Can You Leave Work At Work?


Many people get off work on a daily basis, but don’t really leave work. They bring work home with them or the stress that comes with it. Can you honestly say you leave work at work when you get off work? Where you step into your house and you are not thinking about your work life at all?

In the past, my work haunted me even when I was well off the clock or even thousands of miles away. Why? Some employers treat their employees badly by abusing them. Maybe not physically, but verbally and emotionally, which can put a toll on our health and mental health.

quitWhat was my solution? I quit that job permanently. Ever since then, I refuse to stay at a job where work follows me home. Home is your sanctuary, a place where you can relax and not be stressed. If you are not relaxed and stressed when you are at home, is it worth it to your health, your family, or your happiness? In my opinion, it isn’t worth it. We only have one life. Why live a life being stressed 24/7?

Long term stress can lead to many health conditions. Is your work worth more than your life? I know you can’t just leave a job permanently if you have financial responsibilities, but why not find a job that you don’t have to bring back home with you. There is more than one job out there for you if you look for it.

work-at-homeCurrently, I have a job where I leave my office at the end of the day, I can really leave everything at work. I don’t think about it until the morning I walk into the office. That is how it should be. However, I am working on a career change and that requires me to work at home when I am not at a physical office. It is completely different to my current position. I am my own boss, so there’s no abuse from anyone. If you would like to learn more about it, read my review of Wealthy Affiliate.

Can you leave work at work when you leave at the end of the work day? Please share you experience, questions, or comments below.






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  • Ben

    I think the only real way to loeave work at work, as you call it, is if you are earning a passive income. This way, you can work at your own hours and take off whenever you want, secure in the knowledge that your investments or website is raking in the cash.

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