Review of Aweber – My Honest Opinion


What is Aweber?

Aweber is a email marketing service provider that helps many people who are online business owners, bloggers, and entrepreneurs communicate with their target audience through email.

Name: Aweber

Price: 30 day Free Trial, then $19.00/month for up to 500 subscribers and unlimited emails

Price increases as # of subscribers increases.


Tom-KOwner: Tom Kulzer, CEO & Founder


Real Reviews Below:

Review 1

Review 2

Review 3

My Recommendation: yes

Overall Rating: 5/55-star-rating

 There’s always good and bad things about something.. Nothing is PERFECT


-Try before you decide to buy
-Helpful, easy to follow video tutorials
-Helpful support team and quick response
-Includes automated email campaigns and autoresponder
-Includes email templates so your emails are not plain looking
-Includes stock free image gallery
-Has many designs to select for your sign up form

-Automatically create emails from your newest blog posts
-Can send email newsletters
-Has a drag and drop editor feature to create newsletters
-Can integrate with other online tool to assist with building list
-Excellent deliverability
-Manages subscribers
-If you pay quarterly or annually, you can get a discounted rate
-Can check email marketing stats on mobile devices (Android and iOS devices)
-Can have one account for more than one website
-No limit on how many emails you can send out
-Has email marketing tracking



-Price per month increases when you have more than 500 subscribers
-Limited data importing capabilities
-Need to put credit card information before you can start free trial
-Will have to cancel trial before month up if you don’t want to continue using Aweber
-Not FREE forever

bloggerWho benefits from this product?

-Online business owners
-Anyone with a website
-Online entrepreneurs
-Anyone that needs to send a message out

What kind of work can you do with Aweber?

Affiliate marketing
-Email marketing

Training overview

Wherever step you are at, there is a step by step guide to help you get settled in. There are text and video instructions that are easy to follow.

Try AWeber free for 30 days! – AWeber Communications


1.You will go to “Menu” on the upper right of your screen.

2.Then, you will look for “Support” and under that you will click on “Contact us.”

3.Once you clicked on “Contact Us,” you will see a screen with FAQ, Free Live Webinars and Video tutorials.


When I contacted them by email and they responded to my question within a few hours. There is also a phone number and a place to click to text chat under “Contact Live Support.” While I was writing this page, I decided to use the “Text Chat” feature and I got an answer in ONE minute! That is truly the fastest question I ever got answered online.


Final Opinion

Before I tried Aweber, I tried a free autoresponder from Listwire. They were not helpful and I had to do my own research in order to learn how to do things. They did not have any video tutorials available and their website was not organized well. I did not like that program, so I considered Aweber, because I heard good things through many people.

I thought about going with MailChimp, but I had tried that before and I didn’t find the support I needed and it was confusing to me to get things set up. When I look for products, my main criteria is how well is the support. I read that MailChimp is free for up to 2000 subscribers, but when something is free, there is something lacking.

I didn’t want to waste my time again on something free that would give me a headache later on. So, I made my decision based on how well customer support was. Aweber has been voted best in customer service, so I can be confident I chose the best product. I agree based on my personal experience that they have the best customer service.


Personally, I try to give my patient’s in real life the best customer service I can possibly give them. So, normally I would want that for myself as well. That is why I chose this product as another tool for my online business. I have been contemplating a while of which email marketing provider I wanted to choose and this is the one I chose to use. I think I made a pretty good decision.

Are you ready to start building your email list? Did you know when you have repeat visitors to your website, it can increase your google ranking? Increase google ranking means more audience will see your page. More page visits can equal more sales for you!


Do you have a website? If you don’t, you can build one for free in under 30 seconds. Don’t know anything about building websites? That is okay. When you build your free website, you can sign up as a starter member for FREE at Wealthy Affiliate and they will guide you on how to set up your website and how to place content in your website for FREE. I am not kidding. I did it myself.


Although I only used Aweber for a short time, I don’t feel overwhelmed using this product. This product is worth the price, but it would be better if it was FREE. We can’t always get what we want, but I have learned you get what you pay for. If you want something great, then you will have to pay something. If you don’t want to pay for anything, then you will have to deal with the many glitches that come with not paying for something. I don’t have time for the glitches and headaches, so I will just pay it to avoid those problems.


three-giftsIf you sign up at Aweber for the free trial, I will personally give you THREE free gifts that can help you with your email marketing. Once you sign up, email me @ to let me know that you did that. Then, I will check my Aweber page that you have signed up and then I will email you the Three FREE gifts as promised.


Have you used Aweber or considering a email marketing service provider? Please share your experience, comments or questions below.






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Review of Listwire – My Honest Opinion

List Wire - Get Your Free Autoresponder

What is it? An email marketing system that supposedly makes it easy to send and create email marketing campaigns

Name: Listwire

email-autoresponderPrice: Free

Owner: Gary Ambrose


Real Reviews:

Review 1

Review 2

Review 3

My Recommendation:no

Overall Rating: 2/5

2 -stars 



-Builds email list and manage your prospects

personal-email-Can schedule to send broadcast messages or one time messages

-Can view how many people have viewed your website, opened your email and the bounce rate

-Unlimited subscribers to email list

-Has a automated marketing campaign so you can be on autopilot for whatever time you set

-Can broadcast messages to your friends on Twitter and Facebook

-You can learn the way an autoresponder works before deciding on purchasing a better autoresponder with no glitches


-People who don’t have their own domain email address will likely have email messages sent to spam folder

-Program not up to date

spam-mail-Can’t contact support

-To get help, have to scroll through FAQ/discussion board

-Doesn’t make it easy for people to sign up with a non-domain email address

-Plain, non-eye catching background sign up form

-When subscribers sign up for email list, advertisements pop up afterwards which is annoying even to me

-Advertisements after a sign up contradicts their anti-spam policy

-When you sign up to the email list, you may not get your subscriber because the other pop ups come up and if they fill out that form, it directs them away from your website

-The lay out of the whole website is not organized and not very good quality

-I learned how to set up my account through you tube (pretty bad they don’t have their own tutorial)

affiliate-marketerWho benefits from this product?

Affiliate marketers

Niche marketers

Website owners


What kind of work can I do?

You type the message or newsletter you want and Listwire does the rest of the work for you.

Training overview

Video tutorial is not available yet

User guide is not available yet

Training is only available in bits and pieces in FAQ and discusson board.


You have to go in the members forum and send a message to admin. I didn’t bother contacting them as people are still having the same problem in 2016 as in 2011. Obviously, nothing has been done to fix the problem which doesn’t sit well with me. It is like leaving garbage on the street for years and doing nothing about it.

Final Opinion

I have had this program installed into my website for a few weeks. I am not very happy with the service. I guess you get what you pay for really fits the saying here. I didn’t pay anything, so of course it won’t be perfect. I am definitely going to look for something better. I find it annoying that if you don’t have your own domain email, the confirmation email gets sent to the spam folder. There must be another program that is made better. I am sure there is, but it depends how much I want to spend.

no-spamI have read some reviews and the owner sounds pretty sketchy to me. I think it’s wrong to take our hard earned email subscribers information for his own benefit. Now that I read this, I am definitely taking down anything promoting Listwire on my websites. Free always has a catch. I thought I would be okay since I didn’t need to put in a payment method. Well, I had some subscribers who signed up into my form but never made it to confirm that they subscribed to the list.

One reason could be they got redirected to some other page to the owners benefit or because the program is set up so poorly, that they still have not fixed the glitch of sending confirmation emails to the spam folder. Not everyone has their own email domain address. Most people have gmail addresses, which I find where the problem is. The complaints I have about this program were the same complaints from 2011. Read the reviews above.

Have you used this program? Which email autoresponder do you use? Please share you experience, comments or questions below.






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Review of SiteRubix – My Honest Opinion



What is it?

SiteRubix is a platform made to simply build a website that uses WordPress content management system. This process is so simple that you can have a website of your own in 30 seconds

Name: SiteRubix

freePrice: $0 

Owners: Kyle and Carson


Real Reviews Below:

Review 1

Review 2

My recommendation:yes

Overall Rating:5-star-rating


-Mobile friendly

-Many website themes to choose from

-Experts take care of the technical part behind the scenes so you don’t have to worry about it

-2 Free Websites

-Can transfer website when you want your own domain

-Free training as a Starter member at Wealthy Affiliate

-Takes 4 steps to build a website



-You don’t own your website is a subdomain

-If you want your own domain (, there is a small yearly fee

-If you want to transfer you subdomain to your own domain, you must be a Premium member at Wealthy Affiliate

Who benefits?

Anyone who can follow directions, willing to put in the work and motivated to build their own business.

affiliate-marketingWhat kind of work can I do?


-Build websites


-Affiliate Marketing

-Sell your own products

-Take surveys

-Much more

Training overview

Wealthy affiliate provides website support, coaching, and help


Leave a message on contact form and owners will get back to you. If reply is not quick enough, you can ask active community in Wealthy Affiliate. If you are having technical issues, such as your site is running slow or you can’t load your website, you can contact Site Support. 


Once you click on “Site Support,” you will be redirected to this page. Here you will submit a Site Support Ticket Submission. Once you submit the ticket, they will get back to you within a few hours and have your problem resolved.


Final Opinion

If you want to start your own online business, why not start here? How will anyone know you have a business without a website? Tight with money? That is ok. This website builder doesn’t require money from you. In addition, once you build your website, Wealthy Affiliate will guide you on how to customize your website for free as a starter member. This process teaches you a lot. As long as you put in the time, the hard work and patience, you will see the results. I had an option of using this siterubix subdomain, but I decided I wanted my own domain. However, once I get my 2 websites further along, I may use the siterubix subdomain to try it out. Read my review of Wealthy Affiliate to see how much information and support they offer.

Have you used SiteRubix? Please share your experience, questions or comments below.






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Review of Affilorama – My Honest Opinion


What is it?

A training program for people who want to be affiliate marketers by building their own online business.

Name: Affilorama


Free Membership at $0free

Premium membership $1 for first 30 days, then $67/month

AffiloTheme $97 one time fee

AffiloBlueprint $197 one time fee

AffiloJetpack $997 one time fee

Owner: Mark Ling


Real Reviews:

Review 1

Review 2

My Recommendation: No

Overall Rating: 1/5



There’s always good and bad things about something.. Nothing is perfect.


Free 7 day trial

$1 first 30 days for Premium membership

Basic information with tutorials and videos

Quality, detailed training of course material



As a free member, you have to pay for a website

Too many upsells

Delays in support

Didn’t see reply in comments by actual owner

Discussion with others in community is not active or current

Limited training on free membership compared to paid training as a premium member

Who benefits from the product?

People with basic computer skills

Can afford $10/year to buy a domain name

Can follow step-by-step instructions

Can stay focused

Can accept wont get rich overnight

Anyone with no website or online experience

People with intermediate to advanced online marketing skills


What kind of work can I do?

 Learn how to build your own online business by affiliate marketing to make money online

intro-to-affiliate-marketing-overviewTraining Overview

 1. Free lessons

Video/content lessons covers:

Introduction to affiliate marketing

Market Research

Content Creation

Site Building

Marketing Ideas



Affiliate outsourcing (Outdated)


Access to members’ forum

Access to free members tools


Step by step technique

12 week course using videos showing you what needs to be completed each week as your task

Written lesson notes

Free and easy to use hosting service up to 5 websites






Gives you a copy and paste system to build affiliate website

Have 11 niches chosen for profitability

You get to choose 5 niche when you join

Each jetpack contains easy to build website with their wordpress theme, 20 articles for your website, a years worth of quality newsletters, three free reports, 1 click hosting, professionally designed header graphics and traffic strategies training which means get content that sells




4. Premium



Email provided at bottom of the page

Phone number provided at top right of page

Support on upper right of page, type in question and search

Can email affilorama or ask affilorama members 

Answers to questions may be displayed below of search



Final Opinion

In my honest opinion, I like that Affilorama has 7 day free trial and to try out the Premium member for $1 for the first 30 days. It is a little confusing on which package to choose from. As a beginner in affiliate marketing and someone starting a online business, I personally don’t want to spend a lot of money and I’m sure you don’t either. There is good information to learn but at the same time there is outdated information that could make your new online business fail. Outdated things are backlinking (penalized by google and your site will get deranked), private label rights(duplicate content), and page rank. I felt like I was in a dead program because the discussions were not current or active which indicated the community was not active. Here’s an image below. The last comment was on 12/2015. We are in the year 2016 now, aren’t we?



In my experience, when you enter into a program and there is upsells of products, it is a turn off for me. Also, I have been left in the dark with other money making programs. Doing my research, there were several reviews where people did not like the lack of support in the program.  They also did not like the long wait for a response. When I don’t get a quick response, I don’t find them very supportive and that’s a negative view to me.


I don’t agree with the affilojetpack where 80% of the work is done for you and you put in 20% of the work. It puts you at a disadvantage, because you don’t learn all the steps in building a successful business online, so you will be dependent on them permanently. You want to be independent to be your own boss and know what the heck you are doing. If you want to get money quick, it its just like going into a get rich overnight scheme. A little strange, when I clicked on Affilojetpack, it indicated “The door is closed.” Not very competent site to me.


I found the content provided for the lessons a little overwhelming. It felt unorganized. I didn’t know which order I was supposed to learn the lessons. The layout of the course was not easy to follow.

What I found fishy was why do they include google analytics as a affilotool when google analytics is free? To me, that is their way of ripping us off by charging us an extra $20 a month. If you calculate $67X12 months=$804. That is a lot of money compared to $359/yr with Wealthy Affiliate. Not only that, you have the upsells in Affilorama so you may end up spending a total of $2095 because they have their ways of convincing you that you need all of the packages.


I found a great program that does not have any hidden fees. You pay it and you get all the features monthly. You even get 2 free websites when you join as a starter member at no cost to you and you don’t have to pay extra to get step by step instruction on building a website. Any other tools you need, Wealthy Affiliate will find stuff that you can use where you wont have to spend another penny. You can also get a discount if you want to pay yearly at $359. That is less than $1 a day for up to date information and training with active support and a active community.

If you want to learn about what program I am in, read my review and watch my video at Wealthy Affiliate.

Have you used this product? Please share your experience below. I would love to hear about them.

Please leave any comments or questions below.




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Review of Ibotta – My Honest Opinion




What is it?

A mobile app/rebate site used on you smartphone to get real cash rewards by redeeming rebates for stores, online stores and restaurants.

Name: Ibotta

Price: Freefree

Owners: Bryan Leach, CEO


Real Reviews:

Review 1

Review 2

My Recommendation:yes

Overall Rating: 5/5


There’s always good and bad things about something.. Nothing is perfect.


Get cash back after you purchase something listed in their site

Easy to cash out with Venmo or Paypal account

Cash deposited less than 48 hours, but they indicate 48 hours to be safe

Get $5 when you invite friends who join Ibotta and they get $10

Get $10 instantly for new users who signs up




If you buy the same items every week, the product may not be there every week

Store receipt must be submitted within 7 days of printed receipt date to be accepted for payment

Rebates do expire, so purchase your product before expiration date

Can cash out at $20.00



Who benefits from the product?

Anyone that goes grocery shopping, shopping for products or dines out

Anyone who has a loyalty card who links their card or phone number to

People who live in United States or Puerto Rico

Must provide receipt with US currency

Anyone 13 years and older

Anyone with a smartphone with a built in camera


What kind of work can I do?

Redeem rebates to get cash quick

Training Overview

There are 2 methods:

I. Submit a Receipt

1. Download the Ibotta App, which is required to submit a receipt

2. Unlock rebates by clicking on “Pink box” – Before you go shopping, unlock the cash rewards you are going to purchase by answering simple questions or watching short videos





3. Buy the products you unlocked

4. Verify your purchases, by scanning the product barcode, and submit a photo of your receipt

5. Get cash deposited into your account within 48 hours

II. Link a Loyalty Account

  1. Sign up for Ibotta
  2. Link your store loyalty account by connecting your loyalty card or phone number
  3. Unlock rebates just like in “Submit a receipt- #2”
  4. Go shopping by using your loyalty card or phone number at checkout
  5. Get cash deposited in your Ibotta account within 48 hours


If you need help, scroll down to the bottom of the page. Under “get help”, click on “Contact support”. Select a topic and type in a description you need help with and submit. If you want a quicker answer, click under “Get Help”, click on “FAQ”. On the smart phone, you would click on the menu on top left page. It will bring you to the home screen, scroll down and there is your help tab. You can find FAQ there or submit a question by contacting them. I haven’t had to contact Ibotta for support because I have not needed any help from them yet. Knock on wood.


Final Opinion

We all go shopping for products, such as clothing, household supplies, groceries, etc. Why not earn REAL cash back at the same time? I have been using the app for 3 months and have gotten back $62.75. It isn’t a lot, but something is better than nothing. You definitely earn cash faster than taking surveys, which I have no patience for. Plus, you get CASH BACK within 48 hours. If you are a regular shopper, your cash back can be as fast as a few hours or within the hour in my experience. I haven’t linked a loyalty account because some stores don’t have that so I just use my smartphone. Ibotta is pretty efficient in my opinion, so doing the loyalty program shouldn’t be a problem. I just went to the grocery store today, 5/20/16 and redeemed $0.75 cents and was approved in a minute, so they don’t have a problem paying you. So I have earned a total of $63.50.



If you would like to learn more about making more money over time, please watch my video and read my review at Wealthy Affiliate.

Have you used this product? Please share your experience below. I would love to hear about them.

Please leave any comments or questions below.




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