Can People Change Their Personality

grumpyIs it the water these bosses are drinking which makes them mean and grumpy? I feel like saying how it is and telling them, “Go jump on a treadmill or go back to sleep and get up on the right side of the bed until your mood has improved!” Do they not know that they’re presence makes everyone unhappy or are they just that ignorant? I know everyone has different personalities, but if you work with a bunch of people, these bosses need to have a better personality. Can people change their personality if they are stuck in their old ways?

I had a temporary assignment for two days this week with the same office. If you have been reading my posts, I have been on a unlucky streak dealing with horrible bosses. I did research on this particular boss. Boy, was his website deceiving. His picture is outdated by 30 years. My first impression when I stepped foot into the office, I already knew I did not like the place. I set my goal that morning to get through the day, so it is one less day to work for this office.

lateNobody looked happy to be there. I introduced myself and everyone introduced themselves WITHOUT any enthusiasm. I was thinking, “Great, just my luck.” Then, the boss didn’t even introduce himself to me. When I had called him to do an examination on my patient, he grumbled, “Ok.” Then, made me wait 20 minutes before he got there, which made me run behind on my schedule.

Come on, he needs to manage his time better. Patients have a life outside of the dental office. There is so much I can talk to the patient about to kill time, but twenty minutes is RIDICULOUS! I don’t know if it’s an OCD I have that hasn’t been diagnosed, but I get a little annoyed when people take their sweet time doing things or when people are not considerate of my time.

My philosophy when it comes to patients is see them on time and release them when their appointment is up, but that is how I would want to be treated. I don’t know. Just my rant. Then, I saw a new patient and first impressions are EVERYTHING! Well, the front desk gave me a chart but it was the wrong chart. Same first name but different last name. Really?! They need to get organized. It’s already stressful enough to go to a different office, but to have them unorganized doesn’t help the matters.

dislikeThe boss took his sweet time coming over to do the examination, again. If I was someone looking in from the outside, which I am, I wouldn’t come back to the office. Some people need to get to work or get somewhere or have a meeting at a certain time, but he SLOWLY walks over to my patient and is not considerate whatsoever. My impression of this boss is he doesn’t enjoy his job or he is a miserable person. EVERYONE who works there doesn’t look like they want to be there.

Instead of SITTING in his chair in his office, he needs to take a walk. He looks like a heart attack can happen to him any minute. He sits all day, doing procedures that can be 3 hours long. Sitting can kill you! He is the type that thinks he knows everything, so nothing you say matters. Inflammation is a silent killer, but I bet he doesn’t know that. Of course not!

He preaches to the new patient that he doesn’t have cavities, but informs the patient that he has a lot of inflammation. Inflammation this, inflammation that. Well, hello, you have an overabundance of inflammation and not the good kind. More of the bad inflammation. Don’t act like you are concerned when you obviously are not concerned about YOUR own inflammation.

bullyHe doesn’t make ANY conversation with me, except to try to humiliate me in front of a patient. Whatever, I don’t care. He’s a miserable grumpy man and that is his way of feeling better about himself. SOOO GLAD I AM NOT A PERMANENT EMPLOYEE! The second day I was there, it wasn’t any better. He only tried to “Be nice” and “Make FAKE conversation” when I was leaving. Too late, I already saw your true colors. Unfortunately, I had accepted this job assignment for the rest of the month for two days a week.

Why put up with this unnecessary stress if I don’t have to? I called the employment agency and told them I feel stressed and don’t feel comfortable working for that office. So far, the agency was able to take the last week of this month off, but still working on next week. Well, two days is better than four. Money isn’t everything. I would rather be happy, unstressed and comfortable where I am working at. The negative vibe in the office radiates all over. I need positive vibes, not negative ones. I need to stay away from NEGATIVE VIBES!

freedomI did my job and wished for the time would go by faster. Because of horrible bosses, I don’t wish to look for a permanent position. Why take the chance and in a year, less or more you see how horrible they really are? I am not taking that chance. I already took MANY chances. It is time to pursue a career change in working at home. We ALL have CHOICES and the FREEDOM to do what we want. Nobody can tie you down anywhere you don’t want to be.
I am trying to stay professional and not flake out on the agency. They are the ones who place me in assignments, so I should do them a favor and complete the assignments. He must be a horrible boss, because assingments get accepted quick, but they are having one hell of a time finding people that wants to take this office. Word of mouth spreads like wildfire. NOBODY wants to be treated badly and if you do that, NOBODY will want to come back.

changeI don’t think these people can change their personality, because a toxic environment rubs off on you. The longer you stay at a environment that is obviously toxic to your wellbeing, the more you will become like the boss. It is just how it works. I have seen it before and I want NOTHING to do with it. I shake my head when people complain about their jobs, but that’s all they do is complain. They do NOTHING about it. Well, I am doing something about it. Life is too short to be living it miserably half of your day, every day.

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  • Danielle

    Hey there. I love your website. You have such a positive attitude about it and you give so much of your feedback. Everyone basically understands about a job that they do not enjoy. Why waste your life being miserable? Why not find something that you enjoy? When we are miserable, we can’t help but stress out. I even before you lose one life span over something you stress about and we ony have one life, why can’t we do something for us for a change. No need in being miserable. We’re not here on earth to work and die. We’re to enjoy life. Thank you sofia for your positive outgoing message. I think it inspires people to go out there and do what we love and it definately directed it towards Wealthy Affiliate. Your content is great. I like how you had information everywhere on your page. I read through your archives and they were uplifting. I love your hard work.

    • Sofia

      Hi Danielle,

      Thanks for your comment. No point in stressing yourself out when you can do something about it. Stress isn’t just stress and you deal with it. Long term stress will lead to underlying diseases. Is it worth it to jeopardize your health? Your life? No job is worth the amount of your life. That’s just my opinion.


  • WinnyPoo

    I use a service called Pocket that rounds up articles for me, and one of my interests is Psychology.

    I received this NPR article a couple weeks ago on this exact topic of “can people change their personality”.

    Without getting into the nitty-gritty of the article, it documents research about prisoners serving life sentences, and if they have changed in the 20-30 years they have been in jail.

    I don’t mean to say that you are wrong about people not being able to change their personalities, but basically, the author of the article has an opinion change after doing his study.

    He initially believed that personality is this rigid thing (ie evil people are always going to be evil) but he ends up thinking otherwise.

    Anyway, just some food for thought.

    I did enjoy the hilairuos language on how vile your boss was.

    • Sofia


      Thanks for commenting. Yes, some people can possibly change if they want to change.

      Unfortunately, people who are not prisoners are harder to change. They don’t have a lot of time like prisoners to reflect on themselves.

      They continue to think the way they act is ok and majority of people just deal with them or allow that behavior to happen.



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