distracted-drivingSo I got up on a usual Monday morning. Went to work and by the end of the day the office manager told me they don’t need me to come in on Mondays anymore, because the schedule is not full enough. Maybe it was a gift to me because driving 1 hour and 40 min one way does tire someone out. Before I start work, I am already exhausted due to sitting for a long time in the car. Is driving killing you? I know it’s slowly killing me!

What is the cost of driving?

You can’t put a price for your life, but we can put a cost on materials. Do you know how much money you can save without driving, let alone not to have a car at all? If I do my calculations, I put $40.00 a week for gas. In 12 months, it is $1920. My car insurance costs $120 a month. In 12 months, it is $1440. To get my car serviced twice a year equals to $700. My car payment is $500 a month. In 12 months, it equals to $6000. If we total all this up, its a total of $10,060. Then, you have to factor in if you have to pay for parking at a parking lot. Depending on where you live, it can be pretty expensive. I know when I lived in San Francisco, CA, it cost 25.00 for the whole day. That was in 2001. I don’t want to know how much it is now and I don’t want to know. But if I worked 5 days and paid 25.00/day for parking lot, then that would equal to 125.00 a week. $500 for 4 weeks. In a year it would be a total of 6000.00 for parking lot fee. Add that to the previous total, which comes to $16,060.

That is a lot of money I could be saving instead of putting it all into a car! The cost of driving is KILLING me in all aspects!

You are probably thinking..thinking

But I need a car to get to work. There’s just no other way.

There is other ways. I know, I know. Jumping in your car to get from A to B is just so much easier. But is it worth every penny you earn from your hard work or risking your life?

Not only am I spending money on maintaining a car, you have to deal with stress of driving with crazy aggressive drivers, people texting while driving and not paying attention, car accidents,  increasing your health risk by sitting too long in the car and car pollution from your car and traffic.

What evidence can I provide you?

1. Car Accidents/ Deaths

According to the Insurance Information Institute, here are two charts below:


3,179 people were killed in distraction-affected crashes!

2,955 distraction-affected fatal crashes!


Above is a chart on driving behaviors involved in fatal crashes. The types of driving behaviors we have to deal with everyday we drive are people speeding, drunk drivers, running red lights, people tired and driving, aggressive/angry drivers, distracted driving and hit and run drivers.

In 2013, the number of fatal crashes due to driving behaviors were 44,574!

That number could be you! Why take the risk if you have another option?

When we drive anywhere or to work, we are putting our lives at risk everyday.

Why not minimize driving to a bare minimum if we can control it?

2. Increased health risk

By sitting too long or too much, you increase your health risks such as weight gain around the waist, bad back, leg disorders from poor circulation, high blood pressure and diabetes Type 2. Read my page on Sitting Can Kill you to learn more.

3. Car pollution leads to early death


According to Massachusetts Institute of Technology, they found 200,000 early deaths each year in the United States from air pollution.

53,000 premature deaths contributed from the emissions from the exhaust in tailpipes of cars and trucks.

What are solutions to save money instead of driving?

1.If it isn’t too far or you are in great shape, you can consider riding a bicycle. If you aren’t a morning person, this will wake you up. Not only will you decrease air pollution, you will get a great workout out of it so you don’t have to worry about going to the gym after work. The cost to ride a bicycle to work is $0. If I lived close to work I would ride my bicycle, but I live in the suburbs and the only way to get to the city is the freeway and bicycling on the freeway is not only not allowed but DANGEROUS!

2.Why not consider public transportation? In my area, to get a commuter monthly pass, it costs $96.25 a month. If you multiply by 12 months, it totals $1155.00. That is it. Nothing extra. No nonsense to pay gas, no car insurance, no car service fees, no car payment and no parking lot fees. That is a savings of $14,905.00.


3.What about carpooling? If you look up carpooling or Ride Share in you area, it is free. I remember when I lived in San Pablo, CA, I carpooled with strangers and you don’t have to pay them a cent. Having someone to carpool with allows you to go on the carpool lane and also some places you get to bypass paying toll. Right there you save the total amount of $16,060.00. You can also choose to ride with people you know or work with but you would feel obligated to pay them something. Even if you paid them something, it would probably be a lot less than what you would pay for a monthly commuter pass. Still, you would be saving a lot of money.

4.You can choose to work from home if your work allows you to. That would take away all the headache of having to drive and maintain a car.


You would save $16,060.00 a year, more or less depending on your location!

I am in the process of eventually switching to working at home because driving to work can kill me and you. Like many, we can’t quit our jobs unless we have another income to replace the income you are terminating. You are reading my post now, which is part of the website I have created through this program. It doesn’t cost you anything to try out and join as a member. If you would like to learn more about it, read my review of Wealthy Affiliate or watch my getting started video.

You have control of your life. You only live once in a lifetime. Why not decrease the risk of dying at all costs if you can, instead of putting yourself in a situation where you increase your risk of death?

You may think, “That isn’t living.”

Well, you won’t be living if you are dead.

How do you feel about driving? The cost of driving? The risk of driving? The solution to not drive? Feel free to leave me any comments or questions.




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  • Benjamin


    When you put things into perspective I’m glad I can’t afford to buy a car.

    That’s a whole lot of money to be spending. I just shows that as time goes by the prices add up.

    Yes a car saves you time and comfort but at least public transport is cheap.

    Great article


    • Sofia

      Hi Benjamin,

      Thanks for commenting. I know from experience not having a car is the most cost efficient way of saving our hard earned money. When I lived in San Francisco, at one point I didn’t have a car. I was able to walk to the bus stop, take bart train and I saw how much money I was able to save. It is great. Having a car is over-rated and expensive. Lets decrease the headache and just not have one. Glad you don’t have a car. You are smart and definitely saving a fortune.


  • What a great point – I wonder how many of us actually do the math and add up the expenses of driving? For me, I did real estate last year, so you can only imagine the driving I had to do!! I was filling up my car a couple of times a week and of course, that was always when I got that most important call that could make or break a deal and cost me thousands of dollars!

    I have thought about this too, just not done the math. But I know one thing, since I have been working from home more, I am not filling up my gas tank NEARLY as much and not putting anywhere NEAR the miles and wear and tear on my car. Not to mention, risking my life because of trying to pull over and handle calls and texts trying to do it. Great article!

    • Hi Debbie,
      Thanks for your comment. I think your life is worth more than thousands of dollars. It is great you have been working at home more. Prolong your life where you can.

  • I will Sofia – thank you!! 🙂

  • jschicanha

    wow this is a great article ever
    i think i was the only one who use to experience this in the world but great that everybody does. when i was not having a car and not knowing how to drive i use to hear my father complaining of driving but i end up thinking he was just lazy

    thanks for such important post


    • Sofia

      Hi Jose,

      Thanks for your comment. We don’t understand things when we never experience it, but once we do experience it, we can finally see what one experiences.


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