Do Benefits Outweigh The Risks?



People put a lot of time and investment in their schooling or work. Would you do something to jeopardize your job or credentials when you are faced with a dilemma of possibly losing your credentials? I know I wouldn’t. Sometimes, benefits outweighs the risks, but other times it does not.

There are certain laws and regulations you must follow for each job. Do you want to break the law in fear you may lose your job if you deny your employer of what they are asking you to do? If your employer threatens your job, you may want to reconsider what kind of person your employer really is? Honest or crooked?


Do not do anything that is out of your job description that can get you in trouble. Do you think your employer will be representing you? I doubt it. In this type of situation, you have to fend for yourself.

I spent years of schooling, money, hard work and stress to get to where I am at now. Is one job worth it to throw it all away? No. Obviously, by doing what your employer asks you to do benefits them, but does it outweigh the risks?

In my opinion, the risks outweighs the benefits in this situation. I have learned a lot from past work experiences. I will admit I was one who feared losing my job if I did not do what my employer asked.


You learn from your mistakes, right? Well, I did. Once you learn from your mistake, you shouldn’t make the same mistake again. If something doesn’t feel right in your gut, you should follow your gut.

You can speak with your employer and let them know what the law is. If they change and stop asking you to do illegal duties, that’s great. If not, you have three choices: stay and continue doing illegal duties, file a complaint or find another job.

I had to choose the third choice, because she was as crooked as can be. I knew someone that filed a complaint against her and she got fired, so that option wasn’t an option for me, so I found another job.


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In my situation, the risks outweighed the benefits. Have you had a job where you were asked to do a job out of your job description that was illegal? Did you do it? Please share your experience, comments or questions below.






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  • Sean

    I was in a kind of similar situation even though what I was doing was legal, it just didn’t feel right at the core you I left my job as a debt consultant.
    I’m curious as to what kind of job it was that you were doing and was it worth leaving at the end?

    • Sofia

      Hi Sean,

      I am a dental hygienist. A very honest one at that. She was showing me how to measure gum pockets the right way in her crazy mind. And the way she was showing me was not correct and by doing it her way, everyone would be considered to have gum disease and need a deep cleaning that costs hundreds of dollars.

      She would overtreatment plan for every patient that came in. Every speck of black, she would diagnose as a cavity when most of them are stains, which is unethical and illegal.

      Yes, it was worth it at the end. She was ripping people off, messing up peoples teeth by doing bad dental work. People would ask why their tooth is still infected when the infection had been already treated for. I didn’t lie to them. I just replied with “you’re going to have to ask the doctor.”

      I couldn’t tell the patients that she did horrible work. But I couldn’t stay at a place that was doing a lot of wrong to innocent people. I know I did my honest day of work but I didn’t want to be called to court or anything like that if someone decided to sue. Somebody did decide to sue, but because she knew she was at fault, she refunded all their money before it went to court. That didn’t show guilt at all did it? Umm ya.

      That’s great you followed your core feeling. Speaking of core feeling, I am posting a topic on core feeling. What a coincidence. Thanks for commenting.


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