What Makes You Think You Are Entitled?


Have you ever had a coworker who found out how much you were making per hour?

Well, I had a few of those. To do my job, you need a degree. As much hard work I have put into my degree, I deserve what I got paid an hour. When these coworkers find out how much I make, they think they deserve the same pay.

What makes them think they are entitled to get the same pay? Where is their degree?

They don’t have a degree. Of course, the employer will not pay them what I am getting paid, unless they have poor business management skills.Out of spite, they are not a team player. They don’t do their job duties. They push their jobs to us who should be working on patients rather than making and confirming appointments. They sit there on their cell phones, doing who knows what and gossiping about other people in the office.


What can be done about it when the employer allows this behavior to happen?

There are no consequences for their actions. They may be spoken to, but it doesn’t change anything. They don’t take the discussion seriously and go back to their old habits and nothing changes, because there are NO consequences for their actions. So, you still end up doing a double workload.

Seems like you don’t have any support from anyone, right?

This is what you call poor business management and people who have the mentality that “We owe them something or they are entitled to something” when they don’t deserve any of it. I think another definition for this is narcissist. By half the staff not doing their part in their jobs, the office can’t run efficiently. When patients cancel their appointment, it is the receptionist’s job to fill in the appointment. When that doesn’t happen, the employer pays the employee for that hour and the employer does not gain a profit.

For example, I am being drastic here. Here is a schedule for the day. For every hour, the staff gets paid $100/hour.


In the morning, three patients cancel for 10am, 1pm and 2pm. If those appointments do not get filled with other patients, the employer still has to pay the employee $100.00/hour. Three appointments not filled in means the employer loses $300.00.

So if production total for back office was $300/patient multiply by 8 patients in the whole day, which equals $2400. But since the 3 appointments were not filled in, the production goes down to $1500.  If the front staff was doing their jobs, the employer would not have lost out in a $900 gain in production. Not only did the employer lose $900, she lost an additional $300 to pay the staff for the three hours where appointments weren’t filled.

There’s a reason why the back office went to school to work on patients in the back. Because that is what they prefer and have a passion doing. If the front office wants to be paid well, then they need to go to school and get a degree or just do their JOB. If they don’t enjoy their job, because it is obvious they don’t, they should leave and find something else.

Just because you are doing your job minimally won’t change the fact that you will still get paid the same as you are now. You will still be miserable and living paycheck to paycheck. You are not entitled to a high paying job. You have to work for it. You are obviously not entitled if you are doing a job that anyone without a degree can do.

If you have the mentality that you are entitled, you will not get far in life. You will wake up, drag your feet into work and be miserable. You will hate your job. You will go in just to be paid. That isn’t fair to you or anyone else.

keep-my-mouth-shutWhat am I doing about it?

I keep my mouth shut, because I have been through this cycle before. Nothing changes and the environment gets worse. It all comes down to the employer managing the business poorly and not putting her foot down and letting other people with no business sense run the show.

Well, I am putting my foot down. I was told they didn’t need me to come in on Mondays anymore because the schedule wasn’t full. I bit my tongue, but in my head, I said to myself, “Well if the front desk did their jobs like they’re supposed to the schedule would be filled.” It is ridiculous. They have been in business for over 10 years. They should have more than enough patients to fill the schedule.

Instead of worrying about what they’re going to eat for lunch, they should be working on the schedule. Just because they’re jealous the back office makes more money, they have a “I don’t care” mentality. Well, karma will get them sooner than later.

We don’t have to put up with that crap!

Are you tired of poor management and there is no solution to your problem at work?

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Have you ever experienced people who think they’re entitled to get paid what you get paid? Please share below. I would love to hear about it.

Please leave any comments or questions below.




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  • Alec Terry

    I like how you built that article up with the frustration you were experiencing.

    I too have had those ill feelings happen to me. I am currently working on a degree in a very high demand discipline. Even though I am actively trying to make a living online, I still am taking all the necessary steps to advance in my day job as well. When my friends heard how much I was making at my internship, they were mad because they graduated and were not even making that much.

    I like your approach. Its not my fault. Its theirs.

    Good read

    • Sofia

      Well, you must be a harder worker than them. Your hard work pays off and it will clearly show. It definitely is not your fault. People who twist it around and make it seem like it is your fault has underlying issues that they don’t talk to anyone about. This will be discussed in my future posts. Don’t quit your day job until you can financially take that route. We can make hasty decisions in the spur of the moment, but if you have financial responsibilities, make a plan first and then take action. Thanks for your comment.

  • I don’t know why but this sort of thing seems to happen in a lot of offices. It is strange – like people get caught up in these resentment loops and start talking behind one another’s backs. Then, everyone gets paranoid! These seem to be common problems in offices. No wonder so many people want to work from home now!

    • I haven’t figured it out myself, but it is usually the non-motivated, non-educated people who starts the problems. I really think it is because they have a miserable life so they want everyone else around them to be miserable too to make them feel better. Thanks for your comment.

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