this company a lot over the pass few months. I just needed a clear understanding on what it actually was before trying it. I now know what it is all about and i’m really interested in it. Do you know if it is an age limit on who can and can’t join? Thanks

    • Sofia


      There is no age limit here. Of course if one is a minor a parent will be supervising and also paying for the membership if they decide to become a premium member. I hope that answers you question.


  • Mike

    I also really think WA has so many amazing features, it’s really a great option for anyone who is tired of his/her routine and wants a SOLID internet income option. The site’s filled with training, videos, a live chat where everyone is so warm and willing to help you, and it provides you with all the tools you need to succed online. It’s just incredible.

    • Sofia

      Hi Mike,

      Thanks for commenting. I agree, Wealthy Affiliate has many features you need to start making an income online. What’s incredible is the active community 24/7 that you don’t see anywhere else. So day or night any time in the world, you can be certain you can get you questions answered or help when you need it. Also, if you can’t find something you can put in a search and a bunch of training results shows up.


  • Online with Nerissa S.

    Very interesting review, particularly because of the detail related to the actual platform. I’ve read many reviews in the past about online affiliate marketing and I think this is the best one yet.

    Wealthy affiliate seems to offer outstanding support, which is invaluable in my opinion. Price is very affordable, in terms of what you get with the whole program.

    Thanks for the review Sofia!

    -Nerissa S.

    • Sofia

      Hi Nerissa,

      Thanks for commenting. I try to inform people what Wealthy Affiliate offers to the best of my knowledge and experience with the program.

      I agree with you 100%, the price is very affordable for what you get and if you decide to pay yearly, it’s less than 1.00 a day. You can’t beat that.


  • lifebeginswithyourhealth

    Wealthy affiliate sounds like the perfect training opportunity for someone wishing to start their own online business, you cant beat the price of 47.00 for all your receiving you will make that back easily once your business is up and running and your making sales.

    Sounds like a very dedicated community, a whole bunch of mentors at your exposure what more can you ask for?

    • Sofia


      Wealthy affiliate provides you with everything you need to get a online business going. What more can you ask for? Well, there are new live trainings every week. People in the Wealthy Affiliate make new tutorial trainings every day or every hour. There’s so much support. Comparing to many programs I have come across, this is the most active and supportive community so far.



  • Jolita

    WA platform is a truly amazing thing. The only minus, like you mentioned, is the monthly price which some people are struggling with, including me at the moment.

    The best think is the help you can get, I think. My website is totally different from money making niches, but I also wrote a page with just an honest opinion because it’s truly amazing and I wanted to share it people who might be thinking about starting their own business.


    • Sofia

      Hi Jolita,

      Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is great. I understand some people may struggle with the monthly price, but the free trial can’t include everything from the program. The good thing is, you can get a couple free websites while on the free trial, so you can still continue building your business.

      Sometimes, when things get tough financially, we have to cut things out that we usually do, that isn’t necessary. Some things could be professional manicures/pedicures, professional waxing, shopping spree, going out to eat (breakfast, lunch or dinner, etc). Those things do add up and if we cut things that we really don’t need and apply it to something that could benefit you in the long run, why not?

      All that stuff will still be there. It won’t go away. Just my thought, because I had to cut some things out that weren’t necessary and I don’t miss it at all. We just have to ask ourselves what our priorities are.

      Thanks for commenting,


  • lifebeginswithyourhealth

    very well written review on wealthy affiliate, a person does need a good training program before starting any type of business. This program sound like the best I have ever seen, the cost sounds quite low for all your receiving with this training program.

    Have you ever had any complaints on this program, I do not see what anyone could complain about but usually there are always few who find something?

    • Sofia


      Thanks for commenting. I have not had anyone complain about WA. However, I did read somewhere about a billing issue. But that is not related to what we’re learning here. That’s a personal issue where they could cancel their membership at any time. I can’t stress enough how great it is to have an active community. It makes you feel like you’re not working on a program and hearing crickets with nobody around.


  • HI Sofia, you have done an impressive job with your review of Wealthy Affiliate. I don’t think you missed anything. Nobody should leave your website confused about any of the information you have provided. Your honesty and forthrightness about the cost is beneficial in the long run. If you don’t mind, I wanted to state that there is a feature in the left hand margin in your profile called rapid writer. I have used it. It actually helps those of us who want to improve our writing skills. (Raze’s question). Great Job!

    • Hi Greer,
      Thanks for commenting. I have not used that feature but I will definitely look into rapid writer. Thanks for pointing that out. There is still so many features I have not went through, but will get to all of them eventually.
      Thanks again,

  • Greer

    Sofia, I think you did a great job streamlining your review of Wealthy Affiliate. It is clear that you have retained the information in the training lessons. I saw evidence of that throughout the post. You have the prescribed pictures. You added the video. You have the bonus added at the bottom. So, you are well on your way to increased traffic to your site and referrals to the community. It’s very impressive.

  • Abod

    Hey Sofia,
    Great review, This is my first time to hear about Wealthy Affiliate. I’m really tired of scam sites, I have spent more than $200 for nothing except lies. I don’t see that Wealthy Affiliate promise us to get millionaire in one night which makes me feel more comfortable, thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Sofia

      Hi Abod,

      Thanks for commenting. I am tired of scam sites as well. How do these people sleep at night? Anyway, that is the difference between good hearted and cold hearted people. It will catch up to them one way or another. Yes, Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t promise you will become a millionaire over night. How much work you put in it will depend on your success. You’re welcome and good luck.


  • Wil

    I have to agree, wealthy affiliate is a really good platform. It shows you the ins and outs of creating a sustainable business from an affiliate marketing standpoint. Kyle and Carson are really good at coaching people through the process. The community is very helpful and engaging. I can’t wait for my journey to take off!

    • Sofia

      Hi Wil,

      Yes, WA is great. Before coming across this program, I never got as far as the first day before giving up. Why? Because they were all scams. Their purpose didn’t make sense. WA makes sense and they really guide you through the process. Keep working at your goal and it will take off.



  • Maureen

    Hi Sofia I have been trying to earn money online now for quite some time with no success. As I was looking online for help I came across your site. I must say Wealthy Affiliate sounds like the type of help I have been looking for. I especially like that you can actually try it out for free before going Premium. That truly is hard to find any where else online. Thanks for the great info!

    • Sofia

      Hi Maureen,

      Thanks for you comment. I definitely liked that WA allowed me to try out the program before upgrading. Other programs may try to do the same but there’s always a fine print somewhere and the information you learn is not relevant and confuses you a lot and then you give up. Where can you get help? At WA, you get help and the support when you need it.


  • Hi there

    Hi there.

    This is such a good review on WA. I am preparing one for myself but I wanna wait for some more time until I can collect enough information to complete my review. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work. I am looking forward to your new contents. Cheer!!

    • Sofia


      Thanks for your comment. Yes, with time you will see all that WA has to offer and it really is a legitimate way to earn money or learn how to build a foundation on having your own online business. Starting a business will take time but it will be all worth it when you can change your career and be your own boss.


  • Vinnie Prasad

    Really motivational post and finding something you are really passionate about in life will be the best thing you can do to make you happy. It’s hard to make the change as most of us only know one direction to head in. But for the 5% who do want to go out there and start their own business, it can be difficult at the start. Great post and the information you have provided on your site is really good to read.

    • Sofia

      Hi Vinnie,

      Thanks for commenting. Initially, anything new may feel complicated but once you get over that obstacle it wasn’t complicated at all. It is a matter of keep working at it, staying motivated and it will pay off. Glad you enjoyed the read.


  • Dominic

    I think Wealthy Affiliate is really awesome! Thanks for sharing your honest opinion about this program.

    I have a question though. Could you state some examples of people who had a share of success in this Wealthy Affiliate program? And how would I know that it is not a scam? Thanks for your answers in advance.

    • Sofia

      Hi Dominic,

      Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam. I have started to make some income in my 5 months of starting my websites. Websites that I wouldn’t know how to make without the help of Wealthy Affiliate. Here is a link to some of the Wealthy Affiliate member success stories. When I began with this program, there were 500,000 members. In 5 months time as a member, there has been an additional 150,000 new members who joined. What program will allow you to try out the program as long as you want to see if you like it before you decide on becoming a premium member? I have been scammed many time and this program has been the longest program I have stuck with that works. In the past, the programs I got scammed in would take me a week at the most before I gave up. This program says a lot.

      Thanks for commenting,


  • Wil

    Wealthy Affiliate is an awesome platform that allows people to delver deeper into a particular subject area and leave behind all of the inhibitions of marketing and self expression. It walks people through, step by step, on how to create a thriving affiliate marketing site complete with Google Adsense and more. Kyle and Carson do a great job of explaining their passion.

  • Matthew Thomas

    As a member of Wealthy Affiliate for over two years now, I can’t say enough about the platform. Not only is the training in-depth and extremely helpful for beginners, but the tools and community make it really stand out. No other service compares for the price. Only about a dollar per day to run a business and receive ongoing training & support – you really can’t go wrong.

  • jettaranda

    Great review of wealthy affiliate. I am also a member here. I really enjoy the structure of their program. As I can have 2 free websites, once they are successful I will switch them over to my own domain.

    It’s a good program to try out before buying. Your review of it is just like icing on the cake.

    Thank you for an awesome review.

    • Sofia


      Thanks for your comment. I don’t know anywhere that gives you 2 free websites in addition to free training on how to set up your website. It is a great program and I would highly recommend anyone wanting to start their own business, or need training on how to set up a website. The best part is they make building a website less complicated as other places. It’s the only program you can try out for free as long as you want. Of course if you become a Premium Member, you get the added benefits of even more training and support.


  • Brahma

    Thanks for your informative article WA. I strongly recommend your points about WA. I have read some reviews about WA,i can say that your article is awesome. It is very good place to earn money for newbie. Training provided by owner is very easy to follow. Best place for all the people who are interested to do online business.

    • Sofia


      It is the best I have found so far. If you find any other program after you already found WA, they can’t even come close to how well WA is structured. Thanks for your comment.


  • Gary

    I struggled for years to make money online until I found Wealthy Affiliate.

    The free starter membership begins with the Entrepreneur Certification course. This is so important because I’ve found that most people struggle online because they haven’t learned to think like an entrepreneur.

    Here’s what I mean.

    An entrepreneur understands that before he or she can make money, they must create value. Online value usually means information that solves someone’s problem or fulfills their desire.

    Compare this to an “opportunity seeker” who bounces from one so-called business opportunity to another, always spending more than they make.

    Don’t be an opportunity seeker. Be an online entrepreneur.

    • Sofia

      Hi Gary,

      Thanks for commenting. I struggled as well years ago, which I gave up that goal of being an online entrepreneur. However, years later I stumbled upon WA and it has been the best course I have taken that is showing more progress than my previous attempts.

      I agree, we must provide valuable content before becoming an online entrepreneur. It definitely doesn’t happen overnight. With hard work, motivation and patience, that time will come when we can be a full time online entrepreneur.

      WA has done a great job in teaching my how to build a foundation of an online business every step of the way. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have been able to get my own website going or build content in my website.


  • LDStudio

    Hi Sofia,

    You are so right, quitting is not failing. I love that tag line. Quitting a soul draining, boring job and doing something meaningful that happens to pay the bills is empowering! You’re info is straight to the point (no fluff) and shows how easy it is to join WA.

    • Sofia


      Thanks for commenting. Even if quitting is not possible at this point, to have a plan to eventually quit a boring job is one step closer to reaching our goal.


  • Wying

    Hi Sofia,

    Thank for the in-depth review. It’s very informative. I’m a member of WA. WA is really great place where we can learn all we need to know about online marketing. But what make the program more interesting is the supportive community that you mentioned. It’s a great place where we get to meet with all people who share the same direction and same goal toward success. I believe there are still some genuine program out there provide useful training to start a online business. But what I can’t find outside is the friendly and supportive community that continuously motivate and encourage each other. Somehow I think this is the most essential part to keep us to work on it continuously at difficult time.

    • Sofia


      I think the supportive community is what everyone needs to keep working at our goals. We are not going to have good days every day. To know that there are other people who go through what we go through makes us keep pushing forward. Thanks for your comment.


  • David Jönsson

    I wish I saw your site before, because I would have saved lots of time…. and time is money you know.

    Thank you for sharing genuine recommendations, it brings more value to people then you know.

    After reading your post I joined wealthy Affiliate for free on a trial, and I suddenly became hooked, 2 days later. The help and value you get is absolutely amazing.

    All the best,

  • roamy

    Hello Sofia
    I like your review of Wealthy affiliate,you have covered and explained all points a newbie would have.
    I like the fact that they have a free trial so one can decide if it`S for them or not,this is always a way to help a newbie not waste money by knowing the program they are signing up to is worth the money.
    I think the greatest at Wealthy Affiliate is the free website builder, because when i first got started online, building a website from scratch really scared me.
    Now to point you did not cover,what happens if i build a free website then decide to leave wealthy affiliate? can i take my website with me to a different hosting or will i lose all my hard work?
    Thanks so much for your answer.

    • Sofia


      I didn’t know the answer to that so I asked Kyle (cofounder) and this was his reply to your question.

      Yes, you can move your websites to another host. It is a manual process when you don’t actually own the domain, but your content can be moved anywhere you want.

      I hope that helps.

      Thanks for commenting and good luck,


  • Alexandra

    As a new WA member, I love reading positive reviews that give me hope for what lies ahead.
    Your review was so well laid out and easy to follow with great visuals taken straight from WA.
    I am so glad things are going well and that your are enjoying this wild ride that is affiliate marketing.

  • Gary

    I joined Wealthy Affiliate 18 months ago and I’m so glad I did. At the time I had been struggling to make money online for over 6 years.

    I was making money with small niche sites, but the income was inconsistent. Then Google struck with their parade of animal updates to their indexing logarithm and all of my sites were de-indexed. Probably because I had gamed the system with backlinks.

    Wealthy Affiliate taught me to build an authority website that cooperates with the search engines instead of trying to exploit their weaknesses. The difference is phenomenal!

    • Sofia

      Hi Gary,

      That is great you found Wealthy Affiliate to learn how to make money the right way. There are too many programs online that doesn’t teach you anything, which gets a little frustrating.


  • Pascal

    WA is amazing. You learn a lot about online business and how to deal with affiliate marketing. It is so far the best Affiliate community I´ve seen. People help each other it doesn´t matter what the problem is. It is really worth spending money. You won´t regret it. Really nice summary of the WA world Sofia 🙂

    • Sofia


      Thanks for commenting. What makes this place different than other programs is that if you don’t get the answer you need, you can private message the owners and they get back to you in a few days. Also, you always see the owners in the community at WA.

      What other program does the owners actually answer your question or participate in discussions and posts?


  • Owain

    Thank you for your honest review of Wealthy Affiliate. It was very helpful. I have read about WA as I am interested in it, so your opinion was most valuable.

    I like the idea of choosing something that you like to create your site on. I suppose this means that it maybe easier for you to work on your site?

    Also, what kinds of things do you learn about? The free trial sounds interesting so will give that’s a try.

    • Sofia

      Hi Owain,

      There is a lot to learn from building your website, writing content, affiliate marketing, choosing a niche, social networking, finding the right keywords for website ranking and more.

      The course is structured step by step to teach you everything to get your website going. When you get everything set up, there are classroom and video trainings to make your website even better.

      I don’t want to overwhelm you with everything you will learn. Once you sign up for the free starter membership, you will be able to see what you will learn.



  • Kenny Lee

    One thing that amazes me in my 1 year membership at Wealthy Affiliate is their technial support. If there’s anything wrong with my website, I just have to send in a support ticket and got a reply in 10 minutes or less. I’ve experienced longer wait time at companies who’s business are solely on web hosting. That said much about the commitment of WA in providing genuine training.

    • Sofia


      That’s great that the technical support replies quickly, I think it is very important that a program has a good support system that actually replies back in a timely manner.


  • Jeff

    I like how you add all of the charts and pictures with your descriptions of the program. It helps to get a better idea for exactly what their community has to offer. Graphs, tables, and charts almost always help the reader put 2-and-2 together much more easily.

    I also like the picture/logo at the top of the page.

    The actual title of your website is also exactly what I want to do in my life…. “I want to change My career”

    Most people can relate

    • Sofia

      Hi Jeff,

      Thanks for your comment. It took me a while to figure out the title and also make a logo for it. What helped was that was what I truly felt and I asked myself if i was someone else looking at the website, how would I relate to it. Glad you were able to relate and good luck.


  • Karin

    I joined Wealthy Affiliates about 2 months ago, and I am glad I did. I built 2 sites hosted on WA, and the community helped me generate a good amount of traffic to my site. The WA community is the best way to get people to comment on your site. They contribute activity to your site, thus helping your site rank higher in Google.

  • Lorenz Valdez

    Great website and review of Wealthy Affiliate. Im actually just starting the bootcamp and excited to start getting my page up and running. I already have one website with no sales yet but hope that’ll change soon I wish you all the best with wealthy affiliate. You are on the right track so far!

  • Chanan

    Hi Sofia!!
    As a member of Wealthy Affiliate, I can just say that their program is an incredible one!
    I never found such a great one ever!
    They take you through the whole journey, from a newbie to being an expert!
    They help you build your website; they help you get to the top of Google rankings, and everything you need to make money online as an affiliate marketer.
    I highly recommend for everyone who is willing to put in the time and work to join Wealthy Affiliate.
    Thanks for your great review,

  • Simon

    I do agree with your honest oplnion regarding Wealthy Affiliate.
    I too am a member, joining as a complete newbie I am currently working my way through their course and quite staggered with my progress so far considering I had no prior experience in building websites or running an online business before.
    It’s by no means a get rich quick scheme and there’s no overnight success stories. The purpose is to learn how to create a website around your passion and drive organic traffic through the Search Engines.
    Over time once you receive the traffic earning money becomes pretty much automatic. It’s purely down to determination and a bit of hard work.
    Thanks again fo your honest opinion regarding WA,

  • Andrew

    Hi there! I just finished reading your in depth review of the Wealthy Affiliate training and just thought I would drop you a few lines to share my thoughts with you.

    I totally agree with everything that you say in this review with regards to it being an excellent way to learn online marketing. I have been a member of the site for a couple of years and a premium member just over 1 year. I highly recommend this training but there are a few drawbacks.

    There is quite a lot to get through when you first start, but then you are building a legit online business, this isn’t some get rich quick system. But once you know what you are doing, then you can concentrate on building profit. The one thing that I think Wealthy Affiliate could improve on is to give people a realistic approach to earning money. I see some people on Wealthy Affiliate with extremely high earning expectations! I saw one person the other day wanting to earn $30,000 a month for 10 hours a week! I wouldn’t mind that either, but I know it wont happen!

    If you are realistic and put in the work then this is going to be perfect for you. Just don’t expect 30 grand per month!

    • Sofia

      Hi Andrew,

      I agree with your thoughts. How much you make really depends on how much work and time you put in. I am glad Wealthy Affiliate is not a get rich scheme. Instead, Wealthy Affiliate gets you in the right direction, which is what one needs if they want to build a legitimate online business. It is good to have goals to work towards. I think it could be motivating to expect to make that amount of money but goals can be changed. We have to stay positive and keep on working.

      Thanks for your comment,


  • Ilias

    Hi Sofia,
    Very interesting and honest review. Before start writing for my website my English was very bad. I’m still learning and sometimes I make mistakes but this isn’t a problem for my readers. They read my posts, click my links and I have already made my first sales. So, if you really want to build your own online business, then go for it.

    • Sofia


      Thanks for your comment. Anything you want to get better at, you just need to practice doing it more. I am definitely going for it. The struggle I have is juggling life, family, physical work, but I work on it when I can. Definitely a lot further than when I initially wanted to build my own business.


  • Patrick

    Hi Sofia,
    Great review. Having had some experience with Wealthy Affiliate I can say I totally agree with your review. I have nothing but good things to say about the program and everyone on that site.
    I really liked the part you mentioned about how starting out is tough if you’re not super into writing. I couldn’t agree more, I found that to be the toughest part for me, but I think the more you practice the better you get. I think if you do something enough it kind of becomes routine and you have a much easier time doing it. Just keep your long-term goals in mind and don’t lose sight of what you want!

    • Sofia

      Hi Patrick,

      Thanks for your comment and words of wisdom. Life can get challenging with obstacles thrown at us in every direction. My long term goals is definitely kept in mind and I definitely know what I want.


  • Vertical Veloxity

    I have been using Wealthy Affiliate for about 18 months now! I love it!!! I have only taking classes of higher education. I have no college degrees or special training. But Wealthy Affiliate TOTALLY helped me to make more money online.
    I am very grateful that I came across this platform. I will continue to use it. There are certain aspects of it that are both genius and un-replaceable.

    • Sofia


      Thanks for the comment. As long as you put in the work anyone can make money online. It is a matter of how much time and work you put in.


  • thriftymom

    I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate for a year now and I’m glad to say that I am very happy with the training, support, and everything that it offers. The owners, Kyle & Carson are active there too and are keeping the platform updated so that we are always on top on any other websites in the internet.

    I have earned from it as well and I’m very happy when I read somebody else’s blog making success with it. Wealthy Affiliate is really a great deal for anyone who wants to earn honestly.

    • Sofia


      I agree. In the past, without the proper training, I didn’t even make a penny. The training at Wealthy Affiliate has definitely put me on the right track to learning how to make an income online.


  • Chris


    Great Review of a very good program.

    I find the best thing about being a member is the quick help you get in the classroom section from the other members. You will normally get a response withnin 5 minutes which is handy when you are stuck.

    You are right about the writing part. If you do not generally pick a niche you are passionate about this part can be tough and might not be for everyone.

    I have enjoyed my 3 months at Wealthy Affiliate so far.


  • Chris Towers

    It makes a change (and a pleasant one at that) when you refer to this package as a University.

    So many people are looking for ways to make money online, and a lot of them assume it is easy. A few steps and done.

    Well, you really do need to go to university. It is an education, a skill, and learning to apply these skills!

    I am also a member of Wealthy Affiliate and I will second everything you are saying here. If you want to build and run your own business, this is the place to start!

    Thanks 🙂


    • Sofia

      Hi Chris,

      Thanks for the comment. Life isn’t easy so why should making money be easy? If one works hard, then that hard work will eventually pay off.


  • Really good and thorough review here of Wealthy Affiliate. I love in WA how everything is step by step and tasked based learning and anybody can be a part of it. I wasn’t great at writing posts but within the training you get inspired all the time by ideas and how to write and structure posts etc. It really is a fantastic place to be and I just love building my website daily. Great article and thanks for all you share here Sofia!

  • Sharon Whyte

    Really good and thorough review here of Wealthy Affiliate. I love in WA how everything is step by step and tasked based learning and anybody can be a part of it. I wasn’t great at writing posts but within the training you get inspired all the time by ideas and how to write and structure posts etc. It really is a fantastic place to be and I just love building my website daily. Great article and thanks for all you share here Sofia!

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