Do You Believe in Change?


IT IS POSSIBLE to Change Your Career. It is Possible if you put your mind to it.

Dont let fear stop you from moving forward in Your career. Are you in your 20s? 30s? 40s?50s? It doesn’t matter how old you are. Ask yourself how much you want it and how much effort you will put into it to make it happen.

13 years ago, I was a young and dumb adult

Yes, I can say that because as I got older I got wiser. Internet was not as advanced as it was now. Do you know anyone that works online at home for their jobs? Do you notice their demeanor compared to other people who get up and go to a 8-5 job? Do you envy them?

13 years ago, I tried to work online, but with no success

There was and still is a lot of scams out there. I was living paycheck to paycheck so I couldn’t continue to keep getting scammed online. So I continued working at my 8-5 job.

What if you can work online at home, too?


I see so many people that go to work tired, unhappy and then repeat the same thing the next day until the day of their retirement. That’s not living! Is that living to you? It might be living by providing food on the table and paying the bills, but what about the rewards? Yes maybe it is rewarding to experience life, having a job, living the American dream, having a family. I’m really talking about being relaxed and going to a job where you control your job. You set the time and how much you want to work and where you want to work. That sounds great, doesn’t it?

When was the last time you took a vacation?


Most people are just going through the motions of going to work and then home and then repeat the next day. They cant remember when the last time they took a vacation. Is it because they are living paycheck to paycheck? Because they have other financial obligations? Probably. But if there was a way to earn more cash so there is extra to spend to reward yourself, wouldn’t it be nice?

I was one of those people. Last year, I finally went on a vacation. Money was tight but I made it happen. I’m not a big spender but to really get the full experience during a vacation, I think I should be able to afford to do anything I want. Don’t you hate it when you go on vacation, but you can’t do certain things because you have to watch what you spend?

Do you take things for granted?


Well, let me tell you. There is a way. A few months ago, I was back to where I was at 13 years ago. In my heart, I knew I was meant to work from home. I recently cut my workdays to a minimal. It was really weird at first, but it really opened my eyes. I started to appreciate things I took for granted, such as taking the time to breathe in fresh air and going grocery shopping. Who hates going grocery shopping? I did, but when I changed my mentality and took my time doing it, I really started to enjoy it. It really opened my eyes that as I became an adult, time goes by in a flash. Really! Do you agree with me?

Where do you see yourself at 65 years old?


My coworkers ask me all the time how much dental hygiene program costs. I tell them, and 90% of them reply with oh I cant do that. Thats way too expensive. Well, that’s their problem. The way I saw it was it will be worth it at the end. If you could better yourself and get out of getting paid minimum wage, why wouldn’t you? Do you see yourself retiring at 65? Do you want to retire earlier but still have income coming in?

So what’s my point in all this talk about my history?


It is possible to change my career or your career. You just have to make it happen. Write down a plan. Research your plan. Post your plan where you can see it everyday. Stay motivated and keep working at it. You have control of your life! Don’t let others dictate your life. Those that dictate your life are ones who are truly unhappy with what they have become and have no strive to better themselves. You are here. I KNOW you want to BETTER yourself.

Where am I now?

I am in my beginning journey of working online at home. Never in my life had I made a career out of this. Scared? Of course! Will I make money? I believe I will! Will it take time? Yes. Anything in life, you deserve what you work for. Is a job miraculously going to fall into your hands? If you have been handed everything in your life, yes. Most people don’t get things handed to them as easily. One of them is me and probably you since you are reading this post.

Don’t Let Your Mind Control How you Really Feel


Don’t let your mind contaminate your will to fight and be better for your life and your family. Take Action! Throw out those negative words and replace them with positive ones.  I asked my patient this week if he was ready for the weekend. Typical answer was, “Of course! I cant wait to retire.” I replied with, “You have a great job that pays well. Imagine if you are getting paid minimum wage. Would you be able to retire at 65?” Then his demeanor changed. He said, “Yeah that’s true, got to think positively.”

You will get REAL help

You may get unmotivated. There are people that will motivate you to keep going. You may start doubting yourself and start thinking I’m never going to make money. You will. Just don’t give up. Your hard work will pay off. You have to be patient. This active community is your own supportive family.

I want to HELP you

I want you to begin a journey to make that big leap of changing your career that you have been contemplating about but haven’t. How can I help you? Well, I can guide you in the right direction of getting started at Wealthy Affiliate. Here you will learn to build a successful business online. To do that, you will need training, a website and ACTIVE support. Wealthy Affiliate has all three. In addition, you can join first, see if you like it before you decide you want to upgrade. Browse around my website and see what I have been working on.


Do You Believe in Change now?

Take note, I did not go to school for computers or marketing. I went to school for the dental field to work inside peoples mouths. You can do this too if you are ready. Go to my Getting Started page to watch a video to get a sneak peak of what you will get as a free starter member at Wealthy Affiliate. 

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  • Great article again Sofia! I love the graphics, especially that picture at the top!!
    I can relate to every single thing you said here! I’m sure most people can. I especially like that part about how you finally have the time to appreciate the little things and enjoy things like grocery shopping because you no longer have to feel rushed! So true! 🙂

    • Hi Debbie,
      Thanks for your comment. Having no set schedule where you have the freedom to do whatever and whenever you want is a great feeling. You have one life to live. Are you really living if you rush through it?

  • So true, Sofia!! Time to smell the fresh air!! 🙂

    • Yes because when you get to a certain age you may have regrets of why didn’t I do it when I was younger. We can’t turn back time. The time is now to experience anything and everything.

  • I agree! I am at that point too!

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