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tired at work

 Do you feel STUCK in your current job?

You CANT imagine doing anything else?

You are TIRED of commuting?

You are NOT appreciated?

You HATE your job?

You NEED HELP in changing your career?

You DON’T think you can change your career?

You DON’T have money to go to school?

 Below are a list of signs that you may be ready for a career change:

  1. No motivation to get up to go to work in the morningsuccess
  2. Not wanting to be at work or around people during breaks
  3. Getting irritated with incompetent employees
  4. Do not foresee a successful business
  5. No growth
  6. Bored
  7. Not utilizing experience at 100%
  8. Feeling tired
  9. Don’t want to continue living paycheck to paycheck
  10. Have a bipolar boss

Of these signs, how many do you have?

Do you have something to add to this list that you would like to share?

The Wealthy Affiliate program will work if you are MOTIVATED, DEDICATED and a HARD WORKER. Watch my video to get started.

Below is a list of GREAT benefits of working at home:

Be your own boss

No need to commuteclock

Be happier

Work your own hours

Grow professionally by continuing to learn

Choose to do what interests you

Work for yourself so you won’t be irritated by other people

Wake up in the morning whenever you want

Work anywhere while vacationing

Spend more time with family

More time to do more things you enjoy


These benefits are what I plan on achieving and I hope you want the same too.

We ONLY live once in a lifetime. Why not enjoy it before retirement?

I don’t BELIEVE in working most of your life and then start enjoying it when retired.

What is your thoughts about enjoying life?

Do YOU want to start at age 65? or later?

enjoy life

If you are thinking, “I don’t have any experience in working online.”

It is fine, because I didn’t either. Look, you’re at MY WEBSITE. I made this. And I don’t have any computer technical skills. You probably have a lot of questions, which is normal. I joined this program to learn how to earn an income online while at home. At first, I was skeptical. I thought to myself, “another scam.” Well, they had a free membership so I said to myself, “Doesn’t hurt to try it.”

I have asked myself if this will work and these are my thoughts:

  • With unlimited help and support, practice and training regularly and motivation to succeed, it will work.
  • I only fail if I let myself fail. If I have to think back in school, I may have failed a test, but it was because I did not get help or ask for help, did not study (practice) or have the motivation to succeed (it was a boring class).
  • I believe it will work for you if you put your mind to it.


if at first you dont success try try try again quote


Is there something stopping you from changing careers?

Is it self doubt? Fear of failure?

Think positively.

You will be amazed how successful you can become!

If you need an income immediately, this process takes time. This is NOT a “Get Rich Overnight Scheme.”

So you’re probably asking, well where do I start from here?

There is no charge ($0) to sign up. Read my review at Wealthy Affiliate. Really. I have been there. I became a Premium Member when I saw how much I was going to learn at Wealthy Affiliate and I WANTED all the benefits that they have to provide.

  • If you want more benefits and features, there is a small fee a month. Below, shows you what you get in your training when you sign up at $0 as a Starter Member and how much more training you get as a Premium Member.wealthy-affiliate-membership-grid

By signing up at no charge $0,

  • You get support from actual people (tons) and help from me (Username: SofiaC)
  • You get help building 2 free websites so you can get started earning an income while learning
  • There are active discussions 24/7 where you can get help, tips, etc (the people there are real life people who are in the same position as you (changing careers, starting an online business, work from home to earn an income), so DON’T feel intimidated
  • There is a lot of training resources (tutorials, videos, courses, classrooms) available to you which will help you succeed

If you don’t like what you see, then you lost $0.

I think that’s a pretty good deal… Are YOU Ready to GET STARTED?? I want to help you..

Read my review at Wealthy Affiliate to start at NO CHARGE..


Please leave any feedback, questions or comments below.




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  • Great content here !! Wealthy Affiliate is a great program and have a lots of benefits.
    I wish you a great year Sofia and keep doing the good work !
    Poiana Andrei

    • Hi Andrei,
      I totally agree. I am shocked I am really learning and being able to move on to my dream I put off a long time because I didn’t have the guidance. I think I can say I get more help and motivation at this program than I ever had going to college.
      Thank you,

  • Hi there, I really needed to read something like this today, thank you so much for your post, I am over working long hours for other people and knowing there are communities like this actually exist is very motivating. I am really keen to take a look at what this has to offer me. I would love to have a business income of my own so I can work from home… So how long before you have to start paying? You say it costs $0
    Thank you

    • Hi Justine,
      I know a lot of people that work long hours for other people that just get into the routine of going to work and then back at work again the next day. They think that it’s their life and they continue on that way. I can see they are not REALLY content. Wealthy Affiliate has a lot to offer. To join this program, there is no charge. You have seven days to try it out as a starter member. The program unlocked the premium member features so you can see what the program completely offers.After seven days as a starter member, you can decide if you want to pay to be a premium member or not. If you can’t afford it just yet, wait until you can afford it. You will still be able to access the program but the premium member features will not be accessible. I hope this helps.

  • Hi Sofia. Career change is like a dream for many people. One thing I have come to realize is that if you want to setup your own business – it really requires lots of commitment. There is no easy quick money. Wealthy Affiliate does look pretty promising and I hope it is worth spending time with them. Great post!

    • Hi Vasiliy,
      You’re right, career change is like a dream. It is just a matter of if you really want to change then you will make the effort to do it. And there is no easy way of making quick money the honest way. Even in real jobs you go to, if you want a higher paid job you have to go to school longer. Having your own business does take a lot of commitment but the rewards will definitely be worth it. Thank you for your comment.

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