Don’t Give Up After a Month


A lot of people searching to make an income online wants to make money quick. Who wouldn’t, right? If you are looking to legitimately make an income online, it doesn’t happen overnight. Most people give up after a month if they are not making an income online. My suggestion to you is don’t give up after a month. Below are some things I have experienced during my online journey.

Anyone that advertises that you can make money quick is lying

I have been there. They show you a large amount of money you can make, but once you pay into the program, you are not told what type of work you will be doing. When you are desperate, you hope for it to be real but then it’s too late.


Give it a year before you decide to quit

I have been working on making an income online for 9 months now. I have made some income, but it isn’t enough to make it a full time income. I still have a job I have to physically go to, so my progress is a little slower than someone who can work online full time. I believe if I had more time, I would be making more income online by now.

Find a legitimate program that works

If you fall into a scam program, of course you will give up after a month or less. It’s a waste of your money and your time. That was one of the reasons why I gave up 16 years ago. Luckily I found a program that works and helped me build the foundation of my online business. To learn more about the program, read my review.

It is possible to start making an income in a month

Depending on how many hours you work on your business online will reflect how much you will make.


Use a keyword tool

When you write your posts, you want your target audience to find your posts.With a keyword tool, this helps you read the minds of your target audience and see how many people are searching those keywords. To learn which keyword tool I use, ready my review.

Get Google indexed

Indexing in Google is important. When you search for something, the results page shows up. You want to be indexed in the first page in order to have a chance for your audience to find you. You lose out on making money if you are not on the first page. Do you click on page 2 of your search results? I find what I am searching for less relevant after page 1.

Keep on learning

There is new information to learn everyday. The more valuable your information is, the more trust you will gain through your audience. Gaining trust of your audience will most likely have them return to your website and refer people they know to your websites, too.


Stay positive

I surround myself around positive people, because we all know how draining negative people are. Being around positive people helps you stay motivated. You don’t want anyone bringing you down or trying to make you fail in your goals.

It gets worse before it gets better

When I first started building a business online, I faced some challenges, but once I overcame them, it got better. I did not major in computers, but I knew the basics. As long as you know how to read and follow directions, you can get through it too.

People give up when things get hard

In all situations, if you don’t put an effort and quit just because things are hard, that needs to change. If you really want to make an income online, quitting is not an option. You have to work hard to see results.


Your hard work is paying off

Doesn’t it feel great when you get a sale? It just shows what you are doing is working and you need to continue working at it. Google likes it when your website is active, so keep working on your website.

Final thoughts

When I first started my website, one of my posts was on page 10 in Google. As I added more posts, comments and content, my post gradually increased to page 1. That was when I started seeing my work pay off. When it was on page 10, I did not see any results.

It took 5 months before I got a sale. Initially, I spent 4 hours a day, sometimes 8 hours a day to get things set up and learn how to build and customize my website. Lately, I spend a few hours or less a day due to my work schedule. I wish I had more time to work online, but I have to stick with what brings in a guaranteed income until I am making a full time income online.

When things got hard, I did have a thought of quitting in the back of my head, but I stopped myself from quitting. I am glad I didn’t quit after a month, because I would be regretting it like when I did 16 years ago. If I had stuck to it back then, I wonder how successful I would be by now?


How long did it take before your work online started to pay off? How many hours a day do you have to spend online working? Please share your experience, comments or questions below.






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Working with a Narcissist

bullyHave you ever worked with someone who was a bully, a “know-it-all?” Unfortunately, there is always one person at work, school or home that is a narcissist. 

What is a Narcissistic Personality Disorder?

According to Wikipedia:

“A narcissistic personality disorder is a long-term pattern of abnormal behavior followed by exaggerated feelings of self-importance, an excessive need for admiration, and a lack of understanding of others’ feelings.”

Can it be cured?

No, but treatment can help.

How do you know if you have the disorder?

Must be medically diagnosed by a medical professional.


What causes this disorder?

Unknown, genetic, or environmental

What are signs of a narcissistic personality disorder?

-Excessive need for admiration

-Inability to handle criticism

-Sense of entitlement

-I’m right. You’re wrong

-Get’s angry to get her way


How to avoid a narcissist?

If you have to be in the same environment, then you want to stay as far away from them as possible. These people are toxic and are not worth being in your life. 

If your family member is one, I can’t tell you what to do, but my mom is one. I made the decision to cut her out of my life. Being around people like that will often rub off on you. It is like someone who is a bad influence that rubs off on you when you hang out with them a lot. 

Although I can’t avoid the narcissist at work, I only talk to her if it is necessary. Unfortunately, I have to work right next to her so I have to hear her loud bragging of herself all day long. It is pretty annoying.


I have made the decision if it is not mandatory, I will not participate in any outings. Why should I have to endure that on my own time? I don’t care what they think about me. It’s my way of staying sane and keeping the peace. Although, most days I want to tell her off.

I have to remind myself to be the better person. Usually, I notice people who are narcissist are very negative people and are not happy with themselves. What these people do to us is wrong and karma will get them if it hasn’t already. We have to stay positive, remind ourselves what we are grateful for and keep on working at our goal.


I worry that my mom’s narcissistic disorder may be passed on to me, but when I look at the signs, I don’t fall into those signs. I am the direct opposite of those signs above. Phew! I never want to become like her, so I work really hard to never be like her. So far, so good. I am nothing like her. 

One goal I am working on is to be able to work online full time. In order to do this, I needed to build a website. I had no idea how to do that until I stumbled across Wealthy Affiliate. This program has taught me a lot. Although I can’t work online as much as I want, I still try to fit in time whenever I can. This is my way out to eventually get rid of having to be around a narcissist.

How do you deal with a narcissist? Are you friends with one? Please share your experience, comments or questions below.






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No Perverts For Me



So I recently applied to a job posting. Have you ever applied, but the job doesn’t list the name of the company? Well, this was one of them. I didn’t get the name of the company until they called with some questions. My mind immediately screamed, “No perverts for me!”

This company I applied to, I had worked there as a temporary assignment. Even if I got hired there, I would be breaking the contract with the temporary agency I work for. However, I’m not worried about that at all. When they called and stated which company they were with, I immediately deleted the voicemail message.

I never wanted to work for that office again. I was supposed to work one more assignment with them, but I just had to get out of it. When I worked there for a temporary assignment, I got the feeling that the employer was a pervert.

Okay, to all the females. I know you know what I am talking about. When the guy should be looking at your face and not somewhere else. To top it off, he was obvious about it and I felt so uncomfortable. I am so glad that I worked at a lot of different companies as a temporary, so that I know how the employer is.

scrubI was wearing the normal uniform scrubs most dental professionals wear. It was not tight (the fit of my scrubs is like the image to the right). I usually wear my scrubs loose, so it was pretty disgusting when he just stared more than a second and I saw him looking, too. I didn’t act inappropriately or gestured in any way that I was a bit interested in him. I actually didn’t make any conversation with him unless it was patient related.

The worse thing would be accepting a job and come to find out your employer is a pervert or sexual harasses you later on. Sometimes, people need the job so they have to tough it out until they find another job.

I have never known myself to be picky when it comes to a job, but I know what I really want and don’t want. In the past, I would be happy when I got hired for a job, but come to find out later the working conditions weren’t great.

The job I applied to left me another voice mail today, but I deleted it again. Although the hours are great and it is close to home, I find it really important to have a comfortable working condition. This situation brings up the issue that I had when I was a teenager and it wasn’t a pleasant one.

There was an assistant manager who was an adult. There were many teenage girls working at this pizza place. I was one of the teenage girls. Being teenage girls, we didn’t know how to handle someone sexually harassing us and touching us inappropriately.

I’m the kind of person, if I don’t like you, I stay away from you. I learned how to defend myself and since none of the girls were doing anything about it, I told the manager about it. Once I did, the girls had the courage to tell their side.

showerSoon after, he was fired. He never suspected it was me who told on him, but I am glad I told the manager before anything serious happened. I remember taking hot, scolding showers because it was so disgusting. He was a 40 year old man feeling up on 16 year old girls.

What he did was wrong and he knew it. He tried to come back later to get his employee file. Why? So that when people call for reference, they won’t know about what he did. His file never got in his hands.

We learn from experience. When that employer looked at me inappropriately, that was it. I won’t let it happen again. Granite I had to lie and say an emergency came up, but at least I got out of working for him again.

I guess not calling them back about the job doesn’t make me reliable, but I have my reasons. I don’t want to lie and I want to stay professional. I just wonder why he is looking for another employee? Maybe it’s the reason why I will never go back there again. We will never know and I don’t care. My mind and heart is set and there will be no perverts for me.

Have you had an experience with a pervert? Please share your experience, comments or questions below.






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Learning From An Interview

interviewI was considering adding another work day to my work week last week, so I applied for a job. I learned during the interview that my heart wasn’t into it. The interview took all of 5 minutes. The questions they asked me were really stupid questions that they could have asked me over the phone. That would have saved me gas and my time driving over there on my day off.

Honestly, I think interviews are stupid in my field. Anyone can say the right stuff, but what really matters is what they can actually do while working. After I left the interview, I wasn’t sad or anything. I had many job offers that I turned down for certain reasons.

hostile-employerI have learned from the past even if I got hired for a job, I would request to work a day to get a feel of the working environment. If someone hires you right after an interview, be wary. Maybe you are the best candidate for the job, but if you accept the job and then start working and realize the work environment is horrible. Then, you are in a predicament.

In the past, I would be sad I didn’t get the job, but I just went on with my day like a regular day off and did what I wanted to do without a  worry in my mind. I think my heart is focused on another job opportunity that I see myself doing full time sooner than later.

This job opportunity involves working online and building a business where I can work anytime and anywhere I want. I can’t completely focus on this job opportunity, because it isn’t earning a full time income for me yet. So, I still have to physically go to a job. When I reflected why I even decided to add another day, I asked myself, “what was I thinking?”

If I added another day, that would be less time I can work on building my business online. I know building a business takes time, but if I can work on it more then maybe that will shorten the time I will have to work physically at a job.
I have always been very independent from when I was young. Maybe that is why I rather work by myself. It definitely avoids having to work with people you rather not work with or have unnecessary drama. From when I was young, I learned how to read people from a distance. I stayed away from people that I rather not be associated with.

work-at-homeI already know where I want to retire, but to make that happen, I want to have a full time income working from home way before then. I know that when one works from home, the downfall is you are never really off the clock. I think that’s the only negative about it, but all the other positive reasons overrules that one thing.

I think if we make a schedule for ourselves and follow it, then one can get off the clock. Unless you are a workaholic, then keep on working. I have been working for a long time and I believe there should be a balance between work and life. I think working too much and not having a life is not truly living. I personally believe it affects the mood and health of people. I see it all the time.

The lesson I learned here is don’t go on anymore interviews. I finally opened my eyes and realized it’s a waste of my time and my heart isn’t truly into it, so work on what your heart is into until your heart’s content. Even though my heart isn’t into it, I always continue to give patients the best care I can. I still do my job the best that I can do, because I didn’t go to college just to throw it all away. I have wanted to be my profession for a while, so I better appreciate that I have accomplished my career goal.

retirementAs we get older, we think about the future. We have to plan for things we don’t really want to plan for, like retirement. Who wants to get older?  I know I wish I could stay a certain age forever. I know that’s impossible. We have to face reality.

Before I was an adult, I wished the time would pass by faster. Boy, it isn’t as glamorous as I expected. If I could turn back time, I think I would enjoy the simple things of a child growing up instead of trying to grow up too fast. A little too late. We learn from experience.

I find it strange that my mind and heart don’t communicate well with each other. One thinks about one thing and the other thinks about something else. If they both agreed on one thing, it would make life a little less complicated. The lesson learned from this interview is to listen to your mind and your heart.

What have you learned during an interview? Life is a learning experience. We grow when we are willing to learn. Please share your experience, questions or comments below.






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Work Work Work Work



Last week, I had a temporary work assignment. It was Columbus day and kids had the day off from school. So, guess what? The schedule was so busy. Ridiculously, busy. I don’t mind working, but when it becomes like a line factory, that is when I dislike it.

I was contacted the night before by the temporary agency. I have no idea why I agreed to it, because I had all intentions of having the day off. When you work for a temporary agency, you never know when there will be work or not.

If you work an eight hour day, a normal amount of patients for the day is 8 patients. That day, there was 14 patients. I really felt like someone changing tires on a race track. I didn’t even have time to have a nice conversation with the patient. I know that if I made too much conversation with the patients, I would have ran behind.

I disagree with how they scheduled the schedule and on top of that, they put two more patients on my schedule when they weren’t scheduled on my side. I thought that was inconsiderate, because my patient that I had on the schedule was already here so she was seen 30 minutes later.

speedy-gonzalezI should have worked slower, so that they didn’t take advantage that I could handle the workload. It just isn’t in my nature. I don’t know what it is, but even years before when I was a dental assistant, there were coworkers who worked slow on purpose so they don’t have to work on complicated procedures. If I tried to work slow, I would still finish my work fast. My nickname was “Speedy Gonzalez.” I couldn’t help it.

I don’t like messing around. If I need to get work done, I will do it efficiently until it is done. Surprisingly, I must have taught this myself because I did not learn this from my parent’s. They haven’t taught me much growing up.

The parent probably looked at me like why am I running behind, but I just kept on working. I knew that it was the only and last day I will work there. Luckily, I had an assistant who helped me clean my rooms. I would have ran really behind if I didn’t have an assistant.

It is my pet peave when I run late when it isn’t my fault. I am considerate of people’s time and I see my patients on time majority of the time. I know they have a life and I don’t want to interfere with their busy schedule. That is just the way I am.

The dentist asked me if I was used to being that busy. I replied, “yes.” She didn’t know my background or where I worked before. She was shocked with my reply, but I wasn’t going to complain because I have to stay professional to represent the temporary agency.

Years ago, when I worked as a dental assistant for an orthodontic office, the most patients they would see was 200 in a day. We had about 8 assistants, so we did our share of work. With that many patients, you have to work efficiently. It is different in my position, because there isn’t anyone else taking my patients if I run behind.

factory-lineWhen I first relocated to another state, I worked at a corporate dental office. Have you been to those? The ones with many different locations? Treats you like a number instead of a patient? Were you treated like how many patients they can get in and out as fast as they can like a factory line?

Well, I stuck it out for 7 months and it was miserable. I have my beliefs. I went to school and learned about ethics and what they were doing was outrageous. I promised myself if they EVER talked to me about production, I would quit.

That day came when they threatened to pay me per patient instead of per hour if my production didn’t increase. I can’t increase my production when they have inexperienced front staff working. So, the next day, I worked my day and at the end of the day, I stayed professional and told the manager, “Today is my last day because this isn’t the right working environment for me.”

I didn’t have a plan or a job, but I knew that was the best thing for me to do. When I walked out that door for the last time, it was such a great feeling. I vowed to myself I would never work for a corporate office again. Every corporate office I have encountered is all about how much money they can make.

They like to hire people with no experience so they can pay them dirt cheap. Who gets effected? The back office. The company doesn’t treat their employees well, either. They treat them like slaves. Every morning, they talk about production goals. I thought it was ridiculous. So, patients were seen as dollar signs instead of actual people they cared about.

That was the difference between me and them. I treat people the way I want to be treated. I wasn’t going to decrease my quality of care to my patients because they wanted to make more money. That is still my belief today and whenever I have to go to an office for temporary work that I don’t agree with their protocols, I deny the job.

One good thing that came out of working that day was I had a good night’s sleep. Once I laid my head down on my pillow, it didn’t take less than a minute to be sound asleep. Well, I was exhausted along with the one hour commute each way. 

Life is too short to be miserable. You can control your life and happiness. I would like to retire earlier than 65. I would like to be able to work anywhere in the world. After a few bad experiences with twisted employers, I decided to finally pursue working online. That is when I found Wealthy Affiliate to get me started. Read my review to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate.

Do you get overworked on a daily basis? Please share your experience, questions or comments below.






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