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Have you found out what you want in life? Have you ever gone through life and at some point reflect on what you have accomplished up until now? Do you feel unaccomplished? Feel like something is unfulfilled or missing?

Coming from a dysfunctional family, there were many obstacles I had to go through at a young age. I had 2 choices: Succeed or fail. Who in their right mind would want to fail, right? Of course I chose to succeed. I was NEVER handed things to me, like my brother did. He was the “Golden Child” but I don’t know what is so golden about him anyway. I recently heard on the radio this week that men in China are having relationships with silicone dolls, because of the lack of women in China. Still don’t know why boys were more valuable than girls.

move-outAt 12 years old, I wanted to move out of my parent’s house. It wasn’t a loving family. There was fighting and arguing all the time. I never wanted to be home. I even thought about getting emancipated at one point, because I didn’t think it was right for a mother to treat her daughter badly. I made the tough decision of moving out 5 years later. I was still a minor, but I couldn’t continue being miserable any longer.

That was my beginning of finding out what I wanted in life. I had to learn independence and grow up at a young age, but it made me a stronger person from it. If I got through that part in my life, I can get through anything that comes at me. Life is not a piece of cake, but it is up to you on how you make your life to be.

You have to find out what you want in life. I gave up my childhood, so that I could work to save up money to move out of my parent’s house sooner rather than later. If I didn’t work at a young age, there would have been no way I could have moved out. If I didn’t go to college, there would have been no way I would be in my career I am currently at now.

careerI found out what career I wanted at a young age or so I thought. I got my degree and followed the steps to become what I wanted to do. It took a little longer than normal, because I had to go to school while working to support myself. As I get older, I realized what I want in my career may not be what I want for the future. So what do I do?

I reflected on what I have accomplished up until now. I look at what I really want in my career. I dig deep down and really ask myself what I would enjoy doing as a career. I enjoy working at home. I want to make an income working from the comfort of my home or ANYWHERE in the world. I am tired of workplace drama that is not worth my time. So that is what I am working towards.

How do I do that? You have to learn to build the foundation of building a business online. If you can relate with me or you are interested in working at home, read my review and watch my video at Wealthy Affiliate to learn more.  Have you found out what you want in life? Please share your experience, comments or questions below.






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  • Kevin Pola

    Finding what you want in life is the big Question. Some very lucky people know instinctively what they want, unfortunately I am not one of them. It has taken me many years to answer that question.
    You post has got me thinking again, not sure that is good or bad. I always believe we should be looking to improve ourselves, so the mind working is not a bad thing.
    Wealthy Affiliate looks like a real opportunity to build an online business.
    Thank you Sofia for sharing this
    Cheer Kev

    • Sofia


      It is a good thing you are using your mind. Some people don’t use their mind all their lives and continue to make mistakes over and over again.

      Your belief in people should always look for ways to improve themselves is correct. We grow by improving.

      As long as what you want in life makes you happy, then that’s what matters. If what you want doesn’t make you happy then your decision should be looked at once over.

      Thanks for commenting,


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