Do We Have The Freedom to Choose?


You have the freedom to choose to do whatever you want to do. My past weekend was unproductive and a little stressed, because I felt my present life was trying to go back to the past. I refuse to let that happen. I didn’t want to go back to my miserable temporary job Monday morning that I went to the previous week and was praying like you wouldn’t believe that today was going to be the last day I had to go in.

You are probably thinking, then don’t go into work if it’s so miserable. I did have that in mind. I laid in bed Monday morning contemplating what excuse I should make to not have to go into that dreaded place. Have you ever experienced this, because I know a lot of people do this everyday? The employment agency has helped me a lot with finding job assignments, so I should be a little more appreciative. I should be grateful, because some people who wants to work can’t get work.


By lunchtime, I text messaged the employment agency and they gave me good news. Yay! Oh my god, the weight lifted off my shoulders and it made the rest of my week better. Countdown begins! 4 more hours. The office is a horrible place to work. One of the assistants told me, “The dentist is grumpy already.” I asked, “Why?” She replied, “Because he is a grumpy old man.”

I don’t get it! If he is so grumpy, why don’t he just retire already? Does it cheer him up to make people miserable? That’s twisted if it does! Oh, I don’t care! I am gonna do my job and get the heck out of there at 5pm. I won’t turn back. This is out of my control and I am so grateful I am not a permanent employee.

I don’t get how all his staff can just put up with his crap. They are giving him permission to treat people like that, which is NOT RIGHT. Those are the people that are not opened to change, and just work for a paycheck. Is the paycheck worth it if you can’t leave work at work? If you aren’t happy? If you can’t enjoy a vacation or day off? In my opinion, it isn’t worth it.


He has an associate dentist there, but they have each patient assigned to each dentist. Darn! I wasn’t able to get the associate dentist to do all my patient examinations like I did the other time. His associate dentist is so nice, friendly and happy. I am starting to conclude that maybe owning a business is stressful, but also I think he is trying to do the front and back office management at the same time. That is physically impossible. You can’t focus on your patients if you are worrying about administration stuff. Hire a good management team! Maybe that will decrease his grumpiness.

Anyway, I didn’t have to tell them I won’t be coming back. I gave them my work hours for the day, so they can pay me before I walked out the door. They didn’t ask why I wasn’t coming back and I wasn’t going to voluntarily give them information. The agency told them for me, but to stay professional, they didn’t tell them the real excuse of why I am not coming back. I got my paycheck and walked out the door at the end of the day.


It was raining cats and dogs, but I didn’t care. I didn’t run to my car. I took my time and enjoyed the freedom of not having to have to ever step foot in that dreaded office again. I stayed at a job that was similar to this as a permanent employee. I refuse to go back to being unhappy and dreading to go to work again. If employers can’t appreciate good help, then they DONT DESERVE anyone’s help at all.

I did learn a lot during this experience. Don’t believe the pictures on the website. Pictures could be outdated and you will be in for a surprise. If something doesn’t feel right at work, follow your gut and do not accept the job. Next time I accept a job, it will be one day at a time. If the employer sucks, I won’t be stuck to suffer through the remaining days. From my past experience, I learned to not stick it out at a job. You have a choice to make a change. You just have to look. You have the freedom to choose when you want to change.


So what’s next for me? I am working on my goal of working at home. For now, I can’t completely quit my day job, but I can control what jobs to accept or decline. Have you thought about working at home? Read my review  and watch my video at Wealthy Affiliate to learn more.

What is your perspective of freedom? Please share your experience, questions or comments below.






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  • Leo Epsilon

    Urg, I know what you mean by those dreadful Monday mornings.. I almost feel as though we are one in the same! lol! same experiences and thoughts.
    I’m currently working a job I don’t want to be, hopefully I get the courage to take action and leave it!
    Thank you for the words of wisdom, and sharing your experiences!

    • Sofia

      Hi Leo,

      When you get the courage to take action and leave your job you dislike, you will be doing yourself a favor. But for now, until you have a plan what your next step will be you will have to stick it out unless you already have a plan. You have the freedom to choose where you want to work.

      Good luck,


  • Aless

    I think everyone should have the freedom to choose what to do with their lives. And the internet brought this to a lot of people. If 20 years ago almost nobody had an online business, now they’re developing by the day.
    I have my own and I chose it, instead of working a 9-5 for 40 years. And I love that I had the choice.

    • Sofia

      Hi Aless,

      I agree people should have the freedom to choose what to do with their lives. Some people allow people to choose for them or allow people to control them. That isn’t right but who are we to tell them any different? They have to realize it and make that decision. It’s definitely a great feeling when you have your own business online.


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