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jerkIf you have been reading my post, you know I have been posting about reasons to change or plan to change your career. I went to this temporary job and something didn’t sit right with me. I know each office has their way of doing things, but they can’t expect me to read minds. Working in the dental field, I have come across plenty of horrible bosses. Another word for a horrible boss is a jerk.

I had saw that this dental office was hiring for a hygienist, but I didn’t have any interest in working for her. I have met a lot of people up until now and I follow my gut now. I do my research on the employer before I go to my temporary assignments and her picture was worth a thousand words. She did not have a genuine smile. Anyone who can point out a “fake” person can see that. When I went in to work, I didn’t like her attitude. She had a “I am better than you mentality.” She was very impersonal. I couldn’t wait to get out of there for lunch. I don’t want to make fake small talk to people I didn’t want knowing about my business.

In the morning, when I was going through the charts, there were things not being done regularly that they should be doing. I thought to myself, “Wow, I thought she gives her patients the best care.” For my first patient, he certainly doesn’t get the best care. I just had to ask if he flossed even though they usually lie to my face and swear they do. Maybe they do and the other hygienist just does a shitty job, because that’s what it looks like.

stink-eyeIf you are doing a temporary assignment, the office can’t EXPECT you to know all the protocols. That’s just unreasonable. I have my protocols as a hygienist. You’re making me heat a stupid neck pillow, which who knows when the pillow cover was washed and ask the patient if they would like to watch TV. Then, to turn off the TV when you come in because you are hard of hearing? Ok, don’t look at me with a stink eye and expect me to know everything about you. Then, you still can’t hear even after the TV is turned off?

I don’t care to know you and I don’t care to come back again. 4pm, any closer? During the morning huddle, the staff had mentioned their accomplishments on Tuesday was being able to get a temporary hygienist to fill in on Thursday. Wow! What does that say? In the summer, assignments fill up quick. The fact that they made it seem like a chore says a lot. That nobody wanted to work for her.

She put on an act in front of her patient when she came in to do an exam after I had finished my teeth cleaning on them. The patients made comments to the dentist and all she had to reply was, “Sofia is helping us out today, because our permanent hygienist has quit.” You would think that was some kind of appreciation, but it wasn’t. I am helping you out because your staff quit on you, so show a little more appreciation, then to be nice in front of the patient and rude towards me.

temporaryIf she’s a jerk to all the temporaries, then other temporary hygienists will talk and word will spread. I won’t be going to work for her again. She was not professional either because she made a rude comment about if you are a temporary, blah blah blah. I didn’t hear all of it. The good thing about being a temporary is, it’s not a permanent job. You aren’t stuck and wonder what the heck have I signed up for before seeing the true colors in your employer. Fortunately, I saw her true colors the first day. Being a temporary, you can accept or decline the assignment. If you don’t like them, then you don’t have to go back.

Unfortunately, there’s a great percentage of these kind of people. I won’t put up with that crap. I felt a flashback when she was telling me how she wanted her messages relayed and walked away. I hated the dentist that I used to work for that treated people like crap, but I did something about that, which was the greatest decision of my life.

not-happyPeople there didn’t smile. It didn’t look like they enjoyed working there. In the morning huddle, they announced what there production was the day before and what their production goal was for that day I was there. Anywhere that does that is in it for the money. You can’t enjoy working when its like that. It’s so impersonal and puts their priority on money rather than their patients. Do we need to state the production goal so you can see how long it will take to pay off your luxury car?

I know when 4 pm came around, I was out the door. I said “Bye and thank you” to those that helped me and flew out the door. I didn’t say anything to the dentist. I wasn’t going to kiss her ass for her being a jerk to me. She’s no better than anyone else.

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  • I think the worst boss I ever encountered was a comptroller who was downright crazy! He treated the girls in the office terrible and I didn’t work for him directly, but had to come in the office for certain things and I would be friendly to the girls there and he would give me dirty looks. One day, I had enough of it and I went in his office, put my hands on his desk and got right in his face and said, “What is your problem with me?” He was shocked! lol He said I “distracted” his office. I said, “I am not even allowed to speak to them?” Anyway, he never gave me trouble again. I think sometimes you have to stand up to them (the bully type) and they will back off.

    • She was lucky I am not a permanent employee and just a temporary. But again, with my experiences with jerk bosses, I can point them out real quick and I don’t even have to think twice about working for them. Once a jerk, always a jerk. I agree with you on standing up to them, but I have to say it may work half the time, because I did stand up for myself and that jerk never changed. The next day, he was a jerk to another employee and that employee stands up for herself all the time.

      Thanks for commenting,

  • Anna

    Hi Sofia,

    I applaud you for not accepting that kind of treatment from anyone!! That is crap, and you didn’t deserve that!

    I left my job because of a horrible boss and co-worker and I kick myself for not having done it sooner. I can’t tell you how many temps we had who did not stay because of those 2 people!!

    It was a horrible experience, they did not deserve my hard work and loyalty for the two years that I was there!

    Good for you – never allow anyone to make you feel that you are beneath them! THEY are the losers here!!

    I wish you all the best with your future endeavors!


    • Sofia

      I agree, they are the losers. And they usually are the most miserable people out there in the world. Wasn’t it a wonderful feeling when you finally step foot out that miserable door for the last time? I know it was for me. I learned from my mistake of staying at a job for 2.5 years. My health and my marriage was being jeopardized because I was so unhappy at that place. Never again will I put up with that crap.

      Thanks for commenting,


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